Daddy Needs to Get Out More

And now, a conversation with my cat.

Dharma: “Meeeeow.”

Me: “I know, Dharma. I really don’t want to be taking your picture, either. The title pretty much says it all.”

Dharma: “Meeeeow.”

Me: “That’s uncalled for. The same to you, then.”

Dharma: “Meeeeow.”

Me: “Meeeeow.”

I hope you have enjoyed this conversation with my cat. Please keep in mind the ‘details’ would only get lost in translation.

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


99 thoughts on “Daddy Needs to Get Out More

    • She definitely is… a ‘character’! I know cats can be unusual, but she is about the most unusual cat I have ever seen!
      Thank you very, very much, Dishy! I was just happy I finally got her to sit still for 5 seconds!

  1. I love the photo. The actual cat on the other hand… here’s my daily conversation with her.

    Me: “Hi Dharma!”

    Dharma: “Meow!”

    Me: “How are you today?” (I ask this while petting her. She rolls around on the floor looking happy at the attention.)

    Dharma: “Meow!” (Lots of excited purring is going on.)

    Me: “You’re so sweet… AGHHH!!!” (She had now randomly attacked my hand without any warning and punctured an artery with her fangs.)

    Me: “Why Dharma!? WHY!!??? I was just trying to love you!!!”

  2. Um, I LOVE this. Did I know you had a cat? Because if I did, I would’ve left negative comments on every single post up until now until you posted this photo. Not only is she a beautiful cat, but this is an incredible picture of her. Those EYES. And the light in them!

    Although now that I’ve talked to you about focus, I’m convinced your blur is fake. Not that I mind, because it works perfectly.


    • This is the first Dharma photo I’ve posted… so it’s a bit of a surprise to me, too! It’s also a surprise I wasn’t savagely attacked while shooting this… which is one reason I’ve not posted any before.

      Unfortunately I can’t take much credit for the blur here. I shot this at f/5.6, so the bokeh came straight from the lens this time. (I did sharpen the focal point more than the rest of the image, though… so in a way…)

      Hmm… I haven’t been getting out much, lately, so you never know! Thank you very much, U.M.!

  3. Yikes a bad ol’ uddy tat. Kats ar eevol so yoo shood neva trust them
    Daddy’s comik site has been suspeded for ovaloading becorz it must be too hevy becorz Cedric is too fat so go to owr old site by kliking on my naym

    • That’s probably some good advice, Dixie… I will keep that in mind!
      Oh no! That doesn’t sound good at all! Thanks for the heads-up (I’m sure I would have been very confused otherwise)!

    • It always starts off being cute.
      That’s how she gets you (it’s pretty standard phase one of attack mode).
      Dharma does have nice eyes…
      of course, that’s what I tell all the cats…

    • I’m with you on that… I very rarely try something like this (and it should be out of my system for quite a while again). For the most part I think it turned out better than most of my pet photos tend to (although that’s not saying much)!
      Thank you very much, Mr. E!

  4. This is definitely one of my favourites so far on your Space, and as I am a big cat fan then I should know a fine photograph when I see one and you have certainly added one right here, so thank you for this excellent offering SIG you have captured the image of this cat perfectly πŸ™‚

    Have a great rest of evening my great friend πŸ™‚


    • Thanks so much, A.G.! This is Dharma… who definetly has a mind of her own. She is so bizarre… even for a cat! One minute she’s happy… perfectly content and wanting attention, the next her personality shifts to that of some of the creatures you write about in your tales! Seems to be no ‘middle ground’ with that feline!
      Thanks again, A.G.! I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

  5. looked and looked and looked. there had to be a photo of Dharma among your posts, since you recently gave Timmy such a nice compliment (and yes, he does seem to ham it up for the camera) and indicated that you had one good one of her. so i figured you had to have posted it somewhere in your archives.
    my first search was fruitless – although it brought me face-to-face with some very cool stuff. my second attempt was to click on your category ‘animals’, and paging through, sure enough there was your gorgeous cat, a wonderful click indeed.
    nice to meet you, Dharma. Timmy says hello from far away. the farther away the better, actually, he says. he has had a less than optimal experience living with another feline in a previous home, and so he has become a solo cat by choice and with reckless abandon. having only one cat makes it much easier to figure out who is the boss at home. πŸ™‚
    but this is not about Timmy. no, this is a post about Dharma. so enough said before she thinks that Timmy needs to get a life, too πŸ˜€
    thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you so much for looking! I guess it was kind of hidden, really (I’ve never been very good at tagging posts… but believe it or not I was even WORSE about it in the past – I need to work on that)!

      Dharma is a very… um… ‘unique’ creature… her mood(s) change drastically from one second to the next (and for no apparent reason), but I’m sure she will appreciate Timmy’s greeting very much… Dharma is all about Dharma, you know!

      Thank you again! Very much! And please be sure to thank Timmy for the kind greeting, too, of course (from me and Dharma)! What a considerate cat you have there, P&K!

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