Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

I like to manipulate photos. A lot. But here’s the thing: I’m forced to edit about 90% of my nature stuff to death. Like this previous mountain post. It’s a futile attempt to compete with the real thing (or even ballpark the feeling of actually ‘being there’). There’s just no quit in nature’s insistence to be the star of the show. Blah. This is supposed to be all about me, you know.

Chuckie: “Just submit, Morgan. He’s got you in the Cobra Clutch…”

– Ben Affleck – Good Will Hunting

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified

Frankfort Light

Here’s an image from our trip (sort of). It wasn’t raining and the lamp wasn’t lit at the time, so I B.S.ed that part with wet plexiglass and a flashlight. I could have done something very similar with Photoshop only, but I wanted each droplet to reflect/refract/distort the image and was curious how ‘real’ light would interact with ‘real’ water. *ting* Why make things easy, right?!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

About this image: digital photograph printed, hole and flashlight used to simulate lit lamp, rephotographed behind plexiglass, highly modified


Looks like it’s (wait for it… ) *dun dun dun* Weird-out Wednesday *dun dun*! No worries, though… no one got squeezed in production of the above. Not that I’m one to pinch and tell. This is actually a piece from ye olde undergrad thesis show… if that… lends the slightest bit of credibility. At all. Anyway, something a bit calmer Friday. I promise. Unless I have a really awful Thursday.

About this image: original image from flatbed scanner, printed and photographed with sheet-film pinhole camera, pinhole print re-scanned and digitally modified

Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

I’m back! Ish. And sharing photographic results of a broken pool filter rather than a broken car. Huzzah! Annabelle and I had a lot of fun, and we got to see my family, which was also very nice (it had been nearly 2 years since our last visit).

In other sporting news, I’m afraid I’ll be cutting my blogging schedule to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for a while. With all the CrAzY changes lately I need a bit of time to get stuff… figured out. Have I mentioned I’m both bad with change and a bit slow? Anyway, have a great day everyone! I hope you enjoy the pool!

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified