Galvanized to Last

It’s quiz-show time! Any guesses what the above comes from? I’ll post a photographic answer next week. No cheating (remember, Sean Connery is watching)! Have a great weekend, everyone!

‘Sean Connery’: “Uh… I’ll take “Swords” for $400.”

‘Alex Trebek’: “It’s actually not ‘Swords’… these are words that begin with ‘S’. The answer is: ‘Popeye is this sort of man’. Burt Reynolds?”

‘Burt Reynolds’: “What is… Popeye?”

‘Alex Trebek’: *sigh* “No. Sean Connery? And, remember, these are words that begin with the letter ‘S’, not ‘Swords’.”

‘Sean Connery’: “Saber!”

‘Alex Trebek’: “No.”

‘Sean Connery’: “It began with a bloody ‘S’!”

– Darrell Hammond, Will Ferrell & Norm MacDonald – Saturday Night Live

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified


76 thoughts on “Galvanized to Last

  1. I’m guessing a container of some kind, like a grain silo or an oil tank.

    Does “rus-pruf” have the same relationship to rust-proof that “cheez” has to cheese?

  2. I don’t know …. but I like it!
    Oil drum seems too obvious/easy. Grain drum seems too obvious/easy. or, are you tricking us to think it isn’t what it obviously seems to be? (or something like that!) Have a great weekend, SIG!

    • Hahaha… I really didn’t have much of a strategy, here. But I’ll probably wait until next week to say for sure. It seems more fun that way. Thank you very much, Ms. D – I hope you have a great one as well! πŸ™‚

    • Indeed, sir! I was wondering if anyone would comment on that ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ quote!
      Hahaha… I definitely wouldn’t advise trying to stick your tongue on it in the middle of the winter!

  3. looking forward to the answer next week, but for now…

    is it someone’s business card? – MR: Rus Pruf, Senior Butler, “Galvanized To Last” in any situations, and solid as “Prime Steel”. πŸ™‚

  4. This is a tough one. Hmm…Why do Slinkis keep coming to mind? Do they even make slinkies anymore?

    Love the classic SNL bit! πŸ™‚

    • Interesting you should mention Slinkies! My wife got me one for my last birthday, and I’ve been meaning to use that in a photo!
      That is very nice to hear – thank you so much!

  5. Well, I have had a BARREL of fun looking around the internet for this Kansas company founded in 1901… Ahahahahaaaaaaa- I twist my mustache in an evil way too!! πŸ˜‰
    Ummm…. wait I am a woman!! I waxed mine off last week!!

    Thanks for the “S”well challenge. I “S”urely hope I am not wrong-lol!!
    And whatever it is, as always the photo is “S”heer wonderful!!

    • Hahaha… someone’s been doing some research!
      I guess the can’t out of the bag (or barrel), so to speak!
      “S”ounds painful!
      “S”omething told me you would be “s”uccessful, Juana!
      Thank you “S”o much!

    • Waaaaaahahahahaaa!! This is the most fun I have had all week- Your replies are “S”o much fun…
      And yes it’s painful!
      Now if only I could “s”ucceed with my book… because if not… it’s going to “S”uck!!
      You are “S”o very welcomed… hahahahaaa “S”ee ya “S”oon!!

      • That is “S”o nice of you to say!
        I am “S”ure that you will be very “S”uccessful! Your book will be “S”urely be”S”weeping the nation “S”oon!
        Thank you again, Juana – I “S”incerely appreciate your kindness!

  6. Well as we’re specifically not allowed to cheat, then I have to confess to having no clue whatsoever… Sheesh, whoever heard of a competition where you’re not allowed to cheat !!!… lol… Nice shot though SIG.. πŸ™‚

    • Hahaha… as always, remember this is not a competition, it’s only an exhibition, please no wagering. (Letterman used to say that all the time… it just randomly popped into my head for some reason).
      Thank you very much, F.S.!

  7. Now that I know what this is, it makes me want to check out my family’s grain bins next time I’m in Ohio. I assume they’re not even rus-pruf but also rat-pruf and 8-year-old-Katie-pruf. I used to spend a lot of time playing around those things as a kid.

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