Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

My strict adherence to photo prompts is usually sketchy. At best. I guess I just don’t like to take these challenges so literally all the time.

Originally there were several people working their way down to the water here, but I airbrushed all but one of ’em into oblivion. It just seems like a solitary figure works better in this one. To me, anyway. I think.

John: “Yeah, that’s exactly what I was saying, but then you, you know, you try to… I mean, I mean… you know… it… it’s, it’s what I think.”

– Giovanni Ribisi – Lost in Translation

About this image: Holga/35mm film scan – moderately modified


65 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

  1. Ooo I love this one. It seems like a path to me. She’s finding her own path… THROUGH LIFE (… or at least down to the water… or something like that… yeah.) Anyway I totally think it fits the theme!

  2. I think the picture is right on the mark for path. However, I disagree with ‘moderately’ modified, if you air brushed folks out of the picture. I’m guessing they don’t feel moderately modified. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much, Ms. D!
      Sometimes I change SO much stuff, or put multiple images together to the point where and the originals aren’t even recognizable (I almost always have a difficult time trying to decide how to label these…) πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, YAW!
      Hahaha… busted again! It’s so funny, I completely pick those months / years on these borders at random.
      “Hmmm,,, this one ‘feels’ like it could be from… 1967!” (like I would even know, right?)… I’m so ridiculous!

  3. You always provide a different take on things and it is both surprising and welcome! This image, in response to a prompt of ‘path’ sure makes one think, ‘hmmmm, does this

    Yes, yes it does as most times, paths are not clearly marked. πŸ™‚

    • Sometimes I wonder if I should even pretend like I’m using the prompts. I mean, if you look hard enough you can read an idea into just about any image (not sure this is what they’re after, though). Anyway, I’m having fun… which is the main thing, I guess.
      Thank you very much, M.P.!

    • Sometimes I wonder if I take too many liberties with the good old clone stamp… in a way it seems a bit dishonest… I usually get over that pretty quickly, though.
      Thank you very much, U.M.!

  4. Okay, the first few times I looked I didn’t think the woman was wearing any clothes. Which, apparently, is quite awkward because I looked again and she’s wearing a very obvious black bathing suit. I’m not sure what any of this says about me.

  5. I really don’t think it’s a stretch to see that (or… um, not to), Megan. I kept this one very low contrast (to make it ‘feel’ vintage) so her suit almost appears like it could be shadow. Also she’s alone and not making direct contact with the viewer (which could almost imply a degree of voyeurism).
    Next week: Rorschach blots (made with Cheetos)!

  6. Wonderful atmosphere. What came to mind was a possible theme/challenge. ” I a famous painter had a Holga / plastic camera or a Polaroid.” In this case, the painter was Rubens.

    • It was a very cool place… although I was a bit relieved I didn’t break an ankle (lots of slippery rock, for sure)!
      Thank you very much for stopping by, Jarod – I really appreciate it!

  7. definitely a unique interpretation – hope she makes it ok to where she is headed. at the moment the path looks rather rough and she is working hard to keep her balance. but wait, it’s all a bad dream. in a moment she will wake up and find that she’s actually in plane on a trip she does not remember booking. sometimes reality is even stranger than fiction….
    thatΓ¨s what i think when i see this image….

    • Absolutely! I’ve lost count of all the times I’ve heard of some strange occurrence that seemed almost too bizarre to have been made up! Life can definitely keep us on our toes (which is probably a good thing, sometimes)! Thank you very much, P&K!

  8. how cool! So… what do you call it?? Retro-riffic??? Or did I just make that up?!

    I’m seriously thinking about picking a little holga up to play with. I just don’t know what to do with the film!!

    • Retro-riffic is pretty cool! I might have to add that to my retro-fabulous vocabulary!
      They are a lot of fun! I would DEFINITELY recommend going 120 though. I went 35mm (because I got a good deal on a kit), but with medium format you can either shoot the 120 or modify to shoot 35mm (in which case the film plane should extend all the way through the sprocket holes – which is sometimes pretty cool and can always be cropped off later if you find it too distracting on an image).
      If you have a little room you can always shoot B/W and process the film yourself. The chemistry is pretty mild and it’s a simple enough process for even me to handle, so I know you could do it!

  9. ive gingerly walked down rocks like that lol great feeling when your down and still on your feet i just take random pics and see if they work im no photographer xxjen

    • Hahaha… well, I always try to walk down rocks like that gingerly, but I usually wind up in more of a trip, bump and roll approach!
      I’m not a photographer, either… I just like to have fun with it and every now and then something works a bit better than I’d expected.
      Thank you very much for stopping by, J.G.!
      P.S. I find the majority of people who claim they aren’t photographers are much better at it than they let on!

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