Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

Another… ‘unusual’  conversation heard only here:

Me: “Hey, Annabelle, do we have any empty containers?”

Annabelle: “Possibly… what size are you looking for?”

Me: ” It doesn’t really matter. I just wanted to photograph an empty cardboard box.”

Annabelle: “Oh, okay. Look over by the cleaning supplies.”

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified


79 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

  1. Mmmm, I love abstract photography and I like the perspective here, too. Please excuse me, SIG: I would prefer this without the sprocket holes; I feel it would be more ‘pure’ that way. This way I feel you are apologising for your image’s beautiful simplicity. Ok to say that, I hope. 🙂

    • No need to be excused for sharing your thoughts here, S.E.!
      I value your opinion… and your honest feedback is sincerely appreciated, thank you!

      I sometimes use borders/frames etc. too much. It’s difficult, in a way, because I’m drawn to these ‘photographic elements’, but at the same time I don’t want them to overpower an image, or become a crutch (making up for a lack of substance). I go back and fourth with these things quite a bit (as I did here), so it’s wonderful to have a second opinion!

      I think your assessment is absolutely correct. I was a bit concerned this image might be ‘too simple’. Even with the sprocket holes I kept asking myself,”‘is this ‘interesting’ enough”… and I don’t know that I ever resolved that question.

      Thank you again, S.E… very much… really!

  2. Glad you put in the storyline – I was scratching my head and risking getting a splinter trying to work out what it was 😉 Interesting photo as ever. The lighting brings out the texture of the cardboard well.

  3. Now I see the bottom of the cardboard box where once I thought I saw a wheel of cheese – it is early and I haven’t had my cup of coffee yet! Also, love the texture of the film strip as well, very clever!

    • There could very well have been some cheese in this box at one point… of course I love cheese so I would have taken care of that right away!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me such a kind comment! I really appreciate it!

    • Hahaha… memory don’t fail me now!
      I… uh… I think there was some pottery/bisque in this at one point, but please don’t hold me to that, Ms. A… I’m not terribly confident about that answer!

  4. For some reason my eye is telling my brain that this is an extremely damaged/aged pillar in an underground subway and that at any point something (possibly undead) is going to advance on me from round either side….I think my head is either in overdrive of too many zombie films have wrecked my imagination!!!
    All in all still a good photo. Great work SIG

    • Hahaha… yeah, I can see how the super high contrast could bring to mind a zombie film! Now I’m a bit relieved I picked a box that was zombie free for this photo… that could have made for a very bad day otherwise!
      Thank you very much, sir!

  5. I love how you create ‘stuff’ out of ‘stuff’. Okay, that sounded way better in my head. (No it didn’t.) But, it’s neat that you generated the above photo using a cardboard box. And, I agree with one of the comments above – it resembles an elevator shaft and a scary movie. Excellent!

  6. Only you can make a cardboard box interesting! Well, interesting to adults anyway. I remember when I was a kid and a big cardboard box was about the best thing EVER! The day we got a new refrigerator and I got to have the huge box to make into a fort was probably the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me up to that point! 😛

  7. Oh, no!! I can’t google this!!! So…. after looking and looking and looking and looking… ummm… to me it looks like a subway seat or something like that shot from above???? Dying to find out
    cheeky monkey

    • Hahaha…
      I’m not sure what search terms would work for this one, but I’m sure there would be some varied and rather unusual results!
      (I thought it looked a lot like a concrete building, structure too, Juana!)

  8. Wow! This one reminds me of classic TRON also. Except it’s the end fight with the master control computer when it’s face spun around and the film looks like it’s protective wall.

  9. Intriguing image. Well done ! As to sprockets and frames, the answer is yes and know. (We Canadians love too compromise and apologize, sorry.) When I looked at the image in isolation the it looks fine, sprockets & filmstrip frame. However, on the blog post with all the other graphics and lettering it took awhile to interpret the image. So the frame with sprockets works effectively with the image,adding a context & meaning to the central image, but it needs to appear in an uncluttered field of vision – white gallery wall/white screen background to standout.

    • The visual ‘clutter’ of ‘blog stuff’ is definitely something I have noticed before. Sometimes I consider changing my theme, posting larger images, writing less etc. to distract less from my images… (although I am very much a creature of habit I still might do so at some point in the future)! Wow, that was a wordy way of trying to say I think you make a very good point, sir, thank you!
      I grew up only 80 miles south of the Canadian border, so I might have adopted a bit of that tendency myself… sorry about that!

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