Wind Turbine Platform

So… this is the result of my crawling around underneath some  wind turbine control house stairs.  It’s a bit of an unusual perspective, which I like, but I sure wish I could have caught a bit of motion blur in those blades. Maybe if we all flap our arms really, really hard…

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


68 thoughts on “Wind Turbine Platform

    • That is wonderful to hear, thank you so much!
      I had to airbrush a bit of lens-flare out of this… I wanted to capture some sparkle, but I wound up with a lot more than I bargained for – hopefully there’s a decent balance here now…

  1. Good idea, I’d never think to take a photo of a turbine in this way. The grates make a really good addition to it. Like you said, shame about the blades not spinning but great shot anyhow.

  2. That was a fun field to visit! Just think, if there hadn’t been all that flooding we wouldn’t have detoured that way and you would have missed such a cool shot! Remember how noisy that thing was? And HUGE! It’s kind of strange getting so close to one. But interesting too!

    • That is very true, Annabelle… and thank you for taking me out there!
      It really is hard to get an impression of how large these things are until you walk around one…
      it was a little bit eerie, wasn’t it?!

  3. YOU are admitting to not being able to make something happen in Photoshop? I am shocked. I mean, not that you tout your skills, but you always manage to make the impossible possible anyway.

    I hope this forces you to waste the rest of your day trying to do it.

  4. Hey Robert!!!
    Are you OK down there???
    Looks like you are trapped down a drain.
    Ya better get outta there. Remember the old stories about Baby Pet Alligators that were flushed down toilets & grew to enormous sizes in the underground sewers.
    Are you ok Robert???

    • It really was a bit scary… looking up that sharply almost gave me vertigo… and I had the strangest feeling like that tower was about to topple over on me!
      Thank you very much, Y.P.! That is very kind of you!

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