Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

You should have seen this guy… he was literally covered in his lunch (I’m fairly certain one more piece of straw would have broken his back)! It was so distracting I spent about two hours airbrushing him. Then I decided the results were almost too clean, so I cropped off half my work and threw a ton of noise / dust / scratches at the poor dude.

*sigh* I think we could both use a bib. And maybe a glass of water.

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified


109 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

  1. He is definitely very clean looking yet filthy looking at the same time. Odd.
    He (or she) must be asleep standing up or very full or bored or… the possibilities make me curious.

    Nice classic photo look. I like the edges too.

  2. What you haven’t told us though, is that pre air-brushing, this was actually a giraffe… LOL.. Don’t you just love spending a ton of time on a shot, only to throw most of it away when you’re done, or plain and simple not use it at all, as is often the case with me… Nicely done SIG..

    • Hahaha… NOOooooo! Did I miss a spot?! I thought I got them all!
      It never fails, F.S… I spend hours ‘cleaning’ something and then I turn around and mess it up and/or throw it away! Kinda funny, isn’t it?!

    • Thank you very much, Ms. R!
      Very true… at first I was thinking ‘classic, elegant, yadda yadda yadda’, but the more I looked at it, the more I though… eh. Maybe not this time.

  3. Late to the party (as is often the case), but Annabelle’s ‘Moo’ cracked me up. “Listen to the cat….”

    Excellent picture, SIG. A camel has never looked so good. Seriously, I love this picture!

    • He does look lion-like, doesn’t he?! I still hope to get a decent shot of a lion some day, but in the mean time this guy was a lot of fun!
      Thank you very much for the kind comment, Ms. H!

  4. Well done. Looks like an image from one of those travel accounts from the late 19th century. Possible title: “Cropping the Camel – A Photographer’s Journey Over the Bridges of Minnesota and Through the Urban Jungles of the Mizzie-Maze people”.

    • Thank you so much, sir! I was hoping I could get away with a faux vintage thing here (since I was able to abstract most of the more modern looking background ‘stuff’).
      Hahaha… Hilarious! Or maybe, ‘The Camels of Madison County’?!

  5. Great photo! It reminds me of that picture at the beginning of “Cheers” of the supercilious young Boston gentleman from the turn of the last century. Maybe a reincarnation?

    • OH! I know exactly what you’re talking about! Very funny!
      AND interesting… I always loved those images!
      Sometimes you just wanna’ go to a zoo where everyone knows your name –
      and we’re very glad you came!

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