The Big Three

Disclaimer…  there is NO big political statement intended here – this is merely an exercise in abstraction. Initially I was going to print / cut out these portraits as templates to spray-paint through. I still might try something like that, but while I’m out shopping for Krylon, hang on to those retinas everyone.

About this image: digital media – vector art created with Adobe Illustrator


67 thoughts on “The Big Three

    • I bet if you had a chance to use Illustrator you would pick it up very quickly, though!
      For the most part it’s not terribly complicated, it just takes some time to find a few things and get used to the tools.
      Thank you so much for your kind comment!

  1. Your ability to manipulate reality to make it art is truly inspiring.

    The only program I’ve been able to master is the Paint program that came with the computer (master being something of a stretch).

    • Aw, shucks, thank you!
      I use Photoshop and Illustrator for 98% of my digital stuff (and know just enough to make a mess). They seem complicated at first, but once you learn how a few things are laid out they’re a lot of fun!
      Believe me, if I can use them, ANYONE can!

  2. Neat! I like the colors. Any plans to add more WW2 guys? Hitler obviously would be one, but maybe Patton? I guess he’s not as big of a leader though. The background flags were a good idea.

    • I did consider doing an axis powers to contrast with this one, but, I decided against in the end.
      Patton, on the other hand I have not officially ruled out just yet…
      Thank you so much, sir!

  3. I’m not sure who the one on the left is but he looks like Michael Parkinson the British talk show host from the show “Parkinson”. I know it’s no doubt an American President but I’m not good on political people. The only one I actually recognize is Winston Churchill.

    • The likenesses are even more off when they are this abstracted, Tony – so no worries there!
      It is indeed Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin (I got the idea from those memorable WWII era conference photos where they are seated next to each other…
      here’s an example of one from the Yalta Conference

    • I used a mouse for this one…
      to tell you the truth I’ve never had a chance to use a digital drawing board…
      I’d really like to try one some day, but for now I’m happy clunking around with out one.
      Thank you so much, sir!

  4. Bravo. Most excellent choices…color, subject, level of abstraction. I think, if you are still of the mind, one of the Axis leaders is a brilliant idea. But I could take this far ’round the bend. I think a four-square of the generals would be outstanding as well.

    Excellent. Truly.

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