Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

My strict adherence to photo prompts is usually sketchy. At best. I guess I just don’t like to take these challenges so literally all the time.

Originally there were several people working their way down to the water here, but I airbrushed all but one of ’em into oblivion. It just seems like a solitary figure works better in this one. To me, anyway. I think.

John: “Yeah, that’s exactly what I was saying, but then you, you know, you try to… I mean, I mean… you know… it… it’s, it’s what I think.”

– Giovanni Ribisi – Lost in Translation

About this image: Holga/35mm film scan – moderately modified

Grain Bin

I was a bit surprised how many people correctly guessed ‘grain bin’ in Friday’s cryptic post! I mean, Laura nailed it in the very first comment, and Lenore was quick to follow! As were Juana and Robert (although I suspect they had a little help from Google – cheeky monkeys)! 😉 Many more folks were on the right track, too… good work, everyone! I’m impressed!

This challenge is now officially in the can… or the bin (so to speak).

About this image: digital photograph, highly modified to imitate an ambrotype

Galvanized to Last

It’s quiz-show time! Any guesses what the above comes from? I’ll post a photographic answer next week. No cheating (remember, Sean Connery is watching)! Have a great weekend, everyone!

‘Sean Connery’: “Uh… I’ll take “Swords” for $400.”

‘Alex Trebek’: “It’s actually not ‘Swords’… these are words that begin with ‘S’. The answer is: ‘Popeye is this sort of man’. Burt Reynolds?”

‘Burt Reynolds’: “What is… Popeye?”

‘Alex Trebek’: *sigh* “No. Sean Connery? And, remember, these are words that begin with the letter ‘S’, not ‘Swords’.”

‘Sean Connery’: “Saber!”

‘Alex Trebek’: “No.”

‘Sean Connery’: “It began with a bloody ‘S’!”

– Darrell Hammond, Will Ferrell & Norm MacDonald – Saturday Night Live

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified