A Pause…

This month Annabelle and I will be moving to a new apartment.  I’m very excited to have an actual bedroom again (as well as space to work on the random art project) – it’s a very nice place in a very nice area. On the other hand… it’s ‘moving’!  *dun dun dun*

With all this activity, my commenting will be hit and miss for a while. I considered scheduling posts, but I decided against that (because if I’m not  available to visit… what’s the point, really?). Besides, you have all earned a bit of a break.

If I have a moment I’ll try stop by everyone’s sites to say hello. Still, please forgive me if it takes a while to get a schedule reestablished… I’m a bit slow, you know.

About this image: this one’s actually not so much about the image – but it’s Illustrator and Photoshop