Slinky No. 1

*Que the Jaws sound guys*


*dun dun*

I’m back.


Monday and Thursday-like (when possible), anyway. In all honesty my interwebing was getting a bit out-o-hand. But with such nice comments I couldn’t stay away for much longer. Plus I missed everyone. Cause I’m all cheesy like that. Well… as cheesy as a guy with a fin can get, anyway.

*dun dun dun*

P.S. – I  intended to comment on everything I missed – but I’ve discovered (sadly) I’m just too far behind. Worse yet,  I fear I’ll  have to pick one or two posts of everyone’s to leave comments on (on one or two days a week). I’m very, very sorry about  cutting back so far – but I have to  find a balance; I’ve met so many wonderful people here, and I’m not willing to pull the plug! I hope you all understand (I desperately wish I wasn’t so slow)!

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