Slinky No. 1

*Que the Jaws sound guys*


*dun dun*

I’m back.


Monday and Thursday-like (when possible), anyway. In all honesty my interwebing was getting a bit out-o-hand. But with such nice comments I couldn’t stay away for much longer. Plus I missed everyone. Cause I’m all cheesy like that. Well… as cheesy as a guy with a fin can get, anyway.

*dun dun dun*

P.S. – I  intended to comment on everything I missed – but I’ve discovered (sadly) I’m just too far behind. Worse yet,  I fear I’ll  have to pick one or two posts of everyone’s to leave comments on (on one or two days a week). I’m very, very sorry about  cutting back so far – but I have to  find a balance; I’ve met so many wonderful people here, and I’m not willing to pull the plug! I hope you all understand (I desperately wish I wasn’t so slow)!

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


98 thoughts on “Slinky No. 1

  1. Sure is good to see you around again SIG, and I know exactly the feeling of things taking over… My blogging schedule these days seems to be pretty much entirely unscheduled and random… Keep em guessing I say.. lol.. Real nice slinky shot too…

  2. Love the slinky . . . great rep of the slippery nature of web connections. 😉

    Repeat after me: “I am NOT behind. I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be.” Then, keep setting a good example for the rest of us addicts.

    • I’m so happy to hear that! I had a hunch there was an interesting shot somewhere in that thing! I have one more I might post at some point… I think.
      Hahaha… taking DEEP breaths… taking VERY DEEP breaths…

    • Thanks so much, Ms. D!
      I always think, ‘Aw, Slinkys… they’re old news.’ Until someone hands me one, that is. The next thing I know it’s like 3 hours later and I’m still playing with the darn thing! Good times!

  3. I had a slinky when I was a kid. I loved it!

    Thank you for all the comments you left me. I’m like you this last time and trying to get caught up with all my replies and keeping up with my friends since I left the Island and trying to get things in order here at home.

    Deb xx

    • They are pretty cool, aren’t they?! You should have seen me… pretty sure I had just as big a grin on my face as when I played with these as a kid! Still too much fun!
      My pleasure, Ms. A! I just wish I had enough time to stop by every day! I’ll still be checking in when I can, though! It’s so much fun to see what you’ve been working on!

    • Thanks so much, Megan!!!
      Sorry – somehow the spam filter had stolen your comment – I kicked it in the shin, though… so I’m sure this will never happen again (do you hear me, spam filter?! Do you hear me?!)

    • Hahaha… if it makes you feel any better, my memory is worse than that. I often find myself thinking, “Hey, where the hell am I?!” And that can’t be good.
      Thank you so much, U.M.!

  4. Wow! It looks like an underground pipe you can walk around in. Like an old James Bond 007 movie introduction set. Or a hallway in an alien space station. Or the camera view of someone’s insides.

    • I was thinking the same thing about it looking like a pipe, or a building/walkway of some sort… but for some reason the James Bond thing hadn’t occurred to me – now THAT’S cool! Thankssss sho much, good man!
      *in my best Sean Connery*

  5. You’ve got a gift for photography man. (I know… what a useless comment — but I at least had to throw my hat in there to tell you that these photos are great. I’m sure you get it a lot)

  6. Hey…nice image! “Everyone wants a slinky.”…line from an old tv commercial about slinky…way before your time 😀 It’s on YouTube…put in slinky commerical, if you are interested.

  7. It’s great to see you back Spilledinkguy but don’t be worrying about the lack of comments on blogs as it is literally impossible to keep up sometimes, especially after a bit of time out..

    I mean I haven’t been anywhere and I am miles behind on my commenting, it is just one of those things and nobody thinks anything wrong about it I know that, well I never do anyway so just call into my Space whenever you have the opportunity my friend, and above all enjoy your blogging freedom now that you have returned…

    Be very well now Spilledinkguy 🙂


    • Thank you so much for your kind comments, A.G. – I appreciate that very, very much!
      Cutting back certainly is never easy… because there are so many great people out there I’d hate to lose touch with AND…
      well… blogging seems just addictive in general! I think I’ll get it figured out, though. Seems like it’ll just take a bit better time-management on my part. But that’s certainly nothing new!
      Thank you again, sir!
      I hope you have a great one, too!

  8. So good to see you back. Hope the move wasn’t too stressful. I certainly understand about cutting back while at the same time wanting to maintain contact with everyone. Facing the same dilemma myself. Keep up the good work, and the self-care! As to the slinky, I LOVE IT!

    • Thank you very much, Ms. F! You know I like to complain, but I really can’t in this case (things went about as well as they could have, I’d say)!
      Absolutely – you’ve said it perfectly! It’s like a tug-o-war of two different worlds in a way. A lot of fun, but a bit stressful at times, too!

  9. Hey man welcome back. i know what it’s like playing catch up. That is where the previous button comes in handy. Catch up when you can they will understand.

  10. Hew Welcome back Robert. Hope all went well. Hey that photo looks like one of those medical scopes that goes down your throat. Good picture of someone’s vocal cords. That’s just my 1st impression when I saw it. As far as how often you post & how many bloggers you are able to catch up with, you can only do what you can manage with the time you have. Take it easy my friend

  11. Welcome back! I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed these days myself. If I could just find an assistant to follow me around and do stuff, life would be perfect. Great shot. A Slinky never lasts long in this house. They usually end up bent the first day and then become completely useless.

    • Now that sounds like an amazing idea! Hmm… I wonder what would happen if I searched for an assistant on ebay?!
      Thanks so much! (Yeah, I can’t believe this one is still in one piece… I’ve completely mauled a few Slinkys in my time, too)!

  12. I understand completely. Those parts of our life and our being that do not reside on the internet or our blogs have to be honoured and lived. 🙂 I couldn’t survive blogging these days if I didn’t balance it out with other things.

    Welcome back!

  13. Seeing so many comments, and not having enough time to respond to all must have made feel like swimming with the sharks… Dun-dun! But, it happens to everyone- I certainly have taken several breaks myself!
    By the way, I like the cheesy way you are… Besides, who can shoot a slinky and make it look so cool? No one!!

  14. Welcome back ! Don’t feel guilty, I’ve found it hard to keep up once September hit. Glad to see you used a real metal Slinky. We must maintain proper standards.

  15. My Slinky is one of those multi coloured ones
    but it still works just as good as these older and
    original versions 🙂 Have a great evening SIG 🙂


    • HEY! How about that!
      I had forgotten all about the multi-colored variety until you mentioned it, A.G.!
      I think I used to have one of those… neon orange and magenta (I think)!
      Have a good one, sir!

  16. didn’t realize you’d been gone as I’m a new subscriber, but am reading through some random posts and enjoying them all. The photography, amusing verbiage accompanying them, And oh yes, the photography! -grin-

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