Slinky No. 2

Slinkys are funny things… once you start photographing them, it’s surprisingly difficult to stop! Never fear, though… I’ll do my best to  come up with something different for the big Monday show. BUT…

until then…

GO SLINKY, GO (and have a great weekend, everyone)!

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


84 thoughts on “Slinky No. 2

    • Oh no! Everyone should have a chance to play with a Slinky!
      It’s basically a big, really loose spring, E.E…
      you can put one end on a stair, and the next on the stair below, and gravity/momentum cause the Slinky to ‘walk’ all the way down the rest of the stairs (among other things). It’s more fun than it probably sounds.

  1. That old Slinky commercial keeps running through my head ” it’s Slinky, it’s Slinky (something, something) for girls and for boys”. Well, parts of it keep running through my head. Seems there was always one heading down the stairs in my house when I was a kid.

    • It’s funny… when I think of all the old commercials/songs/randomness that I remember!
      If only I could remember other info that easily – I could be a doctor (or I’d be able to find my way home unassisted, anyway)!

  2. What a great idea, to get down and personal with the internal organs of your much beloved Slinky. It’s not only mind-bending, but rather meditative as well.

    Can see this hanging on the walls of a Yoga studio, or corporate office waiting room – the kind of place you sit before being called into a side office and told all of your assets have evaporated and you have nothing left but your next good idea….(see how I turned that back around on itself???)

  3. What I love about this is that it’s pretty much the opposite of how I normally think of a Slinky. A Slinky is small, lightweight, flexible, often in motion — and this picture looks so much more structural and substantial, and kind of vast. This doesn’t look like a toy you’d plop down at the top of the stairs to watch it move.

    • I completely agree with you, Laura –
      there really seems to be an illusion of substantial mass there…
      lots of ‘weight’…
      In all honesty I was very pleasantly surprised by that!

  4. My first thought was, “I thought I posted on this one!” but see that it is yet another slinky shot.
    This shot reminds me somehow of the ceiling of a big city mall. I don’t really know why, but I think it’s the light shining trough all the slinky spaces reminding me of a metal/steal skylight type of ceiling. Hope that makes sense to you.

    BTW: I loved my slinky as a child.

    • I totally got hooked on that slinky! Perhaps I was remembering all the fun I had with them when I was younger, too (well – that and I was having a lot of fun with it at the time I took these, I guess)!
      It makes complete sense to me, Ms. A. – I was very surprised how architectural these felt… kind of bizarre, isn’t it?!

    • This one does feel a bit darker than the first, doesn’t it?! It really amazed me how many different looks/feels were available in that thing… (I could go on doing these for far to long – so I’m just going to force myself to stop for a while). Thank you very much, U.M.! 🙂

  5. Actually I still have one of these that Jenagoth bought me some time ago and I still enjoy messing around… With the Slinky I mean 🙂 Of course I have been known to mess around with all kinds of gadgets but hey we guys never actually grow up do we Spilledinkguy? 🙂 lol

    Have a wicked
    Friday now my friend 🙂


  6. I liked your first Slinky shot, but I like this one even more. Looks somewhat mysterious, like a tunnel supported by many arches.

  7. hahahaha…. my slinky-bracelet, my slinky-necklace, my slinky slingking down the stairs…. you brought memories back of me playing for hours with a darn slinky- And you probably have too… that’s why you can shoot it for hours! That little noise it makes (slink, slink, slink) is a little hypnotizing. Right?
    By the way, I love the picture.

    • Hahaha… ABSOLUTELY, Juana! I used to have SO much fun with these things. That noise was one of the best parts, too!
      ‘slink slink slink’
      Thank you so much, Juana!

  8. This makes me want to get out my yo-yo again. ;P I know you love it when I play with my yo-yo in the house. But admit it… I have MAD yo-yoing skills!

    • The yo-yo does scare me. A bit.
      Not that I have any doubt of your skills…
      it’s just that the whole thing reminds me of some sort of midevil implement of war.
      Duck and cover! Duck and cover!

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