Alcott (in progress)

Here’s more of my ‘author series’ (Poe here – Twain to follow). I’ve been turning these drawings into 3-D / Mixed Media pieces… but… it’ll probably be a while before I post images of a finished product.

Louisa May Alcott Drawing: “I could write a whole novel in less time. Even without  hands. Seriously, dude. I’m a drawing.”

Me: “Geez Ms. A… that’s kinda harsh…”

Louisa May Alcott Drawing: “My bad. Only trying to amp things up a bit.  Red Bull?”

About this image: charcoal drawing on Bristol Board


84 thoughts on “Alcott (in progress)

  1. Hey there is a word for you Spilledinkguy and it is… Wait for it, don’t be getting upset I haven’t even said anything yet 🙂 Okay the word I am thinking of is ‘Genius’ and you are a fine artist SIG and thank you for offering it here for us ALL to enjoy 🙂


  2. Man she looks like she is in deep thought about something. Wait don’t
    tell me it’s on the tip of my toung. Oh well great picture my friend.

  3. Both pieces are wonderful. It would be interesting to see an animated morphing of the one face into the other – the eyes and the similar expressions. A collaboration – ” Fall of the House of Little Women” – would have been banned.

  4. You had me at Alcott! I LOVE the author series. That’s right up my alley. Might I suggest Hemingway?
    You’re quite talented SIG! I bet you’re the first chosen at Pictionary parties.

    • I am so happy to hear that, thank you!
      Hemingway was definitely at the top of my list…
      in the end I went with a ‘similar’ era (I was also thinking Dickinson might be fun).
      I would still like to make a Hemingway piece, too, of course!

  5. You drew this? WOW… your art never ceases to amaze me!!! Can’t wait to see the finished result!!!!!!
    I laughed when I read “Red Bull”… I have been drinking lots of it lately!!!

    • Thank you, Juana! You are always so kind!
      Hahaha… you know what is funny (maybe), is that I have never actually tried Red Bull… although I drink enough Coke to keep several bottling plants in business!

  6. Alcott is one of my favorite old timey writers! Read almost all of her books when I was young sprout. Watched the move, “Little Women” countless times. This is a wonderful drawing!!!! Great talent!!!

    • That is so nice to hear from a woman as talented as yourself, Mary, thank you!
      I was very happy to hear you liked this one (I’ve been having a lot of fun putting this little series together)!

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