Thanksgiving (faux T.T.V.)

If this image seems  odd, you’ve probably never been in my kitchen. Honestly, if it doesn’t  fall out of a can and into a microwave there is bound to be a small to medium sized inferno.

Anyway, I’ll be sure to ‘cook up’ something calmer for the big Monday show. Until then, have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone!

About this image: charcoal drawing(s) on Bristol Board digitally colorized and highly modified to represent a TTV photograph.


68 thoughts on “Thanksgiving (faux T.T.V.)

    • And a happy Thanksgiving to you as well, thank you!
      Hahaha… I wonder how many turkeys would fit in the tardis?!
      Well, I didn’t really have a mask… in order to make the drawing I first made a reference image which was a composite of three images I Photoshopped together.
      Thank you so much for stopping by!

    • Hahaha… I have to admit they tasted surprisingly good, Dishy (but I have your recipe to thank for that)! My technique could use a little work, though (especially judging between small/large potatoes, proper ‘digging out’ and ‘whipping’ procedures)! I think I learned from those mistakes, though – well, that’s what I’m hoping, anyway!

    • I certainly can’t complain!
      I hope that you and your family had a wonderful holiday as well – thank you!
      And thank you very much for your generous comment as well – I appreciate that very, very much!

  1. SIG, this is a charcoal drawing? I mean, this picture started out as a charcoal drawing? Then you modified the color and composition … right? The drawing is fantastic! I love the apron fluff. And the turkey looks awesome. Though the gas mask makes me want to pass up an offer to try the turkey.

    • Yup! The woman and the turkey are one drawing, the wall paper is made of two rubbings from a piece of screen (with the dots added later). I drew them separately so I could blur the foreground more than the background (as if she was too close to the camera to be in focus).
      Thank you so much, Ms. D. (the apron is my favorite part, too – especially since I usually have such a difficult time replicating cloth)!

  2. Did you ever see the episode of “Tosh.0” where the guy offered to eat something like six canned chickens? Like, whole cooked chickens that just slid out of the can and into the microwave. (Except he didn’t do the microwave part.) It’s not turkey, but it’s close.

    • So this is the embarrassing part where I admit to never having seen ‘Tosh.O”…
      I did see Cool Hand Luke, though… which involves like 50 eggs…
      and… is… pretty irrelevant…

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