Red Tailed Hawk

I know very little about birds, but Annabelle tells me this guy was/is a Red Tailed Hawk. Anyway, I should have used a faster ISO here, but considering how shaky I am and my luck with animals in general, I guess this will have do.

Dennis Reynolds: “I can absolutely keep a humming bird as a pet, bro. It’s no different than having a parrot or a parakeet… it’s a bird, bro!”

Charlie Kelly: “You really… you really can’t. And I’m not saying I agree with it, it’ s just that bird law, in this country,  it’s not governed by reason.”

– Glenn Howerton & Charlie Day – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


84 thoughts on “Red Tailed Hawk

  1. Nice sharp focus on the Hawk’s head. His eye really stands out so brightly. I love birds of prey. They are just so majestic. We have Wedge Tailed Eagles here in Tasmania & they are just the most awesome looking bird.
    Don’t know if I’d like a pet Humming Bird. I think the humming would get on my nerves after a while.

    • Thanks, Tony! I tried to open the lens up to blur the background and increase my shutter speed, but I probably should have used a higher ISO, too, because you can see it’s not quite as crisp as it could be (even at the center of focus). Oh well.
      This was definitely the closest I’ve ever been to a bird of prey…
      less than 10 feet, I’d say – it was pretty stunning!

    • Thanks very much, Nigel!
      I was trying to keep down grain, but I probably should have used a higher ISO, because between him moving and my twitching (amplified by the long lens) it didn’t get quite as crisp as I would have liked…

    • I think I’ve seen (and loved) pretty much every episode so far…
      I’ve been meaning to ask you if it really is always sunny in Phili, but I figured you’ve been getting that question for a long time now!
      Thank you so much, Dishy!

  2. Oh, bird law. Is that the episode where they buy the foreclosed house? With the Honey and Vinegar real estate team? I hope so.

    Also, THIS PHOTO IS INCREDIBLE. It kind of took my breath away a little when I first saw it. The color is so striking.

    • Good call, U.M. – it is indeed! In fact, I even went back and watched the whole episode again just to make sure. I do what I can to help, you know!
      Why thank you! I’m very happy to hear that you liked it!

    • Thank you!
      Indeed, sir! He was very calmly sitting along the side of the road in one of our local parks. I couldn’t believe how long he stayed (and how close he let us get to him, too)!

      • woot! My daughter’s school sent the class on a field trip there in 4th grade. Miss it up there. Your wife has fab taste. Most people think Michigan=Detroit -shudder-. they’ve never been up near Traverse City.
        Going thru your posts. you sir have a perfect eye and have posted some of the most unusual and beautiful pictures on the web. Glad you got a chance to see the great white north of the US as well.

        • It is very nice!
          And I’m originally from North Dakota, so I’ve seen a whole LOT of that freezing white part!
          WOWZA! You are far, far too kind Ms. B! Thank you so very much!!!

    • Thank you so much, sir!
      Yeah, I try to mix things up a bit (especially after a wilder post). Speaking of which, I’m wishing now I wouldn’t have posted two drawings in a row, but… eh. What can you do, right?!

  3. 1. i’ve missed ya.

    2. i’m baaaaaaaaaaack.

    3. i hope you had a wonderous Tgiving.

    4. i have no clue whether that is a hawk or any kind. but i suck at taking pics of animals so i’m gonna say congrats. 😉

    • 1. Aw, shucks… I’ve missed you too!
      2. Huzzah! *he shouts with a mouth full-o-left over turkey*
      3. (see number three) I hope you did, too!
      4. Animals are the WORST models! I don’t know my botanicals, either, but at least they’ll sit still for you!

    • We have quite a few around here, too.
      I have been fortunate enough to get fairly close to one or two before, but this was ridiculous! I could NOT believe we didn’t scare him off!

  4. We see these hawks every day where we live out in the sticks, so I don’t REALLY see them anymore. This crisp, pristine shot reminds me that such majestic birds should not be taken for granted.

  5. What a gorgeous, gorgeous bird! So majestic.
    How did you get so close? And where were you? Hiding out in the trees, SIG? 🙂

    • He was pretty cool!
      I really have no idea how he let us get so close (he was pretty preoccupied with his lunch, but, still…).
      Hahaha… actually I had to climb down from my tree to take this one.

  6. This is a magnificent photograph. Beautifully done capturing the piercing eye, the texture in the swirl of feathers by the eye, framing. . . I feel so fortunate to have worked with raptors for a while, such majestic creatures.

    • That is so kind of you, S.F. – thank you!
      That must have been quite an experience! Most the time animals don’t seem to like me much (so I probably wouldn’t do so well in that situation). So it really surprised me how calm this bird was around me… it was pretty cool!

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