A Spot of Tea

So… don’t tell anybody, but… just between you and me… I think tea is kinda for the birds. Coke me, bro!

Dennis Reynolds: “Your voice needs to come off as elegant as your clothing… okay? So… try this, ‘would you like a spot of tea’? You, ‘yeeeEEEeeesssSSSss’!”

Mac McDonald: “Would you like a spot of tea? YeeEEeessSSss!”

Dennis Reynolds: “Draw it out more.”

Mac McDonald: “Draw it out more than that? More like… YeeeEEEeeesssSSSsss!”

– Rob McElhenney & Glenn Howerton – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

About this image: digital media – vector art created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop


101 thoughts on “A Spot of Tea

  1. I can’t help but think this lovely image was somewhat inspired by my recent cold weather hot tea craze…. Mmm warm minty goodness!

  2. As always a WONDERFUL piece of art.
    Like to think it’s a raven. They’re scavengers… and as a coffee drinker scavenging is the only thing that would force me to drink tea.
    So much for being and Anglophobe.

    ~Live from your indigent reader in Reno. Home of the Homeless!

    ps: okay gimme another month and the above will be me. Still the thought of tea -shudder-. Roasted raven though, well I did always enjoy squab

    • I think most people are tea fans… I’m not big on coffee, either for some reason (I must just have unusual taste)!
      Thank you very much for the link, too! I think your identification is probably right on. I’ve never been very good with my classification… maybe that’s due to a lack of tea?!

  3. I’ve tried and tried to like tea…instead I dropped Pepsi (due to pre-diabetes) and picked up coffee with loads of sugar-free creamer.

    Tea is still not me.

    Although, there is a cinnamon one I like during the holidays. It’s by GOOD EARTH and I believe it’s called Sweet and Spicey. It just smellys really yummy and warm.


    • That sounds very difficult, Ms. O!
      You certainly have to do all you can to stay healthy, but it would be a real challenge for me to kick the cola!
      Yeah, I’m not sure what it is about tea. It seems like I should enjoy it, so from time to time I give it another try… but I’m just not there yet, either.

  4. This morning I was considering drinking green tea over the winter months to help keep some of the holidays foods off my waistline…Since not eating the goodies is out of the question…lol. Your wonderful drawing of this crow, or raven (which I love, BTW!) confirmed it…I will do it, but I will not like the taste of it.
    Love your artwork!!

    Deb xx

    • You have such great motivation!
      That sounds like something that I should do, too! Something tells me I wouldn’t be very successful, though. Although warm is always good at this time of year!
      Thank you so very much for your kind comment, Ms. A!

    • Thank you so much!
      We have a fake bird Halloween decoration I used as a reference image (which was great, because I got to play around with all types of angles / vantage points without him flying away)!

  5. Love this image, the texture in the background works really well. Not big on tea either, but this kinda makes me want a cup! Also I love It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so nice quote 🙂

    • I’m very happy to hear that, Mr. H! Thank you so much!
      It’s one of my favorite shows…
      you never know what they’re going to be up to next, but it’s always inappropriate. And hilarious.

    • Thank you so much, sir!
      Yeah, when it comes to the quotes, I always cheat. I can usually come up with something I remember being related, but then I always have to do some research to get it right.
      I think it’s maybe just me… a lot of my friends and family love tea… I’ve just never been into it for some strange reason.

  6. Yes there is nothing quite like a bit…
    Nothing quite like a bit of tea too 🙂 lol
    have a great rest of evening SIG 🙂


  7. That looks great. Striking. Nice background also in the foreground. Cool. Nicely framed as well. If I had a coffeehouse I’d have to have it.

    I don’t often drink hot drinks but I do like ice tea and ice coffee. If I’m frozen I’ll drink hot tea.

  8. Can I be constructive? Or am I only here to tell you how greeeeeeeeat you are every day?

    If not, I have to tell you that I think this would be twice as good if the teabag wasn’t labeled. The bird is SO sophisticated, and the font makes it less so.

    This is a compliment. I really kind of LOVE it otherwise.

    • Not at all! I look forward to constructive criticism!
      That’s a very good point, U.M… and I played around with that (and various fonts) for a very long time. I think it was one of those things were there were just so many choices I got a bit overwhelmed. Anyway, it might make you happy to know I did finally force myself to change the typeface from a sweet, sweet mixture of Papyrus and Comic Sans.
      Thanks again, U.M.! Please never be afraid to share your thoughts! I always value them!

      • I went back and turned off the text layer / looked at it again…
        I think it needs… something…
        although I completely agree with you, this is too much. Maybe something a bit more classic and/or a much lower opacity… this definitely require some further experimentation…

  9. haha, love this one.
    it was especially cool that of all the teas in the world, you selected ‘mint’ tea. not just because of the cool mint factor – but because i posted the counterpoint to yours a few months ago 🙂
    but do feel free to bypass the tea, it leaves more (pun intended) for the rest of us. enjoy your coke! cheers!

    • It’s so nice to hear that, P&K, thank you!
      Oh, no! I think I might have missed that one (I’ll have to go back and try to find it – I’m SO curious, now)!
      Hahaha… just doing my part to help, you know!

  10. love the green! we received a chocolate mint plant as a gift this year. kind of wish i had dried some of the leaves… now that would be a nice tea for the christmas season. come summer the coke really does win hands down 🙂

    • Thank you very much, Cursi!
      I have never heard of chocolate mint before… sounds interesting! Sadly I usually dry out plat leaves (unintentionally)! I wish my thumb was a bit greener!

  11. I could use a cup of mint tea right about now. Mint Coke? No way! 🙂
    I like the little bird perched on the edge of the cup. He looks like he’s about to fly away with the tea bag.

  12. Coffee in the morning and tea every afternoon, but always green never mint. I love the little bird. Makes me nostalgic for my grandmother’s kitchen. She had a sweet little bird that I found fascinating. Fabulous as always, Sig.

    • Sounds much healthier than my continuous cola schedule, Y.A.W.!
      Now that you mention it… kind of reminds me of my grandfather, too. My grandparents never had any ‘inside’ birds, but he loved to feed all the outside ones. And they lived by a small slough (which was always full of ‘his ducks’).
      Thank you very, very much, Nancy!

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