This is a fairly intense image, but life isn’t only about tea sipping birds… right? That wouldn’t be honest, somehow. Anyway, I’ll find something milder for the big Thursday show. Also, I’ve forgotten any/all specifics about the above equations, but they relate to force(s) somehow… I think. And there are a few deltas thrown in. Which is always fun.

Chuckie: “So this is… this is a Harvard bar, huh? I thought there’d be like equations and s*** on the walls. ”

– Ben Affleck – Good Will Hunting

About this image: pinhole photograph of digital photograph/text, further modified digitally


90 thoughts on “Forces

  1. I like this one SIG
    and to prove it I have
    brought you an early
    Christmas present…

    I just hope they are to
    your liking my friend πŸ™‚

    Have a funtastic Christmas SIG πŸ™‚


  2. Once you pointed out that it was your knuckles, I looked more closely and found your thumb. (Happy to find out you have all five fingers.) But, when I first looked at the picture, it looked like a mouth and weird teeth. I assumed the word ‘forces’ was a twist to braces on teeth – with the chain adding to the artistic effect.

    Goes to show you – art is seen differently by so many people.
    I really like this, SIG.

  3. I immediately thought “brass knuckles”
    wet jewel case? I see what appears to be “dropplets of moisture”

    Is the font mathematic equations…if so then it ties in very nicely to Good Will Hunting. Tough and brilliant.

    • The font is indeed a series of equations (and they are related to force – although to tell you the truth I’ve forgotten most of the specifics – I made this one quite a while ago and my memory isn’t quite what it used to be).
      Thank you so much, Ms. O!

  4. I saw Good Will Hunting & don’t remember that quote – but so glad you wrote it; it’s funny :). You do interesting stuff for sure, Spilled Ink.

  5. My first thought when I saw it was brass knuckles, but then the more I studied the image the more I doubted. After reading the comments, I see that my first impression was pretty close. Very interesting . . . and a little scary!

    • You were very close, indeed, Ms. F.
      A lot of this was an excuse to try get an interesting broken jewel box texture. I originally had an idea for a painting involving a broken windshield and I wanted to see if I cold replicate the look for a reference image (but it didn’t do quite what I was anticipating). I thought it was still fairly interesting, though.

  6. I saw teeth, too, for a second. You know how I like your more ‘intense’ work, SIG. I really like this but I would prefer it without the added type which I find distracting, I love that it resembles teeth!

    • Thank you, S.E.!
      I agree. Originally I was hoping for that text to be more of a secondary/background element. While I really like the ‘warp’ the pinhole created, I wish it hadn’t pushed the formulas quite so far up (and forward). I’m kind of kicking myself for not anticipating that and making the text a bit less bold.

  7. Well done ! A very forceful image. I’m sure many will want to link to this image. I better stop now, and may the schwartz be also with you!

    • Between the sharp angle and the warp from the pinhole this one got abstracted a bit more than I anticipated, but I think it’s still kinda interesting. Thank you very much, Mr. J!

  8. Interesting images Inky πŸ™‚ But life is about tea sipping old ladies with their pinkies up(and crows too)…for me, anyway. Thanks for being a good blog buddy and have a very happy holiday season πŸ˜€

  9. Very cool. The chain wrapped fist breaking through at first glance looked to be buck teeth with braces protruding from the background lips. But a moment later the image reached my mind properly and almost seemed to morph.

    It’s very rock and roll. I like it.

    • Thank you very much, sir!
      The distortion tends do abstract the whole thing even more (I think).
      I can’t take much credit for that part, though – that was all the pinhole camera.

  10. very creative – if not a bit scary too. to paraphrase an earlier comment – it is much more comfortable to see this on the internet than in a dark alley. your artistry knows no bounds, but i have no objection to your tea-sipping birds either, so do feel free to keep them coming from time to time, too πŸ™‚

    • I like to mix things up every now and then (for my readers, and for me, too). Well, that’s the excuse anyway. It might have more to do with my short attention span.
      Thank you very much P&K!

    • Many people saw teeth, Megan…
      so no worries there! Interesting though. I probably would have seen the same thing if someone else had put it together / I hadn’t taken the photo(s) myself.

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