Good News – I found three of ’em!

My search continues.

About this image: digital image, lightly modified


83 thoughts on “Marbles

  1. always happy to hear when someone hasn’t lost all their marbles 🙂 and this is a great image – love the DOF and the light, and the way the marbles seem to be defying gravity just ever so cautiously. any more, and they would be rolling right off the screen to the right.
    thanks for sharing.

    • I played with them all the time when I was younger
      (although I mostly made up my own original games with them for some reason).
      That is fascinating – thank you very much for that translation, sir!

  2. I love marbles…old ones are the best! One of the advantages of living in an old house is at times, we come across little buried treasures such as marbles. I keep the ones I find in a amber jar – also an ancient find in the attic – on my office window sill where the afternoon sunshine can stream in and illuminate them.

    Nicely composed and the b&w tones work great!

    • Me, too, M.P.! Unfortunately I don’t have to many vintage marbles. I’m pretty sure I did at one point… I’m not sure what happened to them, though. It’s kind of a shame.
      Thank you very, very much!

    • Thank you very much, Nancy!
      Sounds like a wonderful collection! I used to have quite a few more (literally)… I’m not sure what happened to them (hopefully I’ll come across them some day)…

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  5. Ooooooooooooh!!! What a find!!! Three marbles make such a difference in a person’s life… each is PRECIOUS for mental survival!!
    Now, if only I could find the 7, 259, 000 I’ve lost…hmmmm…. where… oh, where… could they be? 😉

    • Absolutely, Juana! This is the best I’ve felt in years!
      Hahaha… oh no! I wish I could help you out with that, but as you can see my marble-hunting skills are a little lacking (at best)!

  6. Marble-ous use of light, texture and perspective. Three cat’s eyes, no aggies, immies, or swirrlies, and absolutely no tradesies.

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