Five Stars

Turns out I’m not as good with spray paint as I’d hoped. At least on small scale (8″x8″-ish). So, for now, I’ve overlayed my illustrator MacArthur piece in Photoshop. I think the faux corrugated metal turned out okay, though. If only I could get all this olive drab paint off my face…

Have a great weekend, everyone!

About this image: digital media – vector art created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop digitally overlayed onto faux metal / painted cardboard


84 thoughts on “Five Stars

    • It’s funny… I didn’t really plan out where the ‘joints’ would fall… I built the background separately and just let the whole thing be as ‘random’ as I could get it… (I kind of like the dimpled effect by his ear, too).
      Thank you very much, N.M.!

  1. I was so proud of myself, when I saw this image come up on my wordpress feed, I said to myself – “HEY! That’s MacArthur!!! General Douglas MacArthur!”

    I didn’t realize photoshop had such fancy options as to turn a pic into corrugated tin like this. A very attractive texture/design! Nice. VERY nice Spilled Ink Guy! 😀

    • Right on, Spectra – good eye!
      The texture is cardboard that I peeled the top ‘ply’ from to expose its corrugation and then coated with a paint containing bits of iron. Then there is a second ‘oxidizer’ that you can apply to actually rust those bits of metal. It’s pretty cool… and lot of fun!

      • “The texture is cardboard that I peeled the top ‘ply’ from to expose its corrugation”

        Bravo– Very inventive. If it had been a “metal shed” filter or one of those dreaded “Layer Styles”, the effect probably would have flattened a otherwise beautiful vector stenciled rendering.

        I try to go outside the computer, whenever I can. If only to rest the eyes. .

        • Thank you so much!
          I find the more I can do by hand, the more I tend to be pleased with pieces like this (I agree… a layer style would have seemed too uniform, I think).
          I originally intended to do more by hand, but I quickly discovered I have to perfect my stenciling process a bit more. I’m learning as I go, though, so I guess it wasn’t a total wasted effort.

    • No, I’m sorry… I didn’t explain that very well (words are not my friend).
      Originally I printed this out and cut out pieces for stencils to spray paint through (but I wasn’t very happy with my result… I didn’t wait long enough between ‘layers’ and wound up removing part of the background). So in a last ditch effort I just overlayed the digital pieces (created in Illustrator) over the background which is painted cardboard.
      I haven’t given up on the idea completely, though…
      I think it would be pretty cool if I can just get a bit more practice first!

  2. I’m confused. Why do you think you are bad with spray paint?
    So – this is cardboard that you sprayed to get a metal effect? SIG, I don’t know much – but I think it looks cool! And yes – I think it looks like metal.
    Neat stuff, my blogpshere friend.

    • Sorry, Ms. D… I didn’t explain any of this very well…
      spray paint was part of my original idea, but what you see here is a digital portrait (in lieu of the spray painted portrait) overlayed on hand painted cardboard (which I was hoping would resemble corrugated metal.
      Thank you so very much!

  3. I think I like it this way (“If only I could get all this olive drab paint off my face…”) as part of the overall effect. Or did you mean you got the paint on YOUR face? In which case, you paint like I do.

  4. Well I think that you have created
    a fine masterpiece here SIG, and
    as for the olive paint, I think that it
    adds character… Well that is what
    I think anyway SIG and remember

    I am not always right, but I am
    NEVER WRONG 🙂 lol

    Have a great rest of evening 🙂


    • Hahaha… well, thank you, sir! I told my wife I was just trying to bring out my eyes a bit!

      I would never have doubted you for a minute, A.G.!

      Thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful evening as well!

    • I’m so happy to hear that!
      While the process didn’t go exactly as I’d planned the result seemed to get my original idea / feeling across.
      Thank you very much, sir!

    • Thank you very much, Mr. H!
      I was hoping to use spray paint for the actual portrait (to create some variation between hard/soft lost/found edges), but other than that, I think this is pretty much what I had in mind…

    • Thanks very much, U.M.! Stick with the Illustrator (you won’t regret it)! Especially the ‘drawing’ tools. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it very quickly, and then it’s a lot of fun!

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