Wind Turbines

It’s been all cold and windy lately. Which means it’s wind turbine time, I guess. And 80’s night. Naturally. Have a great weekend, everyone!

… you spin me right round, baby

right round

like a record, baby

right round, round, round…

– You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) – Dead or Alive

About this image: Digital photograph, moderately modified


97 thoughts on “Wind Turbines

  1. Have you seen any pictures of that guy from Dead or Alive lately? So much surgical reconstruction of his face and usually I’m not in favour of cosmteic surgery but really I feel his um, alterations are like art. At least the last version that I saw, their may have been further work done, I don’t know. I can’t remember his name. . .

    • To tell you the truth, S.E. I’m not sure I’ve heard of ‘Dead or Alive’…
      (I’m so behind the times… it’s sad)!
      I’ll have to look into it, though! Now you’ve got me curious!

      • Um…the band that sang that song you quoted above about spinning around? The one whose name, Dead or Alive, you provided with the quote? Ring any bells? Anything? Anything?

          • Right above my comment? Your comment, “I’m not sure I’ve heard of ‘Dead or Alive’…” You’re messing with my head, aren’t you? It’s not nice to mess with a girl’s head before noon, Mr. Ink.

          • OH YEAH!
            See what happens when you mix commenting from the ‘dashboard comment page’ with the most totally amazing memory EVER! Hijiks ensue! I do and I do for my readers, you know.

      • It’s funny, N.M… I’ve heard that song a million times, but knew surprisingly little about it. I had to do research to even find out who sang it! Then thirty seconds later I’d forgotten again! Yikes!

    • I’m a smart one, aren’t I, S.E.?! 30 seconds after I research who wrote that song and TYPE it right above your comment I somehow manage to completely forget what I’d just looked-up! Yikes! This is why I shouldn’t be allowed to leave my apartment, S.E. *sigh*

      • Ha ha ha ha! Oh, you sound like me! I get confused when using the comments page too. Actually maybe it’s more than vagueness and distractedness. Yesterday I put a cigarette in my mouth and then lifted my cup of coffee to light it with. Honestly, I really did! I have a feeling you might understand! Oh my, I’m still laughing at the whole ‘who are Dead or Alive’ thread. x

    • Thanks so much, Mr. H! I had not heard of that, thank you so much for sharing the link! Pretty sure I’d get laughed out of the room, but I’d sure like to check out some of the other shots!

  2. John & I are fascinated by wind turbines. They have some in Atlantic City and when we lived in Philly, it was always a treat seeing them when we’d visit. That and the gambling. LOL

    Great pic, Inks!

  3. When I lived in AZ I use to drive over to California passing the Palm Springs area on the way…The wind turbines seemed to look like….a crop of fans.
    I was a very strange feeling to be near them. Like being around something from the future or being in the land of aliens….Not to be confused with the aliens that live in the area….lol
    Nice shot Sig, Where are the location of the turbines in your photo.

    Hugs, xx

    • It’s only a matter of time before they become aware of themselves, U.M…
      it’s only a matter of time.
      I honestly had no clue who sang it… so I Googled it, and thirty seconds later I had forgotten all over again!

  4. Another wickedly Great offering SIG
    Have a really good weekend and don’t
    be adding to the windy weather 🙂 lol

    Beans are definitely out then…


    • Hahaha…
      this could be a problem! Beans are about the only thing I know how to cook (and that’s just because I can eat them right out of the can)!
      I hope you had a wonderful weekend, too, A.G.!

  5. The windmills of your photographic mind. Well done.! Our secondary school is the only one in North America with own wind turbine. Somewhere on my blog I posted a couple of shots of it.

    • This is the first time I’ve been that close to them…
      it’s a surprisingly eerie feeling, Mr. B…
      or that was my impression, anyway. Not sure why… probably something to do with the sound… and the incredible scale…

  6. Love your choice of lyrics. 🙂
    I like how the turbines are off center and silhouetted against the dusk sky. It makes them seem like sculptures.

    • Thank you, Ms. C!
      That was the first thing that popped into my head for some reason!
      I thought so, too… they have a very simple, graphic quality to them that seemed to stand-up pretty well in silhouette, I thought…

  7. Great image! We have loads of wind turbines here in Wales too. I kinda like them, but lots of people round here don’t. They think they spoil the countryside. Hope you are having a great weekend 🙂

    • Thanks, B.P.!
      I can understand how people wouldn’t necessarily want these things right in their back yard… they are MASSIVE! Interesting… fun to photograph… but maybe not the sort of thing you’d want to stare at all day every day, I guess!

  8. Nice silhouette!
    I see more and more wind farms traveling. Good and bad I hear.
    The vibrations in the ground run off all the wildlife for miles. They also effect the migrations of birds.
    Better than nukes though I guess.

    • Thank you! I thought the shapes seemed simple/strong enough to stand up in silhouette… well, that’s what I was hoping, anyway!
      I guess I would believe that… these things are SO massive… hard to imagine there wouldn’t be an impact…

  9. what a cool shot, with the turbines as silhouettes against a sky that could just be well heralding the arrival as well as the departure of another day. but it doesn’t matter which, those blades just keep on turning and turning…
    where is this? have often admired them as views from the train on some trips through europe, usually on some distant horizon, and occasionally quite close. it’s always nice to know that they are securely in place, with all bolts exactly as they should be. they are securely in place, right? 🙂

    • Thank you very much, P&K!
      These were located in extreme southwest Iowa (if I’m remembering correctly – my memory isn’t much these days). I had never been that close to them before, either. Hahaha… let me tell you, I sure hope everything was fastened tightly! It was a bit bizarre to me how… almost eerie it was to be there. These things are just SO big… and looking up at them, I almost got the feeling like they might fall over (silly, I know). And the sound was strange, too… very quiet, except for a faint hum, and the sound of those massive blades cutting thought the air… hard to describe, really.

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