I should have written down more information about this orchid. Although that would have required foresight. And minimal effort. And a pen. Sadly, only one of these was available at the time. Oh well. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Max Fischer: “Take dictation, please. Possible candidates for Kite Flying Society: David Conners, Murray Marshall, Greg Halloway, Duncan Wright, Margret Yang, Woody Jackson, Shoeshine…”

– Jason Schwartzman – Rushmore

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


66 thoughts on “Orchid

    • Thank you very much, S.E.!
      I’m not a huge flower person (probably because I know so little about them and my gardening skills are so lacking), but I’ve always liked orchids for some reason… they seem very elegant to me. Anyway, I do like nice botanical shots, but I tend to leave those to people who know what they’re doing (it’s fun to give it a try every now and then, though)!
      p.s. Glad to hear you liked the color… this one was much more vibrant as-shot, but I decided I liked it better toned down a bit (I nearly went straight sepia-tone on in, but in the end decided to try some subtle color…)

        • Hahaha… well played, S.E…
          Thank you very much… I tried… there were an awful lot of people buzzing around at the time, so it was a bit of a shoot and run, but fortunetly I was able to take enough photos that one or two seemed to turn out okay…

  1. What a beauty, Bob! Lovely shot, as always!…One thing I can always count on…Lovely content when I come visit. Excellent!
    Have a great day, Bob!

    • You are always so kind, Deb! Thank you very much! I try to keep it interesting… I have to keep very talented people such as yourself guilted interested in visiting, you know!

    • Hahaha… orchid Photoshopped a tiny megaphone onto the orchid and… um… it seems this one’s gotten away from me completely. Again. But thank you very, very much (which is the main point anyway)!

    • Many thanks, Mr. B!
      Happy to hear things haven’t gotten too silly around here…
      with half the stuff that comes out of my mouth I worry that most folks might get scarred into a permanent retreat!

    • Thanks, P&K!
      Me, too! Fortunately this one isn’t mine…
      not that I wouldn’t like having it around… it’s just that keeping it around would be a considerable challenge for me! My thumbs are anything but green, you know!

    • Sounds wonderful, Tony!
      I really like them, too, but I am a terrible gardener (so we don’t have any around our apartment). Maybe some day I’ll figure out how to keep a few going, but at the moment my skills are definitely lacking in that department!

  2. Hey Sig! This is great πŸ™‚ I love flowers too and I especially love orchids! They are incredible flowers aren’t they; so specialist in nature. I love your macro shot; humming bird view right? Hope your having a good weekend too πŸ™‚

    • I’m very happy to hear you liked this one, B.P.! I know very little about flowers, but there really does seem to be something special about orchids! They seem so elegant to me!
      Thank you very much, B.P.! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, too!

    • AH! Now that’s a very good question! I know the rose is the traditional choice, but so many good choices! That’s a very difficult decision! I’m not sure I have decided just yet (I’d better think quickly)!

  3. a striking photo – orchids are beautiful in themselves but you’ve made a painting out of this one. every time i visit your site i treated to one wonder after another. thank you.

    • I’m glad you were there to look at both versions…
      I probably would have gone with the sepia, otherwise.
      This admission doesn’t mean I’m giving up on my usual preference for b/w, though, you know…

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