Downward Gaze

Simon says… post a drawing.

Simon (*singing his theme song*): “Well, you know my name is Simon… and I like to do drawerings…”

– Mike Myers – Saturday Night Live

About this image: charcoal drawing on Bristol Board


70 thoughts on “Downward Gaze

    • Thank you very much, Cristina!
      I considered colorizing this one, (and I still might try it at some point) but I have to admit I kind of liked the black and white, too!

  1. It is lovely! Any time I question myself about leaving something black and white or adding color, I’m ususally unhappy if I do add the color.

    This piece is so pristine….how’d you do that using charcoal? 😀

    • Many thanks, Mary!
      Yeah… I think if I add color it will probably be a digital attempt… I’m kind of a chicken that way, you know.

      Just trying to be careful… and frequent erasing. Sometimes I have to touch up the edges a bit in Photoshop, but this one stayed pretty clean. I kind of luck out sometimes, I guess.

    • Thank you so much, Deb…
      I just hope she isn’t fed up with the constant harassment!
      ‘Hey, Annabelle… could you help me out… I’ve got this idea for a drawing/painting/photo…’

  2. I’m convinced that your wife never wears clothes. I can’t actively name another time I’ve seen her without clothes on in one of your pieces, but I never let facts and figures stand in the way of my absolutely beliefs.

    This is beautiful. Almost too good to be a drawing, as is the case with all of your work.

    • Ha… if there’s one thing I’ve discovered over the years it’s that arguing an absolute belief takes some real doing!
      I’m so happy to hear you liked it, U.M… I’m fairly happy with how this one turned out… for the moment, anyway.

    • Some of them seem to turn out better than others…
      so I’ve always got my fingers crossed
      (which makes drawing a bit more challenging, really). 😉
      Thank you so very much, Nancy!

    • They usually read a bit more believably in small-scale / up on the screen I think…
      so that definitely helps me out a bit.
      Thanks so much, Tony… the reference photo really seemed to capture that mood well, so I’m very happy to hear some of that came across in the drawing, as well!

  3. I have no idea whom your muse is but
    I certainly like this one my fine and wicked
    friend, you have once again excelled 🙂

    Well done SIG 🙂


    • Thanks so much, A.G.!
      This is a portrait of my wife (who is always very kind in putting up with my perpetually bothering her with projects like this)…
      I think she was happy with the results (although she is always too kind to say otherwise, so…)

      Thank you again, A.G.!
      I hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Very nice, as always. You always make these portraits look so real. In olden days, you’d be the one painting the official royal portraits, I’m sure.

  5. Bravo! *I wonder if Annabelle knows how fortunate she is to be your muse.(I’m sure she does.)*
    She has so many beautiful renderings of herself through your art. And just once I’d like to hear someone say they like the light best on my left side. 😦

    • Thank you so much, Lynn!
      I feel pretty sorry for her having to put up with it all, really… although she’s always very kind about doing so. I would imagine the novelty wore off quite some time ago and now it’s all just a huge pain in the… um… neck.
      I bet they are thinking it all the time, though, Lynn…

    • Thank you very, very much, Ms. K!
      If you’ve never tried them the pencils are much more user friendly than you might expect… and you can keep such a nice sharp point with them, too… very helpful! Of course it’s a bit difficult to keep everything ‘clean’, but that’s just part of the challenge, I guess!

  6. This is beautiful! So soft and gentle. Wow.
    The part that captures my eye the most are her earrings. SIG, the earrings look real. I am amazed you were able to get a metal/shiny appearance with this charcoal drawing. Incredible!

    • I think sometimes when hard-ish lines are surrounded by softer areas that can almost happen on it’s own…
      I considered removing the earrings from the drawing (to eliminate more clues as to time / when it was drawn), but in the end I thought that bit of ‘pop’ might be kind of fun.
      Thanks so much, Ms. D! I appreciate that very much!

  7. Such a natural look to this – almost like the model is not aware of the artist. I love the shades and textures. I also love the choice of model – a really human face 🙂

    • Annabelle is such a wonderful actress…
      she seems able to capture pretty much any mood effortlessly.
      I, on the other hand, pretty much only have one look. And it’s really not all that flattering!
      Thank you very much, Martin!

  8. You know everytime I see one of these pictures i allways wonder what they are looking at. My wild imagination always takes over then. Good picture by the way.

    • That’s very cool to hear, J.B.! Pictures that let you write the story are usually my favorites, JB… I like ’em because there are so many possibilities that way!

  9. The many faces of Annabelle… lol. You know I really do enjoy trying to look different/play a different characters for all of these different project of yours. Also, could I say different again? Different.

    • Thanks so much, P&K!
      That’s often one of the most difficult things for me to render in a convincing way…
      sometimes I get lucky, though, and it seems to work better than others!

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