The New Fives

Hopefully this painting reminds you a bit of a U.S. five dollar bill. Or part of it, anyway. Crackle/distressed background texture(s), lightly rusted line-work and shinny copper sides… just F.Y.I.

Me: “Honesty, Abe… you took forever paint, too!”

A.L: “Dude! Nearly four score and seven years!”

Me: “Dude!”

A.L: “Dude!”

(my original Abraham Lincoln piece here)

About this image: acrylic painting on 10″x30″ canvas


74 thoughts on “The New Fives

    • It’s interesting how much the ‘look’ of our money has changed over time…
      I hope they always keep a fairly traditional portrait, though.
      Very interesting, Cocomino! I think I will go look at some examples!

  1. Wow, Dude! You PAINTED that? Sorry, I’d have taken that five and gone shopping. Of course, I wouldn’t have been gone long…

    • Hahaha… you are feeling sleepy… veeeery sleeeepy…
      Seriously, though, there really was something about his eyes, wasn’t there? You can really sense it in all those old photographs… hard to put your finger on what, exactly… but absolute greatness there…

  2. I could use a few of the Abe’s in my pocket now!…lol.
    Love the work you put into this one, Sig! It look like you just magnified a $5…that’s how good you are!
    Hugs, xx

    • Hahaha… I hear you, Deb! Those Abe’s are difficult to hold on to, aren’t they?!
      I had to do just that in an attempt to figure this one out, Deb! It would be fun to know how many lines there are in a 5 dollar bill! If you could ‘string’ them all together I wonder just how far they would reach?!

  3. This is a terrific rendition. I have long since come to hate the way our money looks these days. The first time I was handed a “new” bill (the second time they changed them after 2000) I wondered in what country it had originated. Glad I have a depression era dollar stashed 😉 Someone needs to remember what it used to look like.

    Your attention to detail makes me feel a bond with your inner OCD. While I am mean with charcoal, I am dead on with stippling. Not sure I could pull this level of detail off with acrylic. Excellent perspective and depth, SIG.

    • I know exactly what you mean! It seems like every time a new version comes out it feels a bit stranger than the last. The funny part is that with all the crazy colors / patterns it still seems to be only a week until all the anti-counterfeiting measures have been hacked. In the mean time much of the traditional ‘elegance’ has been lost, too!
      It’s been a while since I’ve tried any stippling… always fun, though… I’m sure I’ve got a project in my book-o-ideas that will call for it at some point, though!
      The added challenge was this paint has flakes of iron in it (that can then be rusted with an antiquing solution). It’s really cool, and works great, except that the longer you work the more those pieces tend to settle making it all a bit stiff / thick / grainy. Not a big deal on plain surfaces, but when you’re trying to get thin lines it makes things a bit more difficult.
      Thanks so much, Red!

      • The first time they revealed the “color” version it took a 17 year old less than four hours to duplicate it with enough authenticity to pass it. Funny, there was far less counterfeiting with the old currency.

        I can imagine the flakes would drive me bats. The rusting effect is awesome though.

        • Hahaha… it rally is funny, isn’t it?
          The effects are really cool. I’ve used it quite a few times, although it’s probably most prominently featured in my ‘Supply‘ piece. I think you’d like it, Red… if you haven’t tried it already.

  4. Counterfeiters take note! They would do well to learn a thing or two from you and we’ll be rich very soon. It will just be our secret, SIG!

    • Hahaha… I just hope they work faster than I do, Ms. C!
      They might never finish an entire bill otherwise! Especially if they’re going to get all fancy and do both sides!

  5. Very good work Bob – wish I had the time and skill to paint. Maybe when i retire – the time bit anyway! Turning money from filthy lucre into a work of art is quite an achievement 🙂 I believe they do photography courses inside so you should be ok when the Fed’s catch up with you 😉

    • I’m positive you have the skill to paint, Martin… but as you say, a lot of it is about finding the time to do so. Especially for folks who are as slow as I am!
      Hahaha… I should probably start working on steel and concrete now so I have a chance to get used to it!

      • uh uh.. no lounging for you S-i-G. An arisit doesn’t get to lounge around. There’s art to produce for the masses to enjoy as we loung around. It’s back to work for youQuickly now! 🙂 We’re getting impatient.

        • Hahaha… ooookay. Seriously, though… it’s funny… I can’t even finish one project before I’m thinking about the next two. I never get my to-do list whittled down because working on one idea always produces at least two or three more. One step forward, as they say, I guess!

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