Pyrus No. 1

More creepy pears with hardware. What can I say? It’s Monday.

Mac McDonald: “Charlie, give him the pear.”

Charlie Kelly: “I can’t. I just ate it.”

Mac McDonald: “The whole thing?

Charlie Kelly: “Yeah. It was pretty gross. And…”

Mac McDonald: “The stem and the… and the core and…”

Charlie Kelly: “You didn’t tell me not to eat the stem, dude!”

Mac McDonald: “Did you eat the stickers that are all over it?”

Charlie Kelly: “Yeah, it was gross!”

Mac McDonald: “Of course it’s gross, it’s a sticker, bro!”

Charlie Kelly: “I eat stickers all the time, dude!”

– Rob McElhenney & Charlie Day – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


90 thoughts on “Pyrus No. 1

    • Good question, Ms. D!
      This one goes back in the archives a ways so I’m trying to remember…
      seems like maybe it was more difficult to get the pears to ‘hang-together’… so I think I’d say taking the photo was more fun… maybe… I think…

  1. Looks like an epic battle at sea with heavily armed fruit instead of battleships.
    WWII would probably have been a lot shorter if the war with Japan was fought this way.

  2. I thought it was a monster from the deep . . . or the wreckage of a sunken ship . . . or the worm in the bottom of a bottle of tequila.

    Fruit was the last thing on my mind. 🙂

    • I can definitely see those things in this…
      that’s my favorite part about these things… watching/hearing people interpret them…
      it’s like a Rorschach test… with vitamin C!

    • Thanks much, F.S.!
      This one goes back a-ways (maybe 5 years old +/- already?)…
      when the concept came to me at 3:00 in the morning it seemed like a good idea.
      This is probably why I shouldn’t keep a pen and notebook on my dresser!

    • Me, too, Ms. N!
      I was barely able to ‘transcribe’ this quote because I was laughing so hard…
      I was really hoping it would be popular…
      a bit surprised more folks didn’t mention it!

  3. those pears look pretty scary.
    but off the record, i think it’s all just an act. deep down inside they are soft as a marshmallow – or actually more like a ripe pear. 🙂

  4. Hey Punk Pears how wicked 🙂
    I like this one SIG, it is still life
    but rather abstract in form 🙂 🙂

    Thank you for adding your fine
    creativity my great friend and do
    enjoy the rest of your evening 🙂


  5. ok wow.

    i haven’t seen the previous posts so i was looking at that for a while before i started reading and saw they were pears.

    gees. i was like is this something from SAW II?

    hah! great photos as always and i’ve missed you! thanks for not giving up on me.

    • Oh no! You stopped by on creepy pear day?!
      I knew I should have posted something more cordial!
      Thanks so much, BD…
      And never! That’s not how the refrigerator rolls!
      (that sounded better in my head…)

  6. Is that a doll’s hand sticking out of a stapled pear??
    One day I’m going to have to come over there and rescue all the pears from you!

    • Don’t worry…
      no dolls were harmed in anyway in the production of this photo…
      just staples, nails and a zipper (basically the random contents of my ‘junk’ drawer… any excuse to clean that mess up every now and then, you know)!

    • This one is a bit unusual, that is for sure!
      Hopefully it means different things to different people…
      but most of all I just hope it grabs some attention (and creates a response of some sort)!

  7. I recall recently reblogging Arindam’s post about the Kohinoor Diamond and discussing some of the historical ways in which tribes carried off the trophies of successful campaigns – specifically mentioning the taking of opponents heads and shrinking them. Clearly you’ve been keeping up with my blog Bob but it was never my intention that you should carry experiments in this area…

    Pears…I’ll believe you… interesting art work. Wasn’t there a knife and staple-gun wielding murderer in that B Movie I watched last weekend 😉

    Good stuff as always – gave me lots of ‘wild’ ideas 🙂

    • Hahaha…
      fortunetly the only injuries sustained during the making of this photograph were minor ones…
      (those staples are kinda’ sharp)!
      Ha! Very possibly! Although B work is a bit above my pay-grade, Martin…
      maybe some day, though… maybe some day!
      Many thanks, sir! Very happy to hear it was something to think about!

  8. Instant classic episode. When Dee’s leaning all over the hitchhiker in the front seat–I forget what she says. “Oh, sweet baby boy, they’re going to eat you up out there”? I love that.

    ANYWAY, creepy as hell, SIG. And obviously therefore awesome. Is that a zipper in the background? Zippers really should be used as torture devices; they look mean.

    • HILARIOUS! Still one of my all-time favorites… which is really saying something, because I’m demented enough to love nearly every episode!
      Good call, U.M… it is indeed a zipper. And ‘fastened’ via hot-glue, too! That’s what I get for skipping Home Ec the day-o-the big ‘how to thread a needle’ demo…

  9. Oh I’m sure you were chomping at the bit to get this bad boy posted! I don’t know how I missed it. It’s just so…..WEIRD. I don’t get it but many people do and that’s what makes art so great!

    • This one is pretty ‘old’, Lynn. I did a small series of these when I was in school… posted one WAY back, but decided I didn’t want to post them to close together, either. I try to space out the wild content a bit… don’t want to weird too many folks out, you know!
      Well, I’m not sure there’s any specific thing to get. It was probably inspired by something we were talking about at school at the time… or too much insomnia… I honestly can’t remember at this point. Oh well, the point is more that it causes some reaction that what that reaction is to me, most the time. I think.
      Thanks much, Lynn!

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