Kitchen Gadgetry

Sadly, I wouldn’t know a Michelin Star if it bit me in the foie gras. Interesting gadgets in a kitchen, though.

“If Robin Williams ate this s**t, his back hair would burst into flames.”

– Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


77 thoughts on “Kitchen Gadgetry

    • Thanks, S.E.!
      I love shooting stuff like this (wish I had more of it laying around)!
      Metal and good light does all the work for me! Throw in some cog/gear looking stuff and it’s just like the icing on the metallic cake (I think, anyway)!

    • Hahaha… he sure does. Funny, I would never dream of saying half of what he does, yet I find him pretty entertaining (and I don’t know the first thing about cooking)!
      I would LOVE to… pretty much anything old / metal + some nice light makes for an interesting shot, I think. it’s really just a matter of finding the stuff to photograph. If I ever come across one, I’ll happily see what I can do, N.M.!

    • Thank you very much, sir!
      I agree! If it weren’t for tools like this I would be in a lot of trouble! A can opener and a microwave are definitely by biggest helpers in the kitchen!

  1. It took me a moment to realize what this one was! I guess it’s too early on Monday morning. 🙂 Nice close up. Looks like it could be the inner workings of a factory!

    • Thank you so very much, Ms. D!
      To tell you the truth a lot of the time it’s just me wondering what I have laying around the apartment that I haven’t tried to photograph yet! I should probably work on inventing a better back-story than that, though!

    • Thank you very, very much, Ms. K!
      Fortunately, it seems anything metal does a lot of the work on it’s own… which I always appreciate!
      And this one opens cans, too… bonus!

    • He’s a ridiculously entertaining guy, isn’t he?! I don’t know the first thing about gastronomy, but I always enjoy seeing the places he takes his show… and I love his sense of humor. No Reservations always makes me hungry for some reason, though.

    • Thank you very much, Martin!
      This one took a lot of dodging/burning… such great light that comes into my kitchen window… always fun to take advantage of… wonderful for some contrast, but with surfaces like these the extremes in contrast are incredibly… um… extreme?!

  2. Nicely photographed and with
    can opening style too, how wicked 🙂

    Have a great rest of evening SIG 🙂


    • Many thanks, sir!
      And no tragic accidents, either (which there often are when I’m introduced into a kitchen)!
      Thank you so much, A.G.!
      I hope you have a wonderful day!

    • Hahaha…
      SO funny, isn’t it / he! I’m not much of a foodie, but I still love to watch No Reservations just to see where Bourdain is visiting and what he’s gonna say next!
      Thanks so much for stopping by, Z&G!

  3. Your metallic macro fetish would be on field day at my place. I can think of a ton of things you would burn a proverbial roll shooting. And not just the kitchen things either, although I have loads of interesting things like electric knives and strawberry corers. Fun industrial things like saws and motors and cranes.

    This is a great shot, SIG.

    • Now that does sound like fun, Red! My parents have quite a few similar things that would be awfully fun to photograph, too (if I didn’t live so far away). Definitely no cranes, though! That sounds pretty awesome! Speaking of, I don’t know if you ever watch Mythbusters, but they often do tests at an old runway with the San Fransisco skyline and all these amazing cranes off in the distance… would be so cool to photograph! Many things I see on that show would be, though, I guess!
      Thank you very much, Red!

      • I spent far too many years in intimate proximity to all manner of heavy equipment. Nothing about them is clunky. They are very, very fine tuned in terms of fit, bearing consistency and mechanics, especially all the hydraulic systems. Always interesting in macro terms.

      • And just because I have not combed through all your entries, have you shot macros of gadgetry? The guts of all manner of techno toys are very interesting.

    • So happy to hear that assessment, sir!
      That is exactly what I was hoping for!
      Don’t know how often I pull these things off, but you always seem to figure out what I’m attempting, anyway! I sincerely appreciate that!

    • Many thanks, sir!
      A lot of times I wind up photographing ‘what I can find’ around the apartment…
      I was kind of excited about this one, though… because it seems metals often produce fairly interesting results!

    • Ha! Agreed! A bit like watching Mad Men, I guess.
      Although it seems like he doesn’t quite as much as he used to… maybe.
      Could be they’re just making an effort to shoot things differently to make it seem that way…

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  5. Definitely a ‘where there are no photographs shot 🙂 Lovely detail capturing the grittiness of the metal. Recognised what it was immediately – got one just the same… in fact, have you been round for coffee with my wife? 😉

    • Many thanks, Martin!
      I love shooting metal… pretty much always does the heavy lifting for you!
      Interestingly enough, my mother gave me this one when I moved into my first apartment. It’s very similar to one she’s had for as long as I can remember, too… not sure where she got them, but they must be popular!

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