Delmar-Loop Trolley

Why, it’s the former Delmar Loop Trolley on display at the Missouri History Museum (it’s moving slowly enough these days that even I managed to grab a shot). And, if any of that sounded familiar, you are probably from the STL. Or you’ve visited. Or you’re a Nelly fan. Have a great weekend, everyone!

You can find me, in St. Louis rollin’ on dubs
Smoking on dubs in clubs, blowin’ up like cocoa puffs…

– Nelly – Country Grammar

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified


71 thoughts on “Delmar-Loop Trolley

  1. Wow. reminds me of a pic of an old baby grand I used to have. After the soundboard was split -on a move across country- did a photoshop ‘do on the original pic of the wreckage.
    Damn, once again Bob… just wish I had a scintilla of your talent.
    This is haunting and SO hit a string (A440 -grin-) with me.
    You’re the best.
    You have the talent of bringing memories from your work that are not even related to the subject. Promise… THIS is a killer compliment.
    Fabulous work my friend. Wish I could see this in person.

    • Oh wow! What incredibly kind things to say, Ms. B! Thank you so much!
      Sounds like quite a photo-op… the loss of that piano must have been heart-wrenching, though. Sounds painful!
      Oh, so not true! I think a lot of times folks who are too modest are… um… too modest. And that is obviously the case here.
      It’s kind of a cool exhibit… and a cool museum, too. It would have fun to actually go INSIDE said exhibit, but they do let you walk right up to it, so that’s the next best thing, I guess!

    • Your incredibly considerate comments always make me smile, Ms. K… thank you so much!
      The way I was hanging off this poor trolley I think visitors to the museum were starting to wonder just what I was up to!

    • So much history in the rails.
      Stuff like this just seems to come with a built-in nostalgia… which always helps. And is always appreciated!
      Thank you so much, Ms. C!

  2. This is a wonderful shot, Sig! I really love it. Is there ever a shot that does not work out well for you?…I doubt it.
    You and Annabelle have a nice weekend!
    Hugs, xx

    • MOST don’t, Deb… but thank you so much!
      Generally I take as many as I possibly can… then I keep my fingers crossed that one or two are at least fixable!
      Thank you again! I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!

  3. That wood is so beautiful. As is the photo. But I must look away now, it’s giving me the sensation of falling and I’m getting a bit dizzy from it. Must.look.away!

  4. I keep pressing ‘like’ but the page justs reloads without adding my eye. This has happened elsewhere too.
    Anyway, I have to tell you this post gave me a good giggle. When I saw the title I thought ‘Oooh, I wonder what a loop trolley looks like, some kind of new invention, perhaps.’ Ha! I thought it was going to be a supermarket shopping trolley which I think you guys call a shopping CART! πŸ˜€

    • I kinda gave up on that button a long time ago, S.E.
      For different reasons, though… I’m always afraid if I get into the habit of using it I’ll forget from time to time and then people will get the wrong idea about a post. Because I’m all paranoid like that. Silly, I know.

      I’ve got to admit, S.E… your American slang is much better than my Aussie slang! We do indeed call them carts, but I had no idea you call them trolleys! Interesting! Are Australian shopping trolleys notorious for having one bad / pulling / squeaky wheel, or is that a US thing?!

        • Hahaha… it’s a bit of a running joke here, S.E…
          but I think what makes it so funny is that it seems to always happen! Well, when I’m forced to use one, anyway (I much prefer the baskets… they seem much easier to navigate crowded isles with).

    • Thank you very much, sir!
      There seemed to be quite a few different directions I could go with this one…
      but I hadn’t posted too many things in this style so I thought I’d give it a shot!

  5. Once again you have shown us you incredible skills
    of photography and the ageing process that you have
    applied is definitely a positive on this example SIG πŸ™‚

    Excellent work my great friend
    and do enjoy a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚


    • Thank you very much for your great kindness as always, A.G.!
      You’ve probably noticed I’m a fan of subject matter with a ‘history’ to it…
      and this museum is a great place to go for that purpose!

      Thanks again, sir! I hope that you had a fantastic weekend, too!

    • Thank you so much, Patti!
      This museum is so interesting… lots displays with an awful lot of history!
      Hahaha… you said it! I think I would have to wear padded pants on long trips!

    • Thanks, Red!
      Oh boy…
      levels / curves adjustments, blur and sharpening, vignette at edges, added dust / noise, airbrushed out some ‘modern’ looking stuff, saturated some colors / areas and desaturated other places, put it in the frame, etc…
      pretty sure I’m forgetting a few things in there, too. I guess all kinds of random stuff might have been a better answer!

  6. How cool is that! How long has the trolley been out of commission? Probably since before you were born, huh? Would love to ride on a trolley like that!

    • Oh man, that’s a good question, J.G… I’m not sure!
      Unfortunately I was too busy hanging off the thing and being generally obnoxious to find out much information about this thing… now I’m all curious, too!

    • Thank you, Nigel!
      Yeah – the frame was actually on an old family photo of my wife’s – I thought it was really cool… and it seemed like this might be a good place to try it out!

    • Oh, I hear that, Tony!
      The details just aren’t there anymore…
      or the craftsmanship in general. Seems like more of a disposable culture these days… kind of sad in a way.

  7. I must be getting tired. I momentarily thought it odd that there was a piano on the trolly. Realized my error, then couldn’t get Judy Garland singing the Trolly song out of my head. πŸ™‚

    “Clang, clang, clang” went the trolley
    “Ding, ding, ding” went the bell”

    • Hahaha…
      not at all! If trolley’s don’t come with a piano they should! It should be an option right from the trolley factory… ah! That fresh new trolley smell!

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