Collaboration with Giuliano Saade

It makes me nervous to modify other photographers’ work – it’s like I’m tap-dancing all over their vision. But when the kind and talented  Giuliano Saade offered to collaborate on a project I was far too excited to decline. Mr. Saade let me choose a stunning photograph to edit in any manner I wished (more specifics about that below) – a very generous offer, indeed! Not only that, but he even took the time to answer the following interview questions which provide insight into his creative process.

Q – Mr. S, would you like to tell any readers who haven’t had the opportunity to meet you before a little bit about yourself?

A- I live in São Paulo, Brazil and I do film direction for a living and my bread comes from advertising. 
I love everything related to art and life as a subject and actually not much else.
I started blogging about a couple years ago so I could unload some ideas I had to share with others. And by others I don’t mean my family and friends. I mean people that doesn’t know me. People that knows what is written there in my blog and nothing else.
So it started out as essays and a lot of writing. But photography is something that accompany me since always so it started to take some space from the blog. As always in my life image grew bigger than words and today my blog is almost totally visual.
I guess i have more to show then tell… lol
Q – Would you tell us when you start taking photographs and why?
A – I started photographing since ever i guess. Really. I remember myself with a camera at the beach 6 years old.
Why? It’s a need. I always had the need to express myself. Photograph, painting, music, writing. It’s all I love to do.
That’s why I direct. It kinda mixes it all.
Q – What do you enjoy the most about photography (in process and/or the ‘world of photography’ as a whole)?
A – The old tale says that photographs can imprison one’s soul. I’ve been in an expo in the Guggenheim called Haunted

The idea behind it is that we have these ghosts living in our time. Moments registered in photographs that can bring back moments and
people long gone. I’m saying all this to help explain my joy about photography. And it’s about capturing. That’s it. When you can capture a
moment that is awesome enough you can show it around and relive it and make it immortal. This possibility of making these moments immortal
is what excites me about photography.
Q – Is there anything about photography you dislike (in process and/or the ‘world of photography’ as a whole)?
A – So what i really dislike is the fact that i lost so many of these amazing moments that will never be repeated…
Q – If you could be given any set-up you wanted (equipment, props, models, etc.) what / where / when would you choose to shoot first?
A – I would choose to keep the camera, dismiss the rest and start chasing things to photograph…lol
Q – Any other final thoughts related to photography and/or your creative process?
A – No rules applied.
My thanks again to Mr. Saade for working with me on this wonderful project!
Don’t miss Giuliano Saade’s blog: ‘The eternal solitude of the restless Mind‘ and his Flickr stream here.
About this image: *digital photograph by Giuliano Saade*. Digitally edited, printed and re-photographed through wet glass (partially under red light), and then re-edited by me.

65 thoughts on “Collaboration with Giuliano Saade

  1. oh wow, how cool is this. what a great moment – it has timelessness, or immortality as Giulano Saade puts it. a most enjoyable interview, too.
    i will need to check out his blog! Thanks for the link.
    and thanks for sharing this project!

    • Very cool, isn’t it, P&K! The most difficult part was choosing from so many timeless shots (and then trying not to step all over it)!
      Of course! Thank you, P&K!

  2. Beautiful! I’d love to see the original too. I’ll have to check out mr. Saade’s blog. Wonderful post, inky!

  3. I wish you had shown us the original as well to see the transformation. Yours looks wonderful. I agree with GS about how a photography makes a small moment in time immortal.

  4. I just cant express how honored i am. You are amazing Mr. Spilledink… 🙂
    And guys…please don’t bother looking at the original… This one is so much better!!!

    • HA!
      That one really made me laugh, Ms. B! So funny! The bird in mid-flight must have thought he could still make it in on the yellow light! Oops!
      Why, thank you very much!

  5. I, too, would like to have seen what you started with. Does this mean pigeons have found Brazil? Interesting interview.

  6. This is lovely, and what an interesting interview with an interesting man. Reiterating that it would be great to see the original as well, SIG!

  7. I can visualise the original photograph and at the same time take pleasure in the rediscovery through your own lens, the creativeness and the in depth feel for art, as each touch develops the original and through your own vision it has become something new.

    I have also enjoyed reading the questions and answers, which are added here as an additional aspect of the whole piece. I will be calling into Giuliano Saade’s Space to take a comprehensive look around his Space; I am sure that this will be an exploration not to be missed 🙂

    Have a very nice rest of evening SIG and thank you for this magnificent posting, it not only adds a flavour of your own great work, but it also shows the skills of another artiste, a photographer in his own right, which is very interestingly portrayed and stylishly represented.


    • That is wonderful to hear, sir, because I struggled with that… putting my own spin on this (not just ‘stealing’ Mr. S.’s work) while at the same time hoping to maintain part of his vision in creating the image… a very fine line, it seems!

      I very much enjoyed Mr. S.’s answer as well! You can tell how much consideration he puts into his thoughts (as I can tell you do with yours)… which is always greatly appreciated. Definitely made what could have been some rather dry material quite fascinating!

      Thank you so much, as always, Andro! I sincerely appreciate your great kindness, as I’m sure Mr. S. will as well! I hope you have a wonderful day as well, my friend!

  8. Absolutely-you-know-what-fantastic SiG! “Moments registered in photographs . . .” and then there are the moments in real life which confront us of memories/times/photographs of the past and we seek to grab them with our greedy cameras before the moment expires.

    Big thank you to you and Giulianno Saade!

    • You are always so kind, Patti!
      I wish I was up to speed with you and Mr. S… I am so slow those moments almost always pass me by before I’m ready to catch them. That’s why I’m often forced to ‘set-up’ most of my shots… and even then I often wind up using some pretty slow-moving subject matter!
      My thanks to you, Ms. K, as always!

  9. That is a really interesting photo to begin with. Great composition and subject. And I figured you added the wet glass effect! Like looking up through the windshield on a rainy day.

    • I completely agree with you! He really nailed this one!
      As you know a lot of my editing tends to remove color… and the color seemed to tell such a vital part of the story in a lot of Mr. S.’s shots, so I wanted to try something that, if anything, supported color. AND it was a great excuse to play with a laser pointer, too!

  10. Love to get the inner workings of an artist’s mind. You ask a lot of good interview questions, SIG! Way to get at the heart of the process.

  11. Great interview and interesting interpretation of the original work. You want to play with one of my photos anytime Bob, you’re welcome to 🙂

  12. Fab treatment. It changes the original tone of the picture, and gives it a depth of mood the original color would have belied. This way appears very thoughtful. I like it.

    • That is very kind of you to say, Red… thank you so much!
      One of the biggest concerns I had about this project was trying to find the balance between putting my own spin on things while not stepping on Mr. S’s incredible vision…
      so that is incredibly nice to hear!

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