Flamingos make me think ‘Miami Vice’, so I decided to pump up the pink and aqua here. Then I noticed pulling the saturation back created a bit of a 60’s vibe. Hmm… Sonny Crockett meets Don Draper… that would be an interesting conversation. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Pete Campbell: “A man like you I’d follow into combat blindfolded, and I wouldn’t be the first. Am I right, buddy?”

Don Draper: “Let’s take it a little slower. I don’t want to wake up pregnant.”

– Vincent Kartheiser & Jon Hamm – Mad Men

About this image: digital photograph moderately modified


76 thoughts on “Flamingo

  1. Sweet! A flamingo! This was one of my favorite animals when I was 6. Mostly because it was pink…. Anyway, I still like them a lot. When I was in 5th grade my art teacher made a bulletin board design featuring a flamingo outside the school office. I was so impressed by her mad flamingo drawing skills I took her aside one day and asked her if she would show me how to draw one. For a minute she looked at me like I was crazy then she said, “First draw an S for the neck…” I don’t remember what else she said but that isn’t the point. What was the point? Ah yes, I like the photo.

    • i would click ‘like’ on this comment, but i can’t seem to find the buttons. this one, like your others, is great. a real complement (and a compliment too, although that is incidental at the moment) to the photo image!

    • I can’t believe you remember being 6, Annabelle! As you know by the time I leave one room and find myself in the next I can’t remember why I moved about in the first place!
      Hahaha… And I’ve been drawing ‘G’s’ this whole time! This could fix a few problems for me!

  2. Like! Dig the blur towards the back of the photos. Flamingos remind me of the 40’s and said decor. Lived on the river for several years and laughed when the fishermen and canoeing folk would crack up at the pink flamingos I’d placed on the bank.
    Hmmm Pink Flamingos.. calling John Waters.

    Really like this because it seems as though you have captured the 40’s essence, as well as the 60’s.

    • Thanks so much, Ms. B! I’ll often try to blur evenly from the center to the edge to imply faint lens blur (and subtly draw attention to something), but on these I try randomize the blur a bit more in the hope it looks like an ‘instant’ photo thing.
      That sounds fascinating! All these great stories you have, Ms. B… you should definitely write a book!

  3. I think there was a plastic one of these in our front yard when I was a kid. πŸ™‚
    That Mad Men quote is fantastic!

    Is it true that flamingos are pink because they eat a lot of shrimp in their diet?

    • One of the things that’s on my list is a painting of a plastic flamingo… against, say, a white picket fence with just a barely visible figure watering flowers, etc…
      Hahaha… I thought that was pretty good, too, Ms. C!
      Hmm… I have always heard shrimp were responsible for the color, too… not sure though.. hmm…

    • Thanks so much, Dishy!
      One of the biggest problem I have with these things (after all the problems I have actually taking photos) is trying to decided just what direction to take them – always SO many possibilities!

    • Hahaha… how did you know, Megan!?
      He picks the worst time to go for walks, though.
      And the neighbors give me looks like I’m not going to pick up after him.

    • I can see why it would be popular!
      I took this photo at our local zoo, too – I always like to see what the flamingo’s are up to when we get a chance to visit there!

  4. I love these birds…ok, I love ALL things bird…but the flamingos are in a class by themselves. Love what you did with the colors on this.

  5. Back in the 80’s my brother after my brother in law earned all his riches from a governmental contract to work in Saudi Arabia he had bought a fancy house in a gated community. Well, the guard new his dad and had become friends. So one night his dad when plastic flamingo shopping and bought over 50 of them things. Early the next morning…real early before day light he went to his son house with his youngest daughter to help him do a little job. So what do you think his son woke up to find all over his front lawn?….you are right. Over 50 cheap plastic flamingos all over his front lawn in a fancy neighborhood….it was a hoot, and I wish I had a pic of it!…Thought you might enjoy that story.

    I love this artwork and think one day I may paint one…Your is outstanding, Bob!…as always!
    Hugs xx

    • That is HILARIOUS, Ms. A! I would love to have seen that!
      In a way I kind of like plastic flamingos, too – they are kitschy cool like that! Someday I hope to do a painting of a plastic flamingo in front of a white picket fence (with a hint of a figure watering some flowers)… I think that would be kinda fun.
      Thanks so much, Deb! You are always so kind!

      • I’m so sorry for not proof reading it before I posted it…I’m surprised you understood it. But anyway, yes, he got up the next morning to get the newspaper off his driveway and wow…there they were. Oh, and a few of the neighbors were out staring at it too. He wanted to strangle his dad…but didn’t of course.
        You can paint them all you want…I’d love to look at them…just don’t put 50 in my front yard. πŸ˜‰

        My best to Annabelle!
        Hugs xx

        • It made perfect sense to me, Deb!
          Hahaha… I bet he dropped his newspaper!
          So… you’re saying… you would prefer 50 plastic gnomes?! πŸ˜‰

          Thanks so much, Deb!

  6. You have certainly pushed the boundaries on the pink
    but what a great image that you have crafted with your
    dynamic flair and awesome creativity πŸ™‚

    I like this Flamingo a lot SIG πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Well done πŸ™‚


  7. Very sixties vibe. Reminds me of a detective movie (set in Florida) staring Frank Sinatra. Saw it at the Roxy Theatre when I was young.

    • Thanks so much, U.M.!
      I still can’t decide if I like the D.D. character yet or not… (I guess that’s the point)…
      I always get a kick out of the things ‘Roger Sterling’ says, too…

  8. I love this image. Pink and green together, I’m very fond of and I have fun associations with flamingoes but none of them have anything to do with Don Johnson and his pushed up jacket-sleeves. What I think of is a) John Waters because of his film ‘Pink Flamingoes’, b) pink flamingo lawn ornaments, c) ‘Flamingo Park’, an Australian fashion adventure in the late 70s and early 80s which produced amongst other things, big chunky hand-knits portraying Australian fauna and flora, also amongst other things. A friend of mine had a Mondrian stylestyleper.

    Thanks for the gorgeous photo and the tickling of my memory, Robert. πŸ™‚

    • Besides Miami Vice references about the only thing I’ve seen you get this upset about was when I mentioned Disco, S.E.! It’s kind of funny – watching those episodes now… they’re really not all that great. But when the show came out I was very young, so it seemed like the coolest thing ever to me (since so many ‘grown-ups’ seemed to be into it that much). So I guess it has a sentimentality for me in that way. And I have to admit I watch the latest ‘modernized’ / movie quite a bit (partly for similar reasons, I’m sure).
      Oh, and I kinda like those pink flamingo lawn ornaments, too – kitschy cool, in a way. Some day I’d like to make a painting of one… white picket fence, woman watering some flowers (cropped and in the background) and a nice big plastic flamingo… definitely on my ‘to-do list’ (which is more of a book than a list at this point)…

  9. This image isn’t showing up for me for some reason. BUT, the little broken link icon IS neon pink and blue, and I’d think that you might just be clever enough to mess with us like that, except that everyone else really seems to see these flamingos.

  10. Love this! Pink flamingos are the mascot for one of my fave Mardi Gras parades in Baton Rouge. The Spanish Town Parade. Pink flamingos and plastic butts. Something for everyone.

    The photo is brill. Rachael is right about the 40s feel to it with the blur. The saturation is perfect.

    • HA!
      Never knew that before, Red! Sounds like… an experience!
      Thank you very much! So many options… sometimes it’s a bit difficult to decide just which way to go with these things!

  11. SiG, am late with the love but how gorgeous is this! Strange though how a creature as odd as the flamingo, such a pretty name, always looks so pretty in pink. The muted tones of pink and green look so perfectly silky and lush!

    • Please never think of it as being late, Ms. K! I’m very happy you stopped by! And that you liked this one, too! I agree! Flamingos really seem to be able to pull-off pink (that’s something I’ve certainly never been able to do)!

  12. Such a beautiful bird. My 1st thought was this Manfred Mann song

    When she walks by she brightens up the neighbourhood
    Oh every guy would make her his if he just could
    If she just would

    Some sweet day I’ll make her mine, pretty flamingo
    Then every guy will envy me
    Cause paradise is where I’ll be

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