Pop Art Armor

Seems like a good time for a M*A*S*H quote. Have a great weekend everyone!

B.J: “What’s Frank up to?”

Hawkeye: “I think he’s vacuuming Korea. Eisenhower’s coming; he wants everything just so.”

– Mike Farrell & Alan Alda – M*A*S*H

About this image: digital media – vector art created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop


66 thoughts on “Pop Art Armor

  1. Now this one is really wicked and as it has
    Tanks in it, well I like it even more 🙂 Hey now
    that I have seen this one I will have to post
    some Tanks, a full spread me thinks? 🙂 🙂

    Love the colours on
    yours as it is so new wave…

    Or old wave with a hint of genius…


    • Thank you so very much, Andro! Originally I was going to have just one tank (and in mostly b/w), but once I got the tank drawn I couldn’t resist trying something with a bit more ‘pop’!

      I kind of like the colors, too – which is strange, since b/w / sepia tends to be my go-to range.
      (which you’ve probably noticed as you are always so generous to stop by and leave such kind comments)!

      • Hey credit where credit is due I always say SIG and I have not yet seen a poor offering from you on this excellent Space you have 🙂 I too am more inclined to enjoy the b&w postings but the coloured versions also have their place and this one definitely fits 🙂

        Have a fine rest of Thursday SIG 🙂


        • Thank you so very much, A.G.!
          That is terribly kind of you to say, sir!
          As always your great generosity is always sincerely appreciated!
          And I hope that you had a wonderful Thursday (and are having just as nice a Friday) as well!

          • Yes not bad so far and if England beat Sweden tonight in their 2nd match of the European Cup then I will be even happier 🙂 lol

            Have a wicked one SIG 🙂


          • I’m getting so far behind on my sports I don’t even know who is playing half the time these days, Andro!
            To tell you the truth I’m feeling like I’m living under a rock!

    • To tell you the truth it’s been a while since I’ve seen it too, Ms. C.
      Although I’m fairly certain I’ve seen the majority of the episodes (so it seemed like I should throw in a nod or two at some point)!

    • Ha! Way more color than I typically post over here, isn’t it?!
      This is based on a WWII era Sherman Tank (although I definitely took some liberties with it – as I typically do).

    • Thank you very much, sir!
      Seemed like this one might be inter sting with a bit of color… of course I kinda cranked the dial up on ‘a bit’… pretty much the whole way!

  2. Maybe that was Hitler’s problem. Not enough colour in his life made him so anal. If he wore bright 60’s style hippy clothes he may have been a nice person instead of a ruthless cruel dictator. After all clothes maketh the man.

  3. Just calling in for another look at your Tank Art 🙂
    Yes it is still as wicked as when i first glimpsed it 🙂

    Have a superb start to your week SIG 🙂


    • Thanks so much, A.G.!
      I sincerely appreciate that, sir!
      I plan on stopping by to see what you’ve been working on tomorrow when (hopefully) I’m a bit more awake!
      I hope you had a wonderful weekend, Andro!

    • My favorite part of working on these comes right after I’ve finally finished drawing all the ‘parts’ and I finally get to start playing with colors… it’s incredible the way it changes the feel of things (and so quickly)!
      Thank you very much, U.M.!

  4. I walk away for a minute after pressing “like” and suddenly it is days later but so good to see your sunshine tanks still rolling through the razzle-dazzle rainbow. I can even hear a certain soundtrack, with rotating chopper blades . . . . !

  5. Peace Man ! Those tanks are like far-out. We shall over come; pick flowers, not fights. Wohhhhh Flashback! 😀 I will now smoke a banana on the old BBQ.

    • Hahaha… you are quite a trip, sir!
      It’s funny… when I started this project I really didn’t have these colors i mind… but when I got a chance to play around with the finished drawing a bit I started liking these wildly saturated hues a bit…

  6. My all time favorite television show. Yes, I will have marathons where I watch it from start to finish…all eleven seasons.

    Fab art, Robert. Tanks are so interesting…more so on the inside, but most people only ever see the outside. I think war would be far more interesting if both sides had to choose from paints in either primary or secondary colors and then had their choice of houndstooth, paisley, gingham or polka dots.

    • That’s quite an impressive feat, Red! I’ve always been a fan, too. I’m fairly certain I have seen the majority of the episodes, but I’m sure there are one or two out there I managed to miss somehow.
      Thanks so much, Red! It’s kind of funny… I didn’t have such a vibrant color scheme in mind when I first started drawing this, but once I got all the pieces assembled and started messing around with color the more saturated hues seemed more appealing to me this time.

  7. Hello Robert! I’m catching up at last. Lots of goodies here, I see. Whilst I like the look of this a lot, I don’t like tanks. I find them quite ominous. So big. Squashing and shooting. A bit like Daleks in fact. Unstoppable. . . Well, looks like I’m feeling better! Ha ha!

    • Hi S.E! It’s so wonderful to see you! You were missed!
      They certainly aren’t the ‘warmest’ of machines, are they? Even in bright yellow!
      Daleks! Ha! Perhaps I should have included a Tardis in the background here…

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