Ice Abstract No. 1

Leave it to me to trash the entire blogosphere with a rapidly melting post. Now where did I leave that mop again?

Harry Dunne (with his tongue stuck to a frosty chairlift pole): “Hi there! Say, kids… you wouldn’t happen to have a cup of warm water, would ya?!”

– Jeff Daniels – Dumb & Dumber

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


73 thoughts on “Ice Abstract No. 1

    • Thanks so much, Ms. F!
      The bubbles are my favorite part, too (I even sorted through all the ice in the ice-tray to find one that seemed to have the best ones)!
      Hahaha… good to know! I have had a few fans going, too… just in case!

    • Oh, Juana! It’s so very, very nice to see you!
      Your family has been in my thoughts…
      I sincerely hope everyone has been doing okay…
      (and thank you so much for your kind comment as well, of course)!

  1. It does look refreshing! It also sort of reminds me of a cloud or maybe a wave taken with an underwater camera. It’s very COOL! (Get it? Cause it’s ice? Ha. Yeah. That happened….) πŸ˜›

    • I’m very happy to hear that, S.F… thank you!
      Especially since writing is definitely not my strong suit… it usually takes me at least half-an-hour just to write a one or two sentence long blurb here!

  2. Amazing photo, Inky! I see the back of a skull in there somehow…

    I’ll never forget the photos I took a yr or two ago of the ice on the windshield of my car. Those crystals are one of the most beautiful natural creations ever.

    • It’s SO funny you mention that! I didn’t see that at first, but Annabelle noticed that right away. Then I saw it, too. SO much so, that in the end I finally rotated this whole thing 90 degrees in the hopes it would become a bit less prominent… still shows up pretty well, though… strange…

  3. LOVE this!!! look forward to catching up on all you’re fantastic photography /// ok it has taken me forever to leave a comment!!!! it makes me log in with Facebook or twitter or something…?!

    • Hahaha… This probably gives the impression I’ve been staring at a few too many beverages!
      No worries, B! Well… except for the FB / Twitter part… yikes! I’m sorry to hear that… sounds RIDICULOUSLY frustrating!

  4. Ice is the last thing I wanna see. It was -4 degrees C here yesterday. My backyard looked like a frozen arctic wasteland. This morning it is already 6 deg, much more pleasant

    • Oh, man… sorry to hear that, Mr. M! It’s been getting pretty hot here of late… over 100 F today I think. I’m not going to complain, though, because even though that’s a bit on the warm side for me I still prefer it to the freezing cold!

    • Thank you very much, S.E! I image I was quite a sight when preparing for this shot… rummaging around for ‘ice / water holders’… searching through ice-cube trays in search of what I thought might be the most interesting piece of ice… must have looked very silly!

  5. The kind of image you cannot peel your eyes off when you live in the tropics and it’s sweltering outside. Nice work!

    • Why, thank you! Very much!
      I can imagine that is true! Although it’s starting to get dangerously close to winter around my neck of the woods… and I’m starting to think a photo of some nice, warm sand might have a similar effect for me!

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