Taj Mahal

A bit more vector art today… and I’ve taken the usual liberties, of course. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Peter: “I love the way this country smells. I’ll never forget it. It’s kind of spicy.”

– Adrien Brody – The Darjeeling Limited

About this image: digital media – vector art created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop


88 thoughts on “Taj Mahal

    • That is very nice to hear from such a talented renderer as yourself, thank you!
      Warm colors always make me ‘think’ India… and I tried to fade them off into the distance…

  1. Of course, I know the great architecture. Your image is so cool that I felt to visit this place now. Have a great day.

    • I suspected with your architectural background you would know it quite well! And as such it’s even nicer to hear you liked this image – thank you very much, sir!

  2. You have done a great job on this one too
    SIG I like the sky, it is so awesomely breathtaking πŸ™‚


    • Thank you very much, my friend!
      The colors are always so much fun to experiment with in these… once I get everything all drawn I set them up in a way I can slide a ‘color slider’ back and fourth and pick out a hue I like for particular parts. I think it’s pretty interesting how much changing colors can affect the feel of things to such a great extent.

      • Yes that is similar to what I did on that script I added, the one with the naughty demon lady, it was originally blue so I needed to tweak it a little to blend in with my Space πŸ™‚ I like experimenting, erm, with everything πŸ™‚ lmao


  3. I don’t know this thing you call ‘vector art’. I assume you create this from scratch?! Whatever the process, I like the finished product. I especially like the moon. You captured the ‘transparency’ look, which occurs during the day. I really like the colors, too.

    • So ‘vector’ is basically a series of mathematical points recorded as you ‘draw’ things (opposed to a bitmap / raster image which is composed of information recorded in/on/as pixels (like from your camera, etc.). One cool aspect of vector is they scale up as large as you want without become pixellated / jagged / rough-looking (since the computer remembers all those data points). And, while there are ‘filters’ in Illustrator that convert a bitmap (photo) image into a vector image, I draw mine by hand. Not difficult, but a bit time consuming (which is part of the point, I guess).
      All that being said, in the end I pull the whole thing into Photoshop for finishing touches, which converts the vector image into a bitmap / raster image anyway, so my using ‘vector’ in titles is a bit of a misnomer, I guess. πŸ™‚
      Wow – that was as clear as mud, sorry about that, Ms. D…

      • Um… hello, it IS difficult! To anyone who hasn’t tried it believe me… making something like this is very very difficult!!! He’s just so good at it he doesn’t realize this fact. πŸ˜›

    • Thank you very much, Ms. C! I was thinking I might try this with a few other landmarks, too… kinda fun to play around with!
      You’ve probably noticed I’m a pretty big fan of Wes Anderson movies… love ’em!

    • Thank you so much, sir!
      Hahaha… the moon was about the last thing I added – it was funny – I kept moving it all over the sky until I finally decided on a good spot to drop it (I’m sure all kinds of strange things were happening with the gravity inside the picture plane…)! πŸ™‚

  4. When I see this sort of work I often expect to see some small alien figures too – reminds me so much of images you see in Sci-fi art. Very good and warming on a grey and damp London morning πŸ™‚

  5. Ah, the sky reminds me very much of the Arizona desert…I see that moon tucked over there in the left corner. The whole piece it excellent, Bob!
    Have a great weekend, and my best to Annabelle! xo

    • One of my favorite parts of working on these things (besides the little finishing touches like adding the moon, etc.) is when I’ve finally finished drawing all the pieces and I get to play with color – it’s so much fun to see how different hues can change an image so much – so quickly! But (although I’ve never been there) whenever I think India I always think warm colors like this. Thanks so much, Deb!

  6. Wow, I’m impressed! You really keep up with all of your comments. I had to scroll through quite a few to get here to tell you that you’ve quoted one of my favorite movies – about a place a really want to go to. Beautiful image.

    • Thanks so much, Ms. H! Both for your very kind comments and for stopping by as well!
      I’m a bit slow, but I do my best to keep up! I have a ton of fun with that, as everyone is so nice to begin with!
      Agreed… and agreed! I love all movies Wes Anderson. And… well… maybe someday, right?!

    • I would love to be an art teacher…
      unfortunately my way with words isn’t all that great (which explains all the images, maybe)! The way I stutter / stammer / trip over word… I don’t think anyone could stand it!

    • Thank you very much, Mr. M! Originally I was thinking more subtle color, but the warm tones seemed so appropriate here… it almost seemed wrong to go with anything else!

    • That must have been an amazing trip, S.E.! I can imagine it might have been almost an information overload kind of situation… so many fascinating things to take it in (probably) not enough time to do so! Seems like it would be such a hauntingly beautiful place to visit!
      Thank you very much, S.E! I was kind of happy about the balance, too…

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