Water Lily

Shadow detail… HA! Rules. Whatever, dude.

Walter Sobchack: “You mark that frame an eight, and you’re entering a world of pain.”

Smokey: “I’m not…”

Walter Sobchack: “A world of pain.”

Smokey: “Dude, he’s your partner…”

Walter Sobchack: “Has the whole world gone crazy? Am I the only one around here who gives a s**t about the rules?! Mark it zero! ”

– John Goodman & Jimmy Dale Gilmore – The Big Lebowski

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


73 thoughts on “Water Lily

    • Thank you very much, Ms. F!
      I darkened up the background more than I might normally do – seemed like I could get away with that here, though… I was thinking / hoping the flower should be the star of the show, I guess.

    • Not at all, Ms. C. Just different styles, that’s all! Although I do wish I would have posted this when I originally thought about doing so… that would have been kinda fun! It’s surprising how often that happens to me, really… I must be stealing channeling creative thoughts!

    • Thank you very much, Deb! It seemed like there was so much ‘going on’ in the photo that I tried a few things to pull the flower out and push the background … um… back, a bit. How’s that for funny? A background in the background?! Honestly, I don’t know what my deal is sometimes!

    • Thanks so much, sir!
      This was one of those editing jobs that took a real turn… funny how much your mood at the time your working on an image can so dramatically affect the outcome, isn’t it?!

  1. Deep in a cave is a secret pool. High above the pool, nature has formed a skylight in the ceiling of the cave. Once each day a single ray of light is able to penetrate the gloom to highlight the hidden beauty that human eyes cannot see.

    Except SIG’s eyes.

    • So true, Madame!
      The stuff around it wasn’t nearly as perfect, though. I had to airbrush out a ton of junk on the lily pads (including at least one dead-looking bug). I thought about cleaning them up even more (ridiculous how dirty ponds are these days), but I was worried it might start to look a bit fake at some point.

    • That is wonderful to hear, sir thank you! Especially since you’ve put up with me for so long now… so I know you’ve suffered through er seen a lot of scary things had a lot to compare this to!
      Thank you again, sir… very much!

  2. It has such a beautiful glow! It reminds me of a staged scene from a play for some reason. Maybe it’s the dramatic lighting. Lovely!

    • That’s a very good way to describe this, Annabelle… I hadn’t thought of it until you mentioned it, but it looks quite a bit like some kind of stage lighting to me, too! Thank you so much!

  3. All that we need now is a bunch of
    frogs to leap by and you’ve cracked it 🙂 lol
    Joking aside SIG I really like this one 🙂


    • Hahaha… indeed, Andro!
      Well, I didn’t see many frogs that day, but there were plenty of bugs around. In fact, there was one (which – somehow – I didn’t even see at the time) legs up (dead, I think) on one of the lily pads in the foreground… I had to airbrush that out (along with one or two smaller ones and a ton of other random ‘stuff’)… it was a bit disgusting, really.

    • Thank you so much!
      It was a bit of a surprise how that all came together… honestly it was mostly luck… but I’m not above taking all the serendipity I can get!

    • ‘You want a Water Lily + Big Lebowski reference? I can get you a Water Lily + Big Lebowski reference, believe me. There are ways, Dude. You don’t wanna know about it, believe me.’
      *In my best Walter*

      Thanks so much for stopping by, M.M.!

  4. Beautiful composition. Both the balance and tonal qualities are very effective. It suggests some of the early photography from Japan.

    • Thank you so much, sir!
      I was very happy when I stumbled across these water lilies IN BLOOM! Normally when we visit the Botanical Garden I tend to miss out on that for some reason…

  5. I Love these, we see them a lot in Thailand. The photography is nice S-I-G but honestly- my eyes are SCREAMING for color!

    • I would imagine that’s very true, Lynn! That would definitely be the sort of thing I wouldn’t mind seeing a lot of!
      Hahaha… well… you know. There is some color above and below this, though… so that’s a start, right?!

    • Great.
      Now I’m going to be screaming, ‘XANADU!‘ in my old-timey voice all night long.
      I’m totally blaming this on you when my landlord starts banging on the door, U.M. 😉

    • Thank you, S.E! The post processing choices were a bit overwhelming with this one – seemed like it could have worked many different ways – but as you know, my gut reaction is usually b/w… especially when in doubt. So I’m especially happy to hear you liked this, S.E… thank you!

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