A Short Intermission…

It looks like I’ll be away from my desk for a week or two (doing some house-sitting and possibly going on vacation – the details are a bit foggy – as per usual).

I doubt I’ll have regular access to the ‘www’ so my visits might be sporadic, but I’ll try to stop by to say hello if I can. Posting should resume here  in a week or two.  Unless… you  know… it doesn’t.

Take it easy, everyone!

About this image: this one’s actually not so much about the image – but it’s Illustrator and Photoshop


93 thoughts on “A Short Intermission…

  1. Bob, gonna miss you. been lurking and doing summer stuff out here in the wilds of Nevada so understand.
    Oh, love the ’20 style Intermission graphic. You the man 😉
    Have fun!

    • I had a hunch you were up to some Nevada Summer hi-jinx, Ms. B! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures!
      Oh, and… yeah… I don’t know about that, but… well… thank you just the same!

  2. This is the most beautiful “intermission” sign I’ve ever seen. The light..the shading..it speaks to me in the most elemental way. Bravo, maestro. You’ve done it again.

  3. Hey I hope that you have a brilliant vacation SIG
    and come back with lots of inspirational postings,
    well you do have a knack for perfection so any of
    your traveling photograph’s will suffice 🙂 🙂

    Hey and be GOOD while YOU are away 🙂 lol


    • Many thanks, Andro!
      I do plan on taking my camera… and (in theory) I should wind up with a lot of images (although to tell you the truth these things tend to stress me out and my success to failure ratio seems to clime even higher)! I plan on giving a try, though!
      Hahaha… I guess I’ll try to do that as well!
      I hope you have a wonderful week, Andro!

    • HA! Boring?! But… this is… this is… my best work yet, Loon! I was going to blow it up and hang it on my wall (so… I guess this means you don’t want a copy for Christmas?)!

    • Thanks so much, F.S.?!
      I’ve been hoping you’d make your triumphant return soon, F.S!
      I’ve really missed your outstanding work…
      in fact…
      *runs off to check it out*

  4. Thank you for calling into my Space today SIG
    and do enjoy a wondrously fine holiday, hopefully
    one that includes lots of rest and nympho slaves
    giving you every pleasure known to man 🙂 😉 lol


    • My pleasure, Andro!
      Sorry I didn’t get to stop by as frequently as I hoped over my ‘break’…
      pretty sure I fell of the face of the earth there for a while…
      I think I’ve almost made it back into orbit now, though…

    • Now you are just spoiling me! Thank you so very, very much! I tend to shy away from awards a bit… but this is so incredibly kind of you, B.F… you have really made my day!!! Oh, did I mention, thank you? Because, you know… thank you!!!

  5. Summer is so busy, isn’t it? I don’t know how anyone can regularly post to their blogs nowadays. Get away and have a fantastic time – we’ll keep watch on your blog while you’re away and water the virtual house plants.

    • It’s CrAzY, Ms. B! Upper and lower case crazy (and that’s… you know… really… really… crazy)!
      Thank you so much! The plants really appreciate that! Although now I’m sure they’re all spoiled and expecting to be cared for on like… a quarterly basis or something ridiculous like that.

  6. just making sure I didn’t leave any skeletons
    running around after my last visit 🙂 Have a fun
    rest of Tuesday and as Hump Day beckons,
    well just go with the flow 😉 🙂


    • Hahaha…
      thanks for the follow-up, A.G.! I’ve had a few skeletons running around before, you know! Always making such a mess of things! Why, I’m fairly certain (and this is just between you and me of course)… well, I’m fairly certain they don’t even use coasters! The shock! The horror! 😉

  7. Just my luck . . . I’m finally able to pay you a visit . . . just in time for Intermission. 😆

    Thanks for you kind words and warm support over the past weeks, Bob. Enjoy your break.

    • Please don’t mention it, Nancy! Your family has remained in my thoughts… even if my cryptic rambling doesn’t do those thoughts justice!
      And thank you! It’s nice to be back! I think (I’m just a bit behind at this point)!


  8. Have a great weekend SIG
    and I hope that you have been
    getting up to all kinds of wicked
    adventures 🙂 Have fun now 🙂


    • Hahaha… what is this… this ‘work’ you speak of, G.G? I might look into that someday… maybe… but…
      Seriously, though… thank you so very much! You are very kind! And I hope your friend is still speaking to you after getting a look at your home page wallpaper! 🙂

  9. Just calling by to see if you are back yet
    N O P E 😦

    I will be back soon SIG
    Hope you are having fun 🙂


    • Sorry about the delay, A.G…
      the ‘break’ took a bit longer than I initially planned (in a way).
      I had a feeling that it might stretch out a bit longer… and then (once I got behind a bit) it became all the more tempting to keep dragging my feet about the whole thing… but I’m finally giving it a shot!

      • Hey no worries SIG if you ever get as far behind everyone as I am then you really will be thinking of more time out for chilling 🙂 There is plenty of time to get back on the horse my great friend and in the meantime have fun 🙂


        • Thanks so much, Andro!
          To tell you the truth (at this point) I feel a bit like I fell off the horse, and it backed up, walked over me and then backed up and did it again! I think it’s going to leave a mark!

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