Grunge Orchid

It’s been a busy weekend of getting very little accomplished. So… here’s… a… flowery thing. It might not look like much, but it does a decent Eddie Vedder impression. Should be able to do one, anyway. Grunge and all.

– I walked the line when you held me in that night…

– I walked the line when you held my hand that night…

– Pearl Jam – I got ID

About this image: digital media – vector art created with Adobe Illustrator – textures, etc. added in Adobe Photoshop


81 thoughts on “Grunge Orchid

  1. On the contrary it definitely does “look like much”. I love the contrast between the pure white and the textured background. Sometimes simplicity is all that is required.

    • You are too mind, Ms. G… thank you very, very much!
      It’s funny… sometimes the simplest ones seem to involve the most head-scratching (and finger crossing)… trying to find (hopefully) some kind of balance.

  2. I’m intrigued by how there are rays emanating out from under the spray, yet the blooms throw shadows behind them, so that one can only think this orchid beauty is overshadowed by some which, thus, has transfigured/transformed the orchids to perhaps purposely reveal their (true) blue hearts. This is not a grunge interpretation, lol, so maybe your weekend was productive after all — I’d say it was a perfect medium for growing something wildly thought-provoking.

    • Wowza! What thoughtful and generous things to say! Thank you so very much! I sincerely appreciate your stopping by and incredibly kind comment as well! That sounds so much better than my description of… flowers… and… other random… um… stuff.
      Thank you again, Ms. O!!!

  3. I agree with Michelle Gillies on this one SIG
    the background really adds a touch of class
    to this one my great friend 🙂

    Have a fun Tuesday SIG 🙂


      • Classy is your middle name, and it shows in your excellent photography and art 🙂 It is always a pleasure visiting your Space my great friend 🙂


        • Hahaha… has a nicer ring to it than ‘Jay’, doesn’t it?
          Seriously though, Andro… thank you so very much for your continued support! It is always very much appreciated… (especially on days when things just don’t seem to be working right – which I have more of than I’d care to admit)!

          • Don’t worry I too am having
            a lot of those recently but they
            will disappear eventually 🙂 🙂

            Well in theory anyway 😉 lol
            I hope that your Thursday is
            hassle free and wicked 🙂


          • I guess great minds are sometimes plagued alike, eh, Andro?!
            But as you say, this too, shall likely pass. Well – I know it will in your case, anyway!
            Thank you again, A.G! I hope your Thursday goes every bit as well as any Thursday possibly can!

  4. Like the grunge and the pure orchids. Busy weekend without accomplishing anything–to be followed by Monday–I’d demand a refund. 🙂

  5. I was gonna say… Don’t they look like orchids rather than unidentified “flower thingies”?

    Then I realized you already knew that.

    Love the composition. I wonder if I my Inkscape-ness will eventually be as good as to make me draw flowers…

    • The funny thing is… this is one of very few flower thingies I’m actually able to identify. That probably influenced my decision to give this a shot.
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Kale… looking forward to checking out some of your inkscape-ness!

  6. I’ve seen those flower thingys. I really like them but haven’t bought one for my wife yet. Plus, I think one needs a stick to prop them up because they fall over. How do they make it in the wild?

    • My wife and I always stop to admire them, too… although we also have yet to buy one. Mostly because I manage to kill any / all plants within a 50 ft radius. Unless they’re weeds, of course.
      Hahaha… good question! I’ve often wondered that myself! I guess they have to hope they grown next to a natural stick!

  7. Went around the Orchid house at Kew a couple of weeks back – Don’t remember seeing a Grunge Orchid 😉

    I really like the 3D effect created by the stark simplicity of the flowers against the textured background.

    • Sounds very interesting, Martin! We have a yearly ‘Orchid Show’ at our Botanical Garden as well… the wife and I like to check it out if we get a chance.
      Hahaha… yes, this is a… um… very… ‘rare’ specimen!
      That is very kind of you, sir! You wouldn’t believe how many variations of this theme I tried (one of those cases of almost TOO many choices)!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by, Mr. F… and for your kind comment as well! I sincerely appreciate it!
      Hahaha… unfortunately I have yet to find the plant I can keep alive – I can beat-up a cactus!

  8. Naturally, I had to immediately go to Spotify to listen to “I Got Id” and relive both my teenage years and that moment in “Portlandia” when the Eddie Vedder tattoo comes to life. Of course, Spotify doesn’t recognize anything but “I Got Shit”, so I had a good five minutes of annoyance before I Wikipediaed the thing.

    • I was wondering if anyone would mention the title, U.M…
      I wasn’t really sure which ‘version’ to go with here, but… um… considering my history of foot-in-mouth I decided to play it safe-ish. This time. For once. Or… something like that.

    • Thanks much, Deb! I tried quite a few different options… so many choices/decisions… almost too many choices/decisions!
      Hahaha… just what you need, right Deb? More ideas? I suspect you are like me in that there are just too many ideas to ever get to them all! Where to start, right?!

  9. Like the white against the grungy background. I am waaaay behind in my blog reading. Currently on hold on the phone waiting to talk to someone at a Government Department. I may run out of blogs to read before someone actually answers the phone 😛

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