Movable Type

Gently used stamps taking a soak. That’s about all I’ve got today. I often have difficulty ‘using my words’, you know.

Q: “I… am a writer.” [applause]

– Rip Torn – Wonder Boys

About this image: digital photograph taken and modified with smart phone (minimally re-touched in Photoshop)


76 thoughts on “Movable Type

  1. Ooh I have a vintage stamping kit with letters much like these. Love this photo inky! Ps: so sorry for the lack of comments, I’ve been suffering from some sort of respiratory plague and am finally finally starting to feel human again. Hope you are very well my friend!

    • Kind of cool, aren’t they, Dishy? These are actually Annabelle’s stamps… I just happened upon them and thought they looked kind of cool.
      Oh, no! I’m very sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well… sounds pretty awful! Please don’t apologize about that! Life can get crazy… even if you aren’t feeling sick! I hope you continue to improve as quickly as possible and feel much better very soon!!!

  2. It must be so much fun at your place SiG. I had to clean out our bathroom sink the other day and it was nowhere near as pretty, or relaxing, as this piece of poetic reflection!

    • It’s always something for sure!
      I still need to clean out my bathroom sink! We’ve got tiny bits of acrylic paint sticking to nearly every corner at this point (thank goodness for those magic eraser things)!

    • It is indeed water, Madame! Great eye, as usual! the ‘twists’ you see are from some light that was passing through some horizontal blinds… I thought all the combination of all that ‘stuff’ was kind of fun… a bit haphazard, but that’s how I roll, you know.

  3. I don’t know what to say, except that I’ve always enjoyed type. It’s reassuring, like it always spells out “h-o-m-e” or something. Do you know why you like type, too –or was it the “Y” that caught your eye?

    • That’s a very good question! A bit difficult to describe… maybe part of me is fascinated because (although it’s obviously a mechanical process) there still seems to be so much ‘hand of a maker’ in type… if that makes sense… each letter-form often seems unique depending on how it’s struck, etc. Nothing against digital… it just gives me a kind of ‘warm’ or ‘sentimental’ feeling, I guess… if that makes sense.

  4. Yes this is a very creative use of these stamps
    SIG… indeed you have done well to achieve the
    illusion of movement, you are not only a great
    artist but have that magical edge also 🙂 🙂

    Well done on another
    excellent piece of creativeness 🙂


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