Of a Feather

I actually finished a painting in under a month. Which is warp speed… for me, anyway.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: “Helm… warp one… engage!”

Patrick Stewart – Star Trek: The Next Generation

About this image: acrylic painting on 12″x 24″ canvas


93 thoughts on “Of a Feather

    • You are always so kind, B.F! There are some iridescent golds in there, too… but they don’t really show up very well unless light is bouncing off at a certain angle… I thought that was kind of fun. Anyway, I’m just thrilled to hear that you liked this one… sometimes I worry that I’m getting a bit carried away with things!

  1. Oh, I love this, Robert. Beautiful everything – colours, composition, idea … so appealing. I’d be happy to have it on my wall which means I would be happy to be looking at it often. Really well done, dude.

    • Thank you so very much, Mary!
      I’m very happy to hear that! One of the things I spent the most time on was trying to figure out a balance between her hair and all the leaves, etc… not sure if I quite got it… but I think I’m pretty happy with this for the most part… at the moment, anyway.
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too, Mary… thank you again!

  2. Looks like you are ready for prime time my friend. This looks like it belongs in a gallery somewhere with a huge price tag on it , In about 50 years someone is going to have one of your early paintin’s on the Antique Roadshow and will be beside themselves because it is worth a bundle.

    Now that is what I call a Bird’s Nest hairdoo.

    • Man, Bo… you always say the nicest things!
      Well, I’m hoping that with about 50 years more practice I might start producing something that will fit in a gallery somewhere. I’m not gonna’ hold my breath, but I’m sure gonna keep trying.
      Hahaha… you said it! That’s at least two cans of hairspray right there!

  3. LOL @ Jackie’s eye shadow comment. SIG, you’re always trying to create some incongruous beauty. I think maybe you always succeed! The little finch is you, isn’t it?

    • Hahaha… I know, right?! She’s such a clever lady!
      Aw, thank you so very much for that! I sincerely appreciate your incredible vote of confidence! I’m not so sure about that, though… well… the first part, anyway.

    • Thank you so much, Deb! I appreciate that very much!
      Oh, you should! With what you are able to do with water color… I know you would create some stunning pieces!!!
      One of the nicest things about acrylic is how quickly it dries. Of course, one of the worst things about acrylic is how quickly it dries. You can get some pretty cheap supplies with acrylic, too… which can be a big help (of course, you get what you pay for… but it’s still workable).

  4. I had to laff when I saw this – when I was a kid they were always calling my thick mop of hair a “birds nest” so this one hit home for me. I like the size format, too – just a sliver of a view, leaving some to the imagination. Do you have an online store yet? (Etsy is free overall, and you can post your store link here for an easy click over to your shop page – it’s only 20 cents to list an item for 4 months) I think your fans are ready to buy your work!

    • I can relate, Spectra! ‘Birds Nest’ would generally be a kind description of my hair!
      I’m very happy to hear that! Generally I use a lot of square format(s), but every now and then I like to change things up a bit. Good times!
      Hmm… I’ve heard other people say good things about Etsy… I’m maybe not quite there yet. Possibly at some point. Some day. Maybe.

      • Trust me, you’re there. Lots of photographs listed there, and you can print from your computer. Etsy.com – be there or be square.

    • Thank you so much, Ms. D! Your great support is always appreciated – very, very kind of you!
      Hahaha… yeah… I actually used a tiny prop finch for a reference. No worries, though… completely synthetic. No animals were mistreated or in anyway harmed during the production of this… thing.

    • Thanks so much, Mr. M! That’s very kind of you to say, sir!
      Hahaha… I’d imagine with all the hairspray it would take to stand her hair up like that she might be permanently ‘stuck’ there!

  5. This is a brilliant painting SIG… I like the use of her hair as the
    birds nesting area, that is a really cool idea my great friend 🙂 🙂
    The colours compliment the piece and I especially like the way
    that you have added the yellow for her eye shadow, being that
    the birds feathers are an exact match, another wicked effect 🙂

    Of course I know that it represents an abstract form, but you
    have certainly carried the whole theme off to a wicked finale 🙂 🙂

    Have an excellent evening
    and awesome weekend SIG 🙂


    • Thank you so much for your kind thoughts, My friend!
      I swear you should be ghost-writing my posts… your descriptions are always so elegant (and strike at the heart of what I’m going for)… it’s seriously like you can better describe a project than I can… even after I’ve been staring at / working on it for an entire month or so!!!
      Thank you again, Andro! Very much, sir! I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!

    • Thank you so very much, Dishy!
      I hope you had a fantastic birthday!!!
      (And you are the first person to mention the Star-Trek quote, too! I was wondering if/when someone might do so!!!)

  6. What a strange painting! Very eye catching and thought provoking. I’m trying to work out the many possible connections between the woman, tree and bird. It must be good – I’ve been looking at it for quite a while now! 🙂 Whatever you were on when you came up with this one, can I have a pint of it too 😉

    • Hahaha… strange you say? Around on this blog? Nah. Not possible. 😉
      Seriously, though Martin… I’ve got a few pieces that will probably never see the light of day (on this blog, at least)! Hahaha… you really would think things like this might be… um… ‘inspired’… from some external ‘catalyst’… but (believe it or not)… that’s not the case! I did manage to hit my head a lot as a small child, though… so that might explain a few things. 😉

  7. Sir! When I looked at that my first though was… no way… my second is wow.

    I am totally impressed, I’m not sure how you can keep impressing me because I know by now that your work is so incredible but, alas, again, you’ve raised the bar. Beautiful and clever. Well done.

    • You are far, far too kind Nigel… thank you!
      That is incredibly nice to hear… sometimes I start wondering about these things in general. And since I’ve got SO much to learn… especially when it comes to painting… that kind of support and reassurance means a great deal to me! Thank you again, Nigel! Very much, sir!

    • Thank you very much, sir! I’m not sure where the idea for this one came from exactly… but I find things of history / the past fascinating, so you very well might be onto something there!

  8. I am just having another look at this one SIG
    you certainly know how to paint the most perfect
    picture my great friend 🙂 Enjoy your evening 🙂


    • Many thanks, Andro!
      You are always so kind, sir!
      I hope you are having a wonderful evening (I’m not quite sure what the time-difference makes it there for you now?), my friend!

      • At the moment of writing this one the time is 15:30 hrs and I have just noticed that you are about to take a few weeks off from WP… You do the right thing my great friend as we all need that time away from the computer, hey just come back to us all refreshed and ready to add your stylish paintings and photography, of which are always superbly offered 🙂

        Have a wondrously enjoyable morning SIG 🙂


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