Somewhere Over the Twin Cities…

I’m blaming this on turbulence. Which there totally was. Really. Honest. Er… peanuts, anyone?

*note* I’ve revised the title of this post as several viewers pointed out this shot was actually taken over St. Paul (sister-city of Minneapolis). Thanks for the heads-up, folks… I will figure out where I am one of these days. Really. Honest. Er… pretzels, anyone?

Tony Giardino: “What are you doing? Wake up!”

Pilot: “Ooooh man! I was having an amazing dream!”

Tony Giardino: “I don’t care about your dream! Land the plane!”

Pilot: “I was just born, and I was eight-and-a-half months premature. The doctors were freakin’ out.”

Tony Giardino: “Oh please, shut up!”

Pilot: “Did I already tell you this dream?”

– Anthony LaPaglia and Steven Wright – So I Married an Axe Murderer

About this image: digital photograph (Canon 300D) moderately modified  in Adobe Photoshop


70 thoughts on “Somewhere Over the Twin Cities…

    • Thanks much for the help, Mr. M! I guess that might explain why I was having a difficult time locating the Metrodome! 😉 I’ve Let’s just pretend like I didn’t grow-up directly across the Red River (that might look even worse… somehow)! 😉
      Refrigerator Magnate Research Department… in my office… NOW!

      • 2 glasses of wine made me put down my $.02. I grew up on the river a 100 miles south, and lived in the Cities for 14 years. Now that I am out west, anything that looks like home grabs my attention. My remarks were intended as a good hearted jab. 😀

        • No worries, sir! I sincerely appreciate your help with this one – I’m very, very happy you were kind enough to mention it! I’m just a bit embarrassed I didn’t do a little research before I titled this post! Yikes! This blog is turning into the Land of ten-thousand OOPSES!

  1. Welcome back – that’s an interesting effect Bob. Love the colors 🙂

    Being the sad person that I am I couldn’t resist working out where it was – St. Paul with Raspberry Island in the foreground… Now where did I put my straight-jacket 😉

    • Thanks so much, Martin – very nice to be back… if only I could ever get caught up!
      Hahaha… it’s very funny you mention that… it only occurred to me a few moments before this one was ready for pre-post that I probably should have used a ‘Somewhere Over the Twin-Cities’ title as (obviously) I wasn’t quite sure where I was at the time! Oops! As you can see the research department on this blog is still absent from duty!

  2. Has Somewhere over Minneapolis ever looked so good! Trust you to turn your flight into a time machine with this blast from the past – how long were you away for again? Great to see you back!

    • Thanks so much, Ms. K!
      I’m kind of embarrassed now, though (as several folks noticed right away that this shot was taken from above St. Paul – Minneapolis’ sister city)… so… if were are talking about mentally ‘away’… well… it’s been for years! 🙂

    • Why, thank you!
      And you are very close… the sun was just setting when I took this (although to tell you the truth I messed with the color balance so much it’s almost ridiculous… but I had fun doing so, anyway)!

  3. Regardles of where you were or what you titled it you still do awesome work. Don’t worrry about tryin’ to catch up. I have a new system. If I ignore certain things long enough I finally forget about them and they don’t bother me any more…..that is until my wife brings them back up again.

  4. Welcome Back SIG
    you have definitely
    been missed around
    these parts and what
    a brilliant return, this
    photograph is great 🙂


    • Many thanks, my friend!
      I sincerely appreciate your great kindness, as always!
      It’s very nice to be back… I just wish I wasn’t so slow!
      At this rate it might be next year before I catch-up again!

  5. Well, I didn’t know any better. Can’t keep track of myself, let alone where in the world you are! lol Great shot. Who knew there was something in Minnesota besides snow?

  6. Very well done as usual. The twisting roadways and the orange colour suggest someone had too many tacos & is now paying the price. 😀
    BTW I have a post that has been linked to your blog “Existential Friday: Invasion”. You were flying about and did not get to see it. Thanks again for all your comments and support.

    • Thanks so much, S.F!
      Yeah… if this one would have turned out just a bit ‘crisper’ I probably wouldn’t have thrown so much editing at it…
      but… what can you do, right?!
      Hahaha… he’s a funny guy, isn’t he?!

  7. Pretty! Love the fall colors.

    You know, I’ve been flying into NYC for seven years now, and I still have such a hard time getting my bearings in the sky. They fly us over the Rockaways half the time and over these random islands near the Bronx the other half, and I never know which is which, and I’ve yet to find my apartment building from the air. Hmph.

    • Thanks, U.M!
      On our return flight Annabelle & I were looking for our apartment building, too. Things looked promising at first (because even I am able to find the Gateway Arch from a lower altitude), but then with the combination of it being dark, our being a bit further away and my navigational skills thwarted the attempt at the last minute. Foiled yet again!!!

    • Thank you very much, B.F!
      Yes… I was really looking forward to taking a few shots from an airplane, but my results weren’t quite what I was hoping for… so I wound up doing a bit more editing than I probably should have. Oh well! I had fun, anyway!

  8. You make the city look like a burnt out rusted wreck with a dystopian flavor–and whatever city it is, love it! And one of my alltime fave comedies!

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