Dune Thistle at Seawall

Thistles are magenta…

Skies are blue…

Over-saturation, that’s just what I do!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

About this image: digital photograph (Canon 300D) lightly modified  in Adobe Photoshop


77 thoughts on “Dune Thistle at Seawall

  1. Looks mighty fine from here….
    It brings to all great cheer 🙂
    Urk that’s bad
    It’s really sad
    And now my ditty is done
    Phew, a sigh of relief from all and one.
    My apologies but your post did inspire me. 🙂
    Love the tropical feel of the image too.
    Next time, no rhymes from this corner 🙂

    • Hahaha…
      But your rhyme sounds much better than mine…
      of which I fear readers will cringe, moan and whine!
      Thank you so very much, P&K!
      I always appreciate your kind comments no matter the format in which they are composed!

    • Thank you so much, Ms. K!
      The water here is incredible… relatively shallow water over sandbars that seem to extend forever – the blues and greens are just wild… and beyond them rich darker blues from the depths… the range of color is spectacular.

    • I thank you for that, Madame! Very much!
      The more I think about this the more I wonder if I should have waited to post any image(s) featuring water… perhaps it was some hidden / Freudian desire for calmer waters…

  2. Great colors and composition. What a lovely place. Thanks for sharing this beauty. I may sit here awhile and pretend to be there.

  3. Well, I think this is just one of my favorites! Maybe it’s because we got several inches of snow from a Nor’easter yesterday (after all the indignities of Hurricane Sandy). I was thinking this morning that I’d love a trip to some sunny, warm place, and your photo looks like just what I had in mind!

    • That is a wonderful thing to hear, Ms. C… I thank you!
      I was just telling a blogger (who is also from NYC) that it just dawned on me it might have been more sensitive to wait and post any images containing water for a while, but that I think I had some subconscious desire to see calmer / kinder / warmer waters after everything I’ve heard has been happening out east…

  4. Really like the way the thistles are coming in from the side. I wouldn’t’ve (Hmmm… That’s how I say it but is it acceptable to double hyphenate??? or should I have used Wouldn’t have???) thought of that. I woulda just plonked them in the centre.

    • Why thank you, sir! It sure does, doesn’t it? The sandbars stretch out so far into the shallow waters that the colors are pretty spectacular! Not quite as warm as the tropics, but quit beautiful just the same!

  5. This “over saturation” works for me. The bright colours are welcome on these grey days that have followed the over stimulation of the colour of the fall leaves.

  6. Sometimes on Instagram, I’ll post a picture that I’ll really consider art, and it’ll get two likes. And then I’ll post a picture of a flower, and people I haven’t heard from in years will like it, and it’ll piss me off. But I get it. Because I think most of your pieces are much more artful than this one, and yet I immediately wanted to hit the Like button when I saw this. We just like flowers.

    • It’s funny… if someone asked me what I’d like to shoot most I doubt flowers would ever come to mind… but, that being said, for whatever reason, I do seem to go back to them time and again.

    • Many thanks, Martin! It seemed to me that there was just so much happenin in my previous post… it was kind of nice to just step back a bit and go with a bit more simplicity this time.

  7. It must have been a tad difficult taking this shot…
    I mean with all those young and extremely attractive
    ladies wanting you for… Wake up SIG, it was just a
    dream, and what a fangtastic photograph, those
    colours are brilliant and you have captured those
    flowers perfectly 🙂 Okay time for a tropical cocktail
    and a few lucky ladies to massage your dreams
    into reality 🙂 Wow I wouldn’t mind a bit of that too 🙂

    Have a great
    rest of weekend SIG 🙂


    • Hahaha… the dream nearly turned into a nightmare, Ando… being distraacted (as I so often am when a camera is involved) I nearly managed to tip right over the edge and into the waters below! I’m sure my equipment would never have been quite the same!
      Many thanks, my friend! I hope this weekend finds you very well, sir!

  8. Well done. 🙂
    This would work for either a vacation spot ad or allergy medication ad.
    Tag line; “You know how to thistle don’t you,…?”

    • Hahaha… I like that!
      Oh no… here comes that long list of medical ‘disclaimers’!
      ‘You should not use if…’
      ‘If you experience any of the following please discontinue immediately and tell your doctor right away…’

    • Hahaha… the sad part is this is the best my poetry gets… and I don’t even want to mention how long it took me to come up with this, even. Writers… I seriously don’t know how folks like you do it!

  9. Hey old friend!! Sorry for the drop off the face of the planet — between my ear being whacked by the recent weather, wood stacking, the girls’ school and ports schedules, life, etc. I’ve been offline for weeks! Hope you are very well! Thanks for the gorgeous photo. Just what I needed on this very cold morning. 🙂

    • Dishy! I’m so happy to hear from you! No need to apologize… I’m just thrilled to hear you are doing okay! Not that I’m paranoid, or anything… I was just kind of concerned after the storm(s) and such (I hadn’t heard quite how far north everything extended, but I was sure it wasn’t good, regardless)!
      I certainly can’t complain – especially after all your family has been through – I just hope things can calm down for you a bit now so you can have a moment or two to recover from it all!!!

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