I’m pretty sure they come with Tater-Tots. So… you know… that’s… nice.

Napoleon Dynamite: “Are you gonna eat your tots?”

Pedro Sanchez: “No.”

Napoleon Dynamite: “Can I have ’em?”

Pedro Sanchez: *nods*

Napoleon Dynamite: *grabs Tater-Tots, shoves them in his pocket and resumes eating lunch*

– Jon Heder & Efren Ramirez – Napoleon Dynamite

About this image: digital photograph taken with smart phone (moderately edited in Photoshop)


68 thoughts on “Coneys

    • I SERIOUSLY doubt that, Madame! You are far too humble… and kind!
      I was kind of wishing I had a DSLR with when I was shooting this… the noise my phone creates in low-light situations is… kind of distracting to me. Which is odd, because normally I don’t mind noise in a ‘gritty’ scene. Hmm… oh well. Maybe next time.

    • Thanks so much, S.F!
      That’s exactly the kind of ‘feel’ I was going for (so it’s incredibly nice to hear your thoughts on this). I just wish I could have changed a few details… I like parts of this… but other things… hmmm… I’m still not so sure about some things here.

    • Thanks very much, B.F! I do like parts of this… but… I kind of wish I could change a few things (mostly that I had taken this one with my DSLR… low-light doesn’t always seem to agree with my phone camera). Oh well.
      Very good eye!It is indeed a corner… I originally tried cropping it further in, but it seemed to work a bit better with a bit more light / background area in the left (I think… maybe… kind of).

  1. I have always favoured b&w photographs over the coloured alternatives but with your fine artistry you have managed to produce something with both mediums, I like this one very much and the subtle green in the neon lights is an effectual way of enhancing this particular work of art. Excellent…


    • Many thanks, my friend! I have to admit, I’m kind of partial to B/W, too (although I’m sure you already noticed that)! I was pretty happy with the selective color, but I was wishing this was shot with my DSLR instead of my phone. The phone seems to work well unless it’s a low-light situation (then the noise gets a bit out of hand… which is strange for me to say as I usually like noise for ‘grungy’ scenes… but there’s just something about the noise here… I’m not so sure it works for me). Oh well. Such is life!

      • I rather like the effect and the colour is a perfect choice too SIG šŸ™‚ This is the perfectionist in you wanting everything to your own liking but as you can see from the many comments your work is appreciated by everyone here my great friend and so well done on this offering šŸ™‚ It rocks…


        • Thank you so much, Andro!
          Your kindness is always sincerely appreciated! Makes me feel much better (even if I’m feeling like I haven’t quite gotten the image I was hoping for)… it’s nice to know my readers are so kind that they won’t be running for the nearest exit!

  2. When I first saw the title of your post, I thought we’d have a photo of a cute bunny rabbit. Coney Island was famously named after all of the little bunnies (aka Coneys) hopping around. šŸ™‚

    • I never would have guessed! My island trivia is really slipping.
      Hahaha… you mean… it’s not ‘possessive’? Look at me… all laughing like I actually had the first clue.

    • Many thanks, Jake!
      It is nice to have that camera in my phone… wish it worked a bit better in low-light situations, though… I’m not sure this one turned out quite as well as I’d hoped it might.

  3. That is a great shot, and I like the quote, too. Was that the craziest movie, or what? Pass me one of those dang quesadillas, will you?

    • Thanks, Patti!
      I know, right?! The funny thing is… parts of that movie were a bit reminiscent of my experience(s) growing up… hahaha… not sure what that really says about me (and maybe I don’t want to know, either)!

    • Many thanks, Astra! I have to admit… I’m kind of wishing I’d had my DSLR for this one (I really like having that camera in my phone, but I’m not a huge fan of how it performs in low-light – while I typically don’t mind noise in a ‘gritty’ scene, the noise here is kind of… hmmm…).

    • Thank you so very much, Cristina!
      I was hoping there would be a hint of mystery here, but I wasn’t quite sure it was doing what I’d hoped, so that is incredibly nice to hear!

  4. For me the noise isn’t an issue – it adds to the artistry of the image. And, here’s the bonus – with the DSLR you’d have had to work hard in photoshop to achieve the same effect! Sounds like you chose the right tool for the job Bob – your audience love the finished article šŸ™‚

    I assume they sell Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-Tail with their Tater Tot’s šŸ˜‰

    • To tell you the truth I tried to ‘modify’ the noise a bit (by overlaying a layer with Photoshop generated noise on top of the image). It’s weird… I like a nice film-grain… but the noise here just looked a bit… I don’t know… like it was almost clumped in blurry patches (kind of odd). Anyway, I thank you very much for your kind words, Martin (because I was thinking some ‘grit’ was appropriate here, but I just wasn’t sure I’d achieved that in an appropriate way)!
      HA! I’ll have to try order that next-time and see what they say!

  5. Excellent piece- Late 50s-60’s atmosphere.
    Had to look up coneys. I assume we are referring to a type of hot dog as opposed to rabbit. Then again you could serve rabbit covered in chili with tatter tots (Baby potatoes ?) . Is a coney catcher a type of short order cook ? šŸ˜‰

    • Many thanks, sir! I appreciate your kind words very much!
      Hahaha… I sure hope so… unless the hot dogs were… um… a specialty-meat type item! I guess you never know (and maybe sometimes it’s just better that way)!
      Ha! I’m not sure about that… but I’ve got a pretty amusing mental image of one that is!

    • Thanks so much, J.B!
      It’s funny… sometimes I almost seem to have a more difficult time trying to decide what lines to use than what picture to post / use / edit! You would think it would always be the other way around!

  6. Oh, Robert, I’m so late. Sorry dude. I’m sure you’ll understand, I’ve been very distracted with… Stuff!

    Lots of Stuff!

    I like your picture… but I hated that movie!
    But I do not hold this against you, Robert.
    For you I can make a special exception. šŸ™‚

    • I do indeed understand, S.E! Please… no need to apologize! You are always so good about leaving such kind comments…
      sometimes stuff just happens! No worries!
      Hahaha… thank you, S.E! You know… it’s funny (or maybe not), I was reading your comment from my dashboard / control panel rather than the post itself and I couldn’t even remember what movie I had quoted! I had to go back to the post to remind myself! I’ll tell you… my memory… it’s just not what it used to be (and it never was much to write home about)!

  7. Napoleon never really asked for much and I’m glad he stuffed the tater-tots away, he carped the diem. As indeed you did with this great shot and a decent Coney’s wouldn’t be a Coney’s without that wonderful filmy grain!

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