I’d hoped to share a milk droplet photo today, but after several hours of complete failure set-backs I decided to take a break and post some vector art instead. Take that, foodstuffs. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Ron Burgundy: “It’s so damn hot… milk was a bad choice…”

– Will Ferrell – Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

About this image: digital media – vector art created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop


73 thoughts on “Comparable

    • Oh no! I hope you don’t feel too uncomfortable, B.F! I’d hate to do that to my bestest readers!
      It is pretty unusual, isn’t it?! I’ve actually had this one for a very long time, now… I had just been waiting to post it because it’s maybe a bit unusual. But the milk had me so frustrated with what to put up yesterday I was finally like, ‘Ah! *beep* it!’. So the moral of the story is it’s all the milk’s fault. Clearly. 😉

      • Clearly, SIG! Just blame it on the milk. I can’t wait to see this milk piece. I haven’t a clue as to what to expect. I was a tad uncomfortable. Now, I’ve recovered. I’m just thinking about milk now. 🙂

        • Hahaha… hey, if I can get away with it… why not! I’m not too proud to put the frame on the milk!
          I’m very happy to hear that… at least the milk is helping me out on that front, at least!

  1. i agree – a totally apt title. this has nothing on a glass of milk. although it might have looked rather cool seeing the milk spilling out of the pinholes like a fountain….. and contrasting that with an Aero chocolate bar on the other hand balanced and intact.
    kind of like a sequel to an old commercial or am i dating myself? am happy to say that i found it online, and in case you have not seen it, do check it out:

    wishing you a great weekend as well! 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing that, P&K! I suspect we’d be in the same boat as far as the age of the commercial goes… except that I don’t think we have Aero here (and that’s most likely why I’ve never seen that before). I kind of hesitate to say that… because something tells me I’ve had an Aero bar before (once or twice a really long time ago)… but I almost think my grandparents had picked them up on a trip to Canada. I don’t recall ever seeing them in stores here (but I tend to get a bit distracted around the candy isle so I probably miss a lot – don’t hold me to that)!

      • well, of course ymmg (=you made me google) and lo and behold, Aero bars were only ever available on your side of the USA/Canada border for a short time during the 1980’s and are now available only at some specialty shops such as Big Y (never heard of this one) and Wegmans (may have heard of this if memory serves correctly, but definitely never entered one). Who knew. For more info then you probably need to know, you can check it all out here:
        this has been one of the most illuminating comparison of apples with oranges i have ever encountered. so thanks again for posting 😀

    • How cool is that?! AWESOME! A while back I saw a video of a guy doing that (on YouTube I think)… and a few days ago I saw a photo where someone had done that in the snow (which was also really wild – all those awesome glowing sparks against the snow…)! Thanks so much for sharing this link! I might have to work up the courage to try this someday… (it would probably help a bit if I weren’t so accident prone)!

      • First let me respond to the linked tutorial:
        “Holy umbrella Batman! It’s raining fire & brimstone !”

        Your “not-milk” piece is wonderful . 🙂
        Reminds be of Lady Justice and the scales.
        BTW Lady Justice was a remarkable super hero. She was always bumping into people in her alter ego identity as a beautician and know one recognized her with her clothes on.

        • Right? How cool is that?! Once I make sure my fire-extinguisher is up to spec. I might have to try that!
          Hahaha… I can see how that might be an effective disguise!
          Thank you very, very much, sir!

    • Why, thank you!
      More info than you were looking for alert! Basically when vector images are created the computer remembers specific mathematical points (which allows an image to be scaled-up as large as you would like without becoming ‘fuzzy’ – it just recalculates all the math). Photos taken with a camera are the opposite – bitmap – in that all the dots making up an image can only contain so much information – when over-scalled they become grainy and ‘pixellated’. Of course, the actual image you’re seeing here has been converted into a bitmap image before posted here… so that might be a bit of a misnomer, in a way.

  2. I will look forward to your milk droplet offering but this is a stunning
    second choice so who are we to complain 🙂 You are Mr. Creative no
    matter what you choose to add so well done my great friend 🙂 🙂

  3. No use crying over spilled milk. I don’t understand what vector art means, I think I’ll go look it up, too, since you wrote your explanation in Greek. 😉 I might get out of this cave one of these days…

    • Hahaha… I probably shouldn’t tell you how much I wasted… nearly a quarter of a gallon! YIKES! Kind of embarrassing.
      Ha! Sorry about that, Patti! I suspect I’ve made it seem WAY more complicated than it really is.

    • Thanks, Peg!
      Well, um… yes and no-ish. I did use several reference photos to make this, but it’s all pen, shape and gradient mesh tool stuff (no filters or live-trace). So, basically it’s drawn on the computer from a photo. Er… something like that.

        • Not at all, Peg! Seriously… there are only about two pieces of software that I manage to open every now and then… and believe me… I really only know enough to be mildly dangerous (as in make a HUGE mess)!

          • Seriously as well, I downloaded GIMP to try to move my caveman art past the Paint Program that comes with the computer, but I’m lost. With great effort I figured out how to rescale huge photos, so that’s useful, but I can’t do anything else with the program. It’s sooo frustrating. I guess I could stop whining and take a Photoshop class or something, but that would require me to stop being so lazy.

          • I don’t know if you saw, Peg (because his comment didn’t fit in the embedded ‘string?’), but Tony McGurk left you his thoughts on Gimp. I’ve never used it myself… but I know I’ve heard other people say that once they played around with it for a while they really liked it, too. Photoshop is kinda the same way, I think. It’s got SO many features, that it’s difficult to imagine anyone really uses ‘everything’. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but once you learn where the ‘main stuff’ is it gets to be pretty fun / addicting (which leads to new discoveries and more fun)!

        • There was no Reply button on your last comment Pegoleg. I use GIMP for colouring my comics. Just wanted to say that once you work out how to use it it’s a great program. The GIMP website has a tutorials section that really helped me a lot.

          • Thanks Tony. I saw a tutorial on YouTube that helped me figure out the resizing. I know I need to take the time to play around with it more, instead of sitting down to an unfamiliar program and expecting to knock out a masterpiece in 10 minutes. I’ll check out their website further.

          • Hmmm… I didn’t know you could resize in GIMP. Now I will have to figure it out as I usually use MS Office picture manager to resize my comics.

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