02.10.2013 – It Rained on Sunday…


Also, I finally finished assembling the support for my next project (fingers crossed that painting will be done / posted around the end of the month). Have a great weekend, everyone!

Forrest Gump: “One day, it started raining… and it didn’t quit for four months!  We’ve been through every kind of rain there is: little bit of stinging rain… and big ‘ol fat rain… rain that flew in sideways… and sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath.”

– Tom Hanks – Forrest Gump

About this image: digital photograph shot and processed with smart phone


68 thoughts on “02.10.2013 – It Rained on Sunday…

  1. Those water droplets are something else. They’re magical water droplets. Is that a telephone pole? That is my guess, anyway. You must tell me what it is. This is very cool. I hope your day is sunny tomorrow! Happy Valentine’s Day, Robert!

    • Good eye, B.F! It is indeed a telephone / power pole (one of those… I’m not really sure which… about all I do know is it had a light hanging off it. And it was by a Home Depot. That I know, too.)!
      Thank you so very much, Amy! I hope you and Mr. Bumble have a very happy Valentine’s day, too!

    • Thank you very much, sir!
      Usually I play around with all my photos in Photoshop (even my camera-phone shots), but for some reason this one seemed to be working for me right out-o-the phone.

  2. You can make the most simplest shots looks so darn amazing, Sig!
    Looking forward to your end of the month posting. You and Annabelle have a great weekend! 🙂

    • You are always so very kind, Deb!
      I’ll do my best… the more that I look at this painting the more I think, ‘Hmm… maybe I’ve underestimated my time-requirements, here’!
      Thanks again, Deb! I hope you have a good one, too!

    • Thank you, sir! I played around with ‘straightening’ the pole in Photoshop… but in the end I just kinda liked the skew, for some reason.
      It is indeed a photo, but I completely agree! That’s a very cool idea!

  3. Nice shot of the water droplets!!! I don’t remember Forest talking about rain like that…I need to watch that movie again 🙂 I’m intrigued by your comment about your painting….must be large, if you need support…..hmm? Have a great weekend!!!

    • Thank you so much, Mary! Come to think about it… it’s been a while since I’ve seen it, too!
      I just hope I didn’t underestimate how long it’s going to take, now. And I hate to give away too much, but there may (or may not) be some aluminum involved…

    • I think it’s so funny only one other person asked about that, U.M – wow – you are really, really paying attention! This one’s actually for real-zies, though. Which I think just might be a first for me (on this blog, anyway)!

  4. I absolutely LOVE photographs like this! I did one around Halloween with rain all over the window and the Halloween props & lights were shining in the background. Looked pretty cool. Keep up the awesome work! You Rock! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • I really like doing these, too! Sometimes I ‘fake them’ by shooting things through wet glass, even… but this one set itself up for me, so I couldn’t resist!
      How ridiculously kind of you! Thank you so very much! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s as well!

  5. I hope you at least pulled the car over to the side of the road to get this great shot.

    “assembling the support” – sounds heavy duty! I can’t wait to see it.

    • Luckily I was in the passenger seat… not that I mean to imply anything about my ‘driving’ ability, but… *shudders*
      There may or may not be some aluminum involved… probably shouldn’t say too much more yet, though.

  6. Lovey evocative image. 🙂

    ‘Rain. Makes my day.”
    – Clint Eastwood (The Weatherman with No Name) in ‘ A Few Droplets More’

    • How kind of you to say, Ms. D! I would love to experience an English summer… it’s ridiculously beautiful in my mind!
      Hahaha… oh, how I wish! I’m SO shaky (I think I was just trying to ‘rest’ the phone on the dash here). Seriously… I would need a tripod on the face of the sun – it’s ridiculous!

  7. It was a glorius sunny day over here on Sunday 🙂 There was a classic Ealing Studios film called ‘It Always Rains on Sunday’ – a crime drama starring Googie Withers and culminating in a chase around the railway sidings. Worth a watch if you find the time 🙂

    Love the concept and the toning – the light can be quite yellow like that when there’s a storm about 🙂

    • Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Sunday, Martin! I’ll have to keep an eye peeled… sounds very interesting!
      I’m such a sucker for that ‘strange’ yellow/green light… something kind of eerie / haunting / mysterious about it… maybe because I always associate it with approaching storms, too.

  8. this could have been captured here today! lots of rain in the forecast for the next few days.
    but it does make for a great composition. really like the mood here. i can just imagine the windshield wipers of an old car crossing the screen at any moment now…. thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, P&K! We’ve had lots of sunshine the last two days – very nice to see (because only a few days before we had the biggest snowfall of the season)! Still a bit on the cold side out there… but the sun always helps… I hope you get some very soon, too!

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