Hydrophobic Universe


Oil and water. Just chillin’. Or… not.

Ron Burgundy: “If you want to throw down in fisticuffs, fine. I’ve got Jack Johnson and Tom O’Leary waiting for ya, right here.”

– Will Ferrell – Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

About this image: digital photograph (Canon 600D) lightly modified in Adobe Photoshop


74 thoughts on “Hydrophobic Universe

  1. Good shot, good title! Daughter and son-in-law can quote, I think, the whole Ron Burgundy experience (which makes me guess you’re late 30s, early 40s!). They were horrified that I’d never seen the movie–foisted it upon me during an innocent visit, leaving me with the impression it’s almost a sequential *adult* version of Napoleon Dynamite, which I grew to love. Suffice it to say I grew up amid Ron and friends, and later gave Napoleon and friends rides to high school! You’re fun as well as talented, SIG.

  2. Tiny bubbles! What is it about little bubbles that makes me so happy?
    (Reminds me of the dog-baby-bubble video clip I posted a couple of weeks ago!) Just so cheerful.

    Have a great week SIG!

    • I’m so happy to hear that, thank you!
      Indeed – you have a very good eye! This is water and vegetable oil that I put in a clear pan (and experimented with different backgrounds / lighting / etc.)!

    • Thank you so much, Amy!
      Really I’m just stalling a bit until it gets a bit warmer outside (although I’ll probably still be doing the same kind of things then, too)!

  3. Was this leftover from your dish washing experiment? It’s way cool, seriously like your own little corner of the galaxy.

    • I like the sound of that, Binky… something like this would probably be a lot of fun to paint (I might just have to add that to my list-o-ideas)! And thank you, sir! Very much!

  4. wow – bubblicious eye candy! very, very cool indeed, SIG. i prefer a dishwasher to washing dishes by hand, but i see that i am missing out on a big, wide world of wonderful.

  5. This reminds me of Sodium on water, have you ever
    done that, dropped a piece in there and watched how
    it glides along making a nice glow as it moves along?
    I know that there is no flaming in this piece of art but
    the bubbling is a cool reminder 🙂 I like this a lot SIG 🙂

    • Very cool, Andro – now that you mention it, I think I might have done something like that in a high school chemistry class. I wish I could remember if that’s what we were supposed to do, or…

  6. Excellent composition. Now what this reminds me of is a comic book. Really showing my age, Mighty Thor , illustrated by Jack (The king0 Kirby. Thor’s first encounter with EGO the Living Planet and and the Bio-verse. Kirby used a photo-montage to create the first full page shot of Ego. This was back in the day of basic pulp paper primary colour comics ( no computers). Just blew us away. 😀

    • Now I’m intrigued to find out more – I think I’ll have to do a little research!
      I love pulp illustration – so cool… I might be working on something very loosely related to that at the moment as a matter of fact…

  7. I love the Oil and Water picture. Usually I have no idea about the movie references. I also have no idea how you keep coming up with such amazing photographs. I have spent hundreds of dollars on digital equiptment and cameras, etc. and I have a very nice collection of pictures of my thumb and of my knee where I am trying to look at the settings and take a picture of it.

    • Thanks, Bo! And I wouldn’t worry about the movie stuff. I usually just put that in so folks who might not know what to say about my image have something else to talk about if they want (you never seem at a loss for a kind / entertaining comment, though – so it really doesn’t matter)!
      Hahaha… I’ve got plenty of those photos, too. I just take so many that sometimes I can find one or two to try work with.

    • Thanks, Martin!
      Hydrophobic / Hydrophilic are two of those ‘science terms’ that just seem to ‘stick’ with me for some reason (even this many years after studying about them)…
      it’s interesting… I never really know when they’ll ‘pop up’!

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