Ever think, ‘Did this guy… photograph… a stick’? Yeah. That happened. Hashtag ‘RANDOM’.

Bob Mapplethorpe: “Wha – why is there tape on your nose?”

Dignan: “Exactly!”

– Robert Musgrave & Owen Wilson – Bottle Rocket

About this image: digital photograph (Canon 600D) lightly modified in Adobe Photoshop


57 thoughts on “Twig

    • I sincerely appreciate your kindness! I’m starting to look forward to some slightly warmer weather (maybe I’ll actually get out a bit more and stop looking for such random stuff to photograph… or… maybe not)!
      Thank you very much, Deb! I hope you have a very good one, too!

  1. I never realised that a lowly little twig
    could be presented with such brilliance 🙂

    Another fine example of your creativity 🙂
    Have a wickedly enjoyable Tuesday SIG

  2. A stick by any other name is still a stick… Didn’t Shakespeare say that? Only you can take a picture of a stick and make it look good. It makes my creative thoughts come alive.
    “My kingdom for a stick”
    It is a stick…but it’s not just a stick.. It has special qualities that everyone might not notice.
    It might be the stick that people use to stick it to other people.
    It might be the stick that will wind up being a stick in the mud.
    To stick or not to stick. That is the question.
    Now this is going to stick in my head for the rest of the day so I have to go. No need in sticking around.

    • Hahaha… maybe so, Bo… I probably wasn’t paying as much attention as I should have been when old Will showed up in class (go figure, right – I mean, I’m photographing sticks for entertainment, so…)!
      Your generous thoughts always stick out, Bo… thank you very, very much!

    • I used a fairly ‘typical’ camera (a Canon DSLR with a 18-55mm zoom kit lens). You have a very good eye, though… for this photograph I also used a plus 10 diopter (much less expensive than a macro lens – and it up on sale, too)! I shot it fairly wide-open, too, so the combination really minimized the depth of field / increased the ‘blur’, which I thought was kinda cool, here. I hope this helps – please feel free to ask me if you have any more questions – I’m very happy to help / answer if I can!

  3. I wonder what it’s thinking???
    Perhaps it’d like to go to McDonald’s for a McMuffin???
    Although it may end up getting arrested if the McBurger Sellers think it’s a stick up & call the Cops

  4. i could make like a tree and leave, but that might be barking up the wrong tree. in any case, i will stop needling you.
    urk, sad puns. but seriously – love this. i like how the next generation of buds is putting in an appearance. even plain old twigs are not that at all 🙂 and the composition is very cool, too.
    thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, P&K!
      Hahaha… not at all! I just wish I was a bit more awake… maybe I could think of a good one, too! Well, probably not, but I might have been able to come up with something, anyway!
      It’s funny… when I first brought this inside I didn’t even notice those little buds… it was pretty cold out at the time, so I just grabbed one or two and ran for the door! But I was happy to see them… it seemed like a good focal point (and a sign that, hopefully, I won’t have to run for the door for too much longer)!

  5. so what’s wrong with twigs? this one definitely has personality. i think he was hanging out waiting to be discovered and, luckily, he was! 🙂

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