Freight Train – Pacific, Missouri

Freight Train - Pacific, Missouri © Robert Jay Matejcek

Is anyone else craving beans, or is it just me?!

Charlie Kelly: “How do hobos fit all this stuff into a bandana? It doesn’t make sense, man! We’re gonna need a towel, or a tablecloth or something, but… ahhh! It’s not gonna look cool! We’ll look like a******s!”

Charlie Day – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

About this image: digital photograph taken and modified with smart phone


70 thoughts on “Freight Train – Pacific, Missouri

  1. Nice! I think you’re managing well with your phone! Most phone cameras nowadays are better than my first digital camera anyways.

    By the way, I definitely don’t feel like beans. However, that might be because I have this thing where I get sick from any kind of beans, even if I don’t know that they’re in the food. In kindergarden I was forced to eat all my beans, a whole plate full of green beans and it made me terribly sick. Since then I just can’t have any kind of beans. It’s like Pavlov’s dog, just with beans and the opposite effect. Well, I don’t like them anyway, so that’s not so bad 😉

    • That’s true, I guess! It is a very handy tool, I just get all cranky when all my tools aren’t all at my disposal… kind of greedy of me, really, I guess. 😦
      You know, I’m kind of like that with bananas! I wasn’t forced to eat a whole bunch of them, or anything… I just happened to get sick after I had been eating them, and now I really don’t like them very much… unless they are in banana creme pie, or a banana-split, of course! 😉

  2. Are you posting from a phone, Robert? I’ve tried that and it’s no picnic….I’ll commend you for that! And for this awesome photo of a freight train. Some mornings when I wake I feel like I’ve been hit by one…lol
    You have a great week! 🙂

    • Fortunately I’ve been able to borrow Annabelle’s computer to do posting, etc. (it’s just that hers won’t run my Photoshop / Illustrator – or talk to our scanner – or my DSLR)… still… a very big help, though, of course!
      Hahaha… I know that feeling! In fact, I’d say that MOST mornings I feel that way! Wishing you a non-train-flattened week, Deb!

  3. Cool perspective, and I love the colors. The electrified third rail of the NYC subway and the stories of instant death if you touch it have probably scared me off railways forever, so I’m living vicariously. Also, I can’t picture which “Sunny” episode this is from, and I think I’ve seen them all ten times!

    • Thanks, U.M… go figure… give me a camera and I’ll be rolling around with it on the ground in no time (good thing I didn’t have to worry about any high-voltage issues)!
      I think I’ve seen most Sunny’s about that many times, too! This quote is from, ‘Mac and Charlie Die’… when Mac’s Dad gets paroled and they’re trying to fake their own deaths because they’ve just testified against him. 🙂

    • I really do… but in a VERY different way, of course! While A.D. is often very subtle and almost take some work to relate them to previous episodes, etc. Sunny is just in your face irreverent… it’s admittedly not for everyone, but I do REALLY like it… particularly a lot of the earlier episodes.

    • So I was thinking a little more about this…
      I should probably have mentioned you really can’t take anything on sunny TOO seriously – at some point anything and everything is up for grabs, and it could be easy for anyone to get upset otherwise.
      Also I think I should take back what I said about particularly liking some of the earlier material, because there’s plenty of good stuff in every season AND if you go back too far you miss out on Danny DeVito’s character, Frank – who is priceless, I think.

  4. Oh this evokes different feelings the longer I look at it. was first struck by a feeling of the west circa late 1800’s; the track featured in the foreground. Then the colors hit in a different way and the modern items came into a different kind of focus.
    Just love the combination of bright colors and sepia. Your views always make me smile and turn this head in amazement. xo

    • You are always so ridiculously kind to me, Ms. B! Thank you!
      I’ve always been kind of fascinated by ‘railroad stuff’. Another area I dream about photographing with a wet-plate set-up someday… and ‘circus stuff’, and…

  5. Robert, I think this is one of my favorites. Or, do I say that every time? This one is especially cool. I love the style of this one, the close up of railroad, the blurry sky. It’s a beauty!! Style is probably the wrong word, but you know, I like it!

    • Style sure works for me, Amy! But more than anything I’m just very happy to hear you liked it! I’ve always kind of liked trains… I feel like there are a million photos in each one! 🙂

  6. Third boxcar, midnight train
    Destination: Bangor, Maine
    Old worn out suit and shoes
    I don’t pay no union dues
    I smoke old stogies I have found
    Short but not too big around
    I’m a man of means by no means
    King of the Road

    Pass the beans! 😀

  7. beans? not too keen on them if they are the dried variety. not the most favourite I’ve ever seen. but fresh steamed garden beans with a little bit of butter (butter on vegetables becomes non-fat, right?), those are soon has-beens once they land on my plate 🙂
    and what a brilliant angle for this image. thanks for sharing. you are doing amazing stuff without your computer, creating images that would maybe otherwise not have found their way here if all the technology were as it should be. yet even so, hope it all gets sorted out for you soon!

    • Oooo… fancy! Seriously, though… yes… difficult to top fresh garden beans! I have to admit I also do like the canned ones that come bobbing around in various sauces. Sometimes I like to eat them straight out of the can (half of the fun in that is the look of shock on poor Annabelle’s face, of course)!
      I know some photographers who work primarily (if not exclusively) with a phone, and they always impress me. It’s not exactly my area of expertise, though (not that I have one, but…), so I’ve been worried a bit about not mixing things up a bit more here (like I used to)… so your comment was particularly nice to hear, P&K… thank you very, very much for that!

  8. This is a brilliant piece of artistry and as for the beans I can eat them morning noon and night, they are that good 🙂 lol Mind you it can get a tad breezy after a few days with that choice of diet but hey who cares, i have a peg and cork handy just in case 🙂 lmao Have a great rest of Thursday SIG 🙂

    • Hahaha… well, I guess there is a danger in just about anything, isn’t there, Andro? I’ll have to remember to keep the boxcar door cracked a bit… just as a precaution, of course!

    • HA! I think I hear where this one is going…
      Wish I could take more credit for that… (I added a bit of blur, but with the point-and shoot most of the shooting gets shot for you, of course).

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