Orange Mist

Orange Mist © Robert Jay Matejcek

This wasn’t orange. At all. But it is now. So… that happened… I guess.

Billy Madison (of his art project): “I drew the duck blue because I’ve never seen a blue duck before, and to be honest with you, I wanted to see a blue duck.”

– Adam Sandler – Billy Madison

About this image: digital photograph taken and modified with smart phone


88 thoughts on “Orange Mist

    • Thank you very much, S.E…
      I wish I could stumble onto a few more days with fog like this… it’s amazing how much it changes the look(s) of… everything!

  1. Cool almost alien-scape world you created. Preemptive weakling that I am, I’d definitely have to be on my fifth ALBUTEROL toke while ingested 1/2 a box of ALAVERT-D before opening the bombay door to that kind of atmosphere!

    (Hell, while we’re at it– rub some whiskey & mashed klonopins under my gums cuz (1) I don’t know what the hell is out there (2) Kane and Dallas aren’t back yet and (3) those months tossing in the cryogenic sleeping pod turned me into one crazy pisser!)

    • Hahaha… well, I have to admit I half considered a climb up this tree myself. I figured if there was something out there it would just see me fall out of the tree and onto my back-side though (adding insult to injury). And either way a limp would have dramatically increased my get-away time!
      Thank you very much!

    • Hahaha… now that you mention it…
      it’s a good thing most of that color isn’t very ‘natural’, because my haz-mat suit was in the wash when I took this one!

  2. The leaves in the foreground are so richly coloured my great friend, so much so that it is enhanced by the burnt orange mist, which is very effective for this photographic art 🙂 Your skills are definitely proving effortless but then with every fine artist, it becomes second nature. I really do like the clarity of those blood red leaves 🙂 Excellent work as always SIG.


    • That is ridiculously kind of you, sir! And even nicer to hear at the moment, since I’m not really used to using my phone this much, which makes me worry a bit. Thank you again for your incredibly generous comment, Andro… I really do appreciate your kindness very, very much!

      • You are welcome, in fact I am here again to look at this one,
        actually I am hoping to get some photograph enhancing of my
        own done soon, well not up to your standards but it will be a
        lot of fun experimenting 🙂 I just need to get the Arcsoft back
        on my computer and then I will be having fun creating again 🙂

        Have a wonderful evening SIG 🙂

        • Thank you very much, Andro!
          AH, yes, excellent! Fingers crossed I might have found a solution to my technical woes, too (er, I should say that someone else may have found one for me)… so I am very much looking forward to doing some more involved things as well (using my DSLR, my scanner, being able to digitally plan and document hand-made artwork, and, my beloved Adobe software of course!
          Very exciting news for both of us, sir! I’m very much looking forward to checking out your creations!

          • Yes and yours will be spectacular as always I am certain of that 🙂 🙂 Have a very exciting twist to your Thursday and keep creating your unique and most stylish paintings and photographs 🙂


  3. This could be the cover of a book … I keep seeing the title below the leaves somehow. This is stunning … especially for one who hasn’t been picking up the camera much.

  4. You might enjoy this quote:

    Artists can color the sky red because they know it’s blue. Those of us who aren’t artists must color things the way they really are or people might think we’re stupid. ~ Jules Feiffer

  5. The last time I saw orange mist was back in son’s teenaged days, when he lived in Tube-Sock Town.. Unfortunately, there was no overhang of pretty leaves to assure me it was safe to breathe, lol. Interesting shot/treatment, SIG.

    • Hahaha… speaking of ‘shots’… I hope the orange mist you are referring to didn’t require any vaccinations (I know I’ve wondered that about my laundry from time to time)!

  6. Ah, crap. I posted some tree pictures yesterday, and yours is better by 100 miles. 1000 miles. The distance from here to the very, very naturally orange sun, actually. And it was taken by an effin’ smartphone.

  7. I left a comment with a new email address and it went to your “to be approved folder”. My comment is now floating around in the orange mist beneath the trees.

  8. …….., Just drinking in your artistry. 🙂

    The gentleman will have an Orange Mist, the lady will have a Mint Julep, and I’ll have my usual, a Blue Duck.

    • Hahaha… I’m a bit embarrassed to admit our inventory guy fell asleep on the job… can I interest you in a rum and Coke… (wait… what’s that?)… er… sorry… a Coke?

    • Oh! I don’t think I knew that orange was your favorite color, Ms. D! I think mine is black (although I get into trouble for saying that sometimes because people are always saying, ‘What? That’s not technically even a color!’… but, you know. I ‘roll’ like Henry Ford sometimes.
      Thank you so very much! I’m so happy that you liked this!

  9. I want to walk through that gate of leaves into the world beyond. The colors pull me in and I know there is happiness waiting there.
    All of these feelings just looking at your piece. You have charmed my little black heart with this one 🙂

    • You are far too kind, Ms. B… thank you so much! I’m very, very happy to hear you liked this one! Fog might not do much for a commute, but it’s sure a lot of fun to photograph… EVERYTHING changes so dramatically! I wish I’d stumble across it a bit more often… it’s so much fun to play around with!

    • Thank you very much, Mary! I thought the colors were kinda fun… the composition just sort of worked itself out. Being I’m kind of a monkey I was half-way up the tree already, you know. 😉

  10. I’m glad it isn’t actually orange. Because if it was, I’d worry about whatever toxic vapors you might be breathing in. As it is, I love this. Orange seems to be the right color, too. You could have done red or green or blue or whatever but orange really works.

  11. It’s art, it doesn’t need to have happened. If it were editorial, I would be raising an eyebrow. Nice shot and postproduction.

    • I’m very happy to hear it’s not just me who was thinking that! I realize a lot of people are purists, and I can respect that, but I figure photographers have been manipulating their images ever since its founding… so… well… that’s my excuse, anyway (even though I completely abuse the privilege)!

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