Kitchen Gadgetry No. 2

Kitchen Gadgetry No. 2 © Robert Jay Matejcek

Cookie-sheet abstract expressionism seemed like… a thing… to… try. At one point. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Harry Crane (of a Mark Rothko painting): “Two possibilities. Either Cooper loves it, and you have to love it, like, in an ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ situation… or he thinks it’s a joke and you’ll look like a fool if you pretend to dig it.”

Salvatore Ramano: “People like him pretend they understand this.”

Harry Crane “Maybe he has a brochure in here, something that explains it…”

– Rich Sommer & Bryan Batt – Mad Men

About this image: digital photograph taken and modified with smart phone (minimally edited in iPhoto)


77 thoughts on “Kitchen Gadgetry No. 2

    • I just thought the quote was kind of funny… in a silly sort of way. And I was thrilled to remember anything that was somehow related to abstract expressionism!
      Thank you very, very much, S.E… I still really like the idea of this… but I’m not so sure I quite pulled-off exactly what I had in mind. It seems I’m not very good at organizing things that aren’t more… ‘organized’ to begin with (if that makes sense).

  1. Never mind the cookie sheet where are all the cookies? 🙂 lol
    Your expressionism is definitely on a roll with this excellent one
    SIG and thank you for offering it 🙂 Would have enjoyed cookies
    though, especially with a hot mug of coffee 🙂

    Have a brilliant start to your Thursday SIG 🙂

    • Hahaha… I was wondering the very same thing, Andro! We’ve been robbed! What a way to start the day! 😦
      Thank you very much, sir! I hope that you are having a good one as well!

          • Yes and would you believe it that I always start my cutting down stages on the same day 🙂 Oh yes it is always tomorrow 😦 Sigh 😉 lmao Maybe one day I will lose that ten pounds without cheating so much 🙂 lol

            Have a great day SIG and those small conifers are a treal scream on your latest post, I think Bearman has been cloned 🙂 lol


          • Hahaha… I think that’s the way it works for nearly everyone, Andro (in some way or another)!
            Why, thank you very much, sir! I’m so happy to hear that! It’s funny, when I initially took the photo I wasn’t thinking about that, but the moment I went back to look at my photos I had a, ‘Hey! Wait a minute…’ kind of moment!

    • I’m with you Andro. Great idea. Bring on the cookies and coffee Bob!
      I can be there in 20 minutes or so.
      After the 14 hours it now takes to arrive at Traverse City airport from Reno.

    • Hahaha… what was I thinking! I’m going to be hungry all day now!
      As you can see I’ve gotten more than just a little carried away with the pizza cutter (in the absence of cookies I had to resort to something, I guess)!

  2. I adore this, not just for the sepia tone, but all those scratches. It just looks like a wonderful abstract piece of art!
    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  3. Robert, you must have borrowed my cookie sheet somehow. Hey, how did that happen?! Seriously, I threw that one away. This is most unusual. Amazing how you can make a cookie sheet look cool and artistic. I bet there’s a story behind all the cookies that were baked here.

    • Wow! Who would have thought when I was out rummaging er foraging er searching for ‘treasures’ that I’d have found your old cookie sheet!? I don’t know, Amy… you know I still kind of like the idea behind this, but… hmm.
      Hahaha… sadly the story is pretty short… not too many cookies from this one (a few frozen pizzas, though)! Still, I feel totally gypped! I want those cookies now!

  4. Hi Inky…I was also wondering about the cookies? I do like rust though…but, not to eat. Mad Men is having a bizarre season(for me). I think Don is losing his edge and realizes it. Funny exchange between Harry and Salatore about the painting in Cooper’s office. You have a great weekend also!

    • Right? I think we’re all wondering about cookies now… what was I thinking, anyway?! Hahaha… fortunately this is more of a ‘line it with foil and cook a frozen pizza sheet’ than a cookie sheet, because, yeah… I’m probably a bit behind with my tetanus shots!
      You know… I’m never sure exactly what is up with Don… just when I think I might have that character figured out he goes the other way! I’m happy you liked the quote, too… I have to admit I thought that was pretty clever!

  5. You’d think the instructions would have said not to use a pizza wheel…. but i wonder how many people don’t have a their cookie-sheet look a bit like this…. mine does, but I didn’t see the wider possibilities! 😉

    • Not to shabby a show, is it, Ms. C? Very interesting characters (I’m particularly fond of ‘Roger’ – he’s got all the best lines – although he’s not quite as pretty as ‘Megan’). I’m not sure that I can really relate to any of them… although maybe that’s why I find them so interesting?!

  6. Whoa. I bet Cookie-sheet abstract expressionism is going to be right up there with Surrealism in a very short time. I first thought it was kitchen counter abstract expressionism and was going to suggest it was time for a total remodel (or a cutting board).

    • I don’t know… you know… I still kind of like the idea of it… but… hmm…
      HA! Absolutely! Thank goodness this isn’t our counter! Our landlord would probably want to break a cookie-sheet over my head if that were the case!!!

  7. I can just see Sal dabbing the cookie crumbs from the side of his mouth, in that knowing way of his. Plus he would do a grand job of selling Cookie Sheet Art! Where can I buy one?

  8. This looks really cool! My mom’s cookie sheets resembled that, but not quite as pretty. I had decided to bake cookies (don’t know where the idea came from…) but had no butter on hand! Just think of all the calories I saved.

    • Hahaha… I feel the same way – especially of the cookie kind!
      Many thanks, sir! I tried a few different set-ups for the lighting – including some more ‘even’ illumination – but, in the end… I don’t know… I thought this was kind of interesting, for some reason. Of course, it had been a while since my last cookie, so you know…

  9. I’m reminded of the scene in “Seven” (er, “Se7en”?) where Morgan Freeman takes the little pieces of the floor from the guy’s exploded stomach and fits them back into the floor and figures out that he needs to move the refrigerator. Is that at all what happens? I have a terrible memory, but that’s what I remember. This is cool, is what I’m saying.

    • Hahaha… speaking of ‘terrible’… I’m going to be doing my Morgan Freeman ‘impression’ for days, now.
      Everyone seems to like it.
      Or… you know… not…

  10. Love a man in the kitchen. will never forget your bell pepper piece… and the holy mess that you described in the process.

    This piece is such a simple idea
    Who doesn’t have ‘that’ cookie sheet among their kitchen collection? Now, the idea to find art in such an object is brilliant! As is your execution.

    You are not only a kick-ass artist but your creative and individual choice of subjects is so cool and always surprising.

    • Hahaha… unfortunately ‘spray-painted pepper’ is about the only thing I know how to make… that doesn’t involve a microwave and a fire-extinguisher, anyway!
      That is very, very kind of you to say, Ms. B! Thank you! You know… I do like the idea of this… I’m not quite sure if I pulled-off exactly what I had in mind, though… I might have to try again at some point (maybe once the smoke-detector stops going off)!

  11. so unique, SIG. have to admit, capturing an image this would have never occurred to me. but it does make for some really cool art.
    what kind of cookies were they? if they were peanut butter, i wouldn’t feel quite so ripped off. but if they were chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin, i am sorry i missed those, lol.

    • Why, thank you, P&K! I still do kind of like the idea of this one, but… hmm…
      Hahaha… sadly the cookies are which ever variety was available at the store! I’m really not much of a cook, you know (it can be a very frightening experience – even if I’m only attempting to use the microwave)!

  12. Can you handle another comment? I have a few cookie sheets that look fairly similar and have never thought of them in the way you have … I really like this!! You have vision!!

    • I’m thrilled about each and every comment! I thank you very much!
      Hahaha… you know… I was just thinking it looked a bit better before all the smoke had a chance to clear out of my kitchen…

  13. Clearly the knife is a genius.

    I love such images. I just don’t love people claiming talent is needed to create such things, and may I say you have demonstrated that it is not with great, eh… talent 🙂

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