Parking Structures

It’s grungy parking bits day (or abstracted view-o-ramp to get there day, anyway). Have a great weekend, everyone!

Nick Miller: “Why are you holding Fish Sticks?”

Jessica Day: “Because… I’m gonna go scare the feral cats away that live in my current parking spot, Nick… I’m gonna throw Fish Sticks at them… while singing memory and… don’t you dare criticize me!”

– Jake Johnson & Zooey Deschanel – New Girl

About this image: digital photograph (Canon 600D) lightly modified in Adobe Photoshop


53 thoughts on “Parking Structures

  1. Very nice, Robert. And your new theme looks good with it too. I do so like this image with its contrasts in texture, tones, and line. Mmmm.
    Also I like the layered effect and how abstract those layers look to me. And my eyes are doing their dancing thing and the composition is cool too.
    Did I say I like this image, Robert? πŸ™‚
    I don’t have access to ‘likes’ at the moment, for some reason, you’ll just have to imagine my beady eye up there. πŸ™‚

    • How kind of you to say, S.E… thank you very, very much! Concrete usually seems to photograph so well… if it’s old enough it’s often very textural and contrasty to begin with (and it’s fairly easy to pull-out even more with a bit of processing)… all of which you already knew very well, of course!
      I’m happy to hear you like the new theme, too! I thought it was maybe a bit more subtle. There are a few things I might change if I could get into the CSS (and if I actually knew what I was doing with it), but I think this one might be a bit less busy without the bright orange(s) and all the lines in the background…

    • I see! Most of the parking structures I’ve seen (in areas I’ve lived in) are fairly similar to this… lots of concrete… fairly boxy… (kind of fun to photograph, though)…

    • Thank you very much, Robyn! I can’t take much credit, there… there was enough surrounding ‘stuff’ to where options were a bit limited, but I always enjoy photographing concrete because of the texture and contrast you’ve mentioned. Thank you again! I hope you have a good one, too!

    • Thank you very much, Ms. C! Hahaha… there was a lot of movement in the photographer, too (that’s what I get for ‘looking down’ from more than a foot above the ground)!

  2. Great picture and all, as usual, of course, but what I want to know is this: how can it always be “have a great weekend” when you post on Thursday – early on Thursday? Because I want to come live in YOUR world.

    • Hahaha… well… you know… I do… kind of like it… maybe…
      (seriously, if you haven’t seen many episodes, I can pretty much guarantee it’s much better than you might be expecting…)

    • Many thanks, sir! It’s funny… of all the things I’d been expecting to photograph that day, this was about the last thing… that… um… I expected to be photographing (but I thought / hoped it was kind of interesting)…

  3. Nice grunge, Robert. It looks too cool to be a parking garage. It must be your artistic touch! Yes, that’s it. I didn’t get your post in my in-box today….hmm…Well, here I am finally. Hope you have a nice weekend, too!

    • Why, thank you, Amy! Very, very much!
      Oh, I’m sorry about the not-notification thinggy. I really don’t even know how that stuff all works (or is supposed to work). I get confused very easily, so I’ve never really done much with either the ‘follow’ or ‘e-mail notification’ thing… it’s probably simpler (or should be)… but I’m kind of afraid I’ll just get lost with it all.
      And I thank you again! I hope you had a good one, too, B.F!

  4. This reminds me of that robot on ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’, well it would have to be a close up view of its helmet but I hope you know what I mean? πŸ™‚ I like it a lot my great friend and I hope that your weekend rocks πŸ™‚


    • Oh, yes! I do know what you mean! I’m not sure I ever saw the original film, but I’m very familiar with images / stills from it… classic! I need to check that out, don’t I?!
      Many thanks, Andro! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, too, sir!

  5. I don’t know why, but this made me think of some sort of space-age style furniture or design you might have seen in the 60s. Like it could have been a mod bench in a cocktail lounge or something.

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