I painted this for the folks at Horton Hall (North Dakota State College of Science). Somewhat ironically it’s the first time I’ve used a compass in about a bajillion years. Have a great weekend, everyone.

Lois: “Have you designed any buildings in New York?”

George Costanza: “Have you seen the, ah… new addition to the Guggenheim?”

Lois: “You did that?”

George Costanza: “Yup. Yup. It really didn’t take very long, either.”

– Renee Props & Jason Alexander – Seinfeld

About this image: acrylic painting on 18″ x 18″ panel


68 thoughts on “NDSCS A101

  1. BFF once did a logo for “Forsyth Technical Institute, Architectural Drafting and Design.” His design also used blue, white, and black . . . but no compass. Or hand. 😀

    • That sounds very cool, Nancy! I didn’t know BFF was a designer! Awesome!
      Interesting! The blue was a bit of a nod to blue-printing (although I don’t think anyone uses ‘real’ blue-prints anymore)… I wonder if that was part of the reason BFF chose to incorporate that color into his design, too?!

      • BFF has a degree in Architectural Drafting and Design. For awhile, he worked at Cedardale Log Homes drafting . . . Log Homes. They used actual blueprints before they switched to CAD ~ for cleaner, crisper images.

        He also got involved in sign design at Insign in NJ. He’s worn lots of hats.

        As I recall, the school colors at FTC were blue and white . . .

        • Very cool, Nancy! I have a degree in A.D. too (from this school… which is why I made the painting for them – they just remodeled the building where the majority of the A.D. classes are taught – and they were looking for artwork).
          We had classes were we drew by hand (and did used a blueprint machine to make prints) as well as in CAD, but everything I did while working for architects was done on computer… I think… unless I’m forgetting the odd project…

    • How kind of you, Ms. C! Thank you!
      I just realized I should probably have mentioned there is a giant ‘S’ on the top of the ‘Old Main’ building on the campus (I’m guessing it stands for ‘Science’?)… that probably seemed pretty random (even for me)!

    • That is very kind of you, Deb, thank you!
      I hope they will be… this one might look a bit better ‘in person’… I stained the sides of the panel and the image wraps around a bit… I think that helps… maybe…

    • Thank you very much, Peg! One of the instructors told me they were looking for art to hang in the newly remodeled building… but… I don’t know… they might take one look at this and start measuring-up a broom closet somewhere!

  2. I like the contrast between black and white
    against the colour as it is very effective I think 🙂
    You have once again proved that your artistic
    skills are boundless 🙂 Have a really nice rest of
    Thursday my great friend SIG 🙂


    • Many thanks, sir! I kept going back and forth with that. At first I was thinking I’d try to make it a bit more ‘realistic’, but I kept going back to something more simple / stylized… I don’t know… the way I change my mind…
      My sincere thanks again, Andro! I very much appreciate your incredibly kind thoughts!

    • Oh, you are FAR too kind, Amy… not at all! And the funny thing is, of all my drafting tools I’ve probably used the compass about the least (but I thought it was one of the more dynamic and had more ‘details’ to it than, say a triangle or a t-square, etc., so that’s why I chose it).
      Thank you again, Amy! Very much! 🙂

    • Thank you very much, sir! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend as well!
      Me, too! Which is fortunate, since I was never very good with a compass (whenever I came across a size that was not available on a circle-template I would always cringe a bit)!

    • Thank you very much, sir! I was trying to keep everything (in the background at least) as crisp / sharp as I could (considering the subject matter)… a bit tricky to do in / with paint (for me, anyway)!

  3. I’m late getting around…this is a wonderful piece of art….it has the look of vintage(the hand) with a modern flair. I’m sure they won’t be hanging this in a broom closet 🙂

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