Behavior this odd (more cherry shenanigans here) just might get me excused from unpacking groceries in the future. So… that’s nice. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Gina: “Shock me, shock me, shock me with that deviant be-havior.”

– Renée Zellweger – Empire Records

About this image: digital photograph (Canon 600D) lightly modified in Adobe Photoshop


73 thoughts on “Pinch

  1. Robert, you have shocked me, shocked me! I want to just take that little cherry out of the picture and eat it. Isn’t that shocking?! This is just simply exquisite. Hope you have a great weekend, too!

    • Hahaha… well, that is kind of shocking… but really only because I know how grimy that clamp is / was! I mean… it doesn’t look too bad on the surface, but I kind of doubt the health board would give it an A+ rating!
      Thank you so very much, Amy! I am very happy you liked this one! And I hope you have a fantastic weekend, too!

    • I tried to be careful… I didn’t really want to distort the shape too much. Which really wasn’t as difficult to do as I had anticipated (propping the whole thing up so it would stand like this without creating reflections and/or a cast shadow from what it was leaning on was a bit of a challenge, though.)
      I am so very happy to hear that, S.E! Thank you very much!

  2. This one is pinch perfect SIG
    I like the cherry with added water
    droplets as it gives this one a
    fresh appeal. The vice clamped
    ready to either lift the pressure,
    or to squash the cherry in one
    easy twist 🙂 It is brilliantly offered
    and the colour against the white
    backdrop works perfectly 🙂

    Have a great day today SIG 🙂


    • Thank you so very much, Andro! You always pick out all the little details (I sincerely appreciate that)! I was pretty happy with how the water droplets turned out – I had to spray down the cherry and then try to dry off the clamp (and without knocking over the whole rig and / or getting my make-shift / homemade light tent too messed up, too)!

      • It is the attention to detail that makes your work stand out from the crowd, and I certainly enjoy your creativity my great friend. I will miss looking at your art while I am away but at least I will have plenty to look at when I return 🙂

        Have a superb weekend SIG 🙂


        • Many thanks, Andro! I very much appreciate your kindness, sir! 🙂
          It turns out I’m actually going to be away for a bit around the same time…
          so you probably won’t miss out on too much wackiness around here at all. Hahaha… I know… what a relief, right?! 😉

  3. Squirt!…Ouch, I got some in my eye!
    This is an amazing photo, Sig, and only you could have thought about it! 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

    • Oh, no! I should have provided a safety warning about that possibility! At least it wasn’t grapefruit, I guess… that might have even been worse!
      Thank you so very much, Deb! I hope you have a good one as well!

    • How very kind of you (and your husband) to have a look! Thank you so very much!
      Truth be told I did do a bit of air-brushing on both (not nearly as much as I do most times, though).
      Ha! To clever! I wish I had thought of something like that (I was feeling a bit of ‘pressure’ as to what I should say about this… whole… what ever this thing is)!

    • To tell you the truth I have no idea where thoughts like this come from… but they tend to happen quite frequently when I’m procrastinating. It maybe should have been titled, ‘Things that I shouldn’t be doing instead of putting away the groceries’.

  4. Is there such a thing as the American Cherry Council? Because if there is, they should use this as their ad. Also, the first thing I thought of was, there are much easier ways to pit cherries.

  5. I’ll try again, first comment didn’t take.

    Do you spray the fruit with water before you take the pic or do you ever spray anything before you take the pic?

    • Good eye, Dave! I did indeed spray this one down before I took the photo. It was a bit tricky, because I had to try wipe some water droplets back off the clamp without knocking the whole rig over (it was ‘balanced’ very precariously). I had to try to keep the water off my D.I.Y. light tent, too (it’s mostly paper, and I’ve beat it up pretty badly already).

      • I was wondering about the clamp. I figured it would be hard to see the water drops on it but you’re a perfectionists in a good way. 🙂

        • Hahaha… that’s a very kind way of putting it, Dave, thank you! You could have also said, ‘What is wrong with this dude?’ and not been too far off, I guess!

  6. This is a fantastic image! Never have I seen such an interesting picture of a cherry. As a first time visitor to your blog, I must tell you that it is all sorts of awesome.

  7. Now this is one FANTASTIC photograph! Definitely wins my vote! Love the lighting in this too! Simply fantastic idea! Now, I am going to have to think of other things for you to “pinch”!

    • How very kind of you to say, thank you!
      I enjoy working with still-life stuff every now and then because it’s a bit easier for me to control things like lighting, etc. This one was shot in my D.I.Y. cardboard box / tissue paper light tent (and then cleaned-up a bit in Photoshop, of course).
      Thank you again! Very, very much!

    • Hahaha… I can neither confirm or deny this, Patti. And thank you! They probably were… I was too busy dreaming up ridiculous ways to photograph them to really notice, though.

    • Thanks, Laura! I’m happy to hear you noticed the stem! I spent quite a bit of time looking for one with a nice curve to it. In the end, I still had to airbrush a bit of it into shape (because, believe it or not, the nicest one was still broken a bit). Seriously… what are these dudes thinking… don’t they know I’m trying to take a photo, here?!

  8. Excellent composition. This look like it belong in a gallery and/or part of an expensive magazine ad campaign. 🙂

  9. Love the combination of shiny metal with the Red of the cherry. The grain of the fruilt seems to be present also in the metal. The composition is great. Nice one Bob – but I don’t think it’ll get you excused shopping duty 😉

    • Many thanks for your kind thoughts, Martin! It’s funny… considering how little was really involved here I did spend a fair amount of time moving things about ever so slightly, etc. I practically worked-up an appetite. I guess that’s probably okay… since I wasn’t able to get excused from my shopping duties. 😉

  10. I wish I could figure out what GETS me about your fruit photos. But damn. I love this. I mean, the original will always be my very favourite photo of yours ever no matter what comes after it, and the kiwi is a close second, but I was struck by this the moment I saw it on Facebook. Amazing image to leave your blog on.

    • I’m thrilled to hear that, U.M! Thank you so very much!
      Fruit is kind of nice in that it’s usually available. And it even works cheap (at times). And it rarely complains (although when/if it does, it can be pretty scary)!

  11. oh no, how does it end? is there a super-cherry in a long cape swooping down at the last second to rescue this poor, sweet helpless cherry? or does it end on a sour note? i hope you post the sequel one day! 😀

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